Plastic bags: Discourage, tax or ban them altogether?

by:Chengbai     2020-01-07
A new bill proposed on Tuesday and scheduled for submission today will charge 10 cents for plastics (and paper)
Bags from New York City stores.
It turns out that this is not another sustainable initiative led by Mayor Bloomberg.
He proposed a more moderate five.
On 2008, Christine Quinn, the current candidate for mayor, vetoed the bill. (
Quinn told the Daily News that she did not take a stand on the new proposal. )
Apart from the price increase, the difference now is that the proposed fees are not taxes-
The money will go straight back to the store where the fee is charged.
This can help it drop more easily than last time.
Still, it will be a step forward for the city, especially when compared to the rest of the country.
According to the National Conference of State LegislaturesS.
The state imposed a ban or tax on plastic bags on these books.
Six states as of June-
California, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Oregon, Rhode Island and Washington--
Is considering a complete
Ban, eight others. -
Hawaii, Luis Anna, Maine, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington--
Charging may begin.
New York State currently has legislation in this book to encourage greener behavior.
Under the 2009 plastic bag reduction, reuse and recycling act, retailers need to provide customers with the opportunity to recycle plastic bags by establishing the following measures
Store recycling plan.
All bags must be printed with gentle encouragement: \"Please go back to the participating store for recycling.
The deputy health commissioner in charge of recycling and waste reduction told the New York Times that the project had little impact.
Even such softball measures in a state
Broad levels, few, and few: since the failed soda ban is still fresh in people\'s minds, it makes sense that the city has not yet tried to get rid of the bag completely.
But as far as big cities are concerned, San Francisco, Seattle and Austin have all reached this extreme.
As the Scientific American reported a few years ago: According to some people, actually issuing a ban does not cause too many problems ---
This is basicallyof-sight, out-of-mind situation.
Again, it\'s San Francisco.
After Austin\'s ban came into effect in past parades, Texas Representative Drew Springer, a Republican, responded by submitting the shopping bag Freedom Act, \"Defend the Right of enterprises to choose how to package goods.
Throwing away plastic bags directly, or at least reducing the production of plastic bags by charging them, will give priority to the need to recycle or throw away plastic bags later.
New York City delivers 100,000 tons of plastic bags to landfill sites in other states each year, costing about $10 million.
According to othamist, \"The architects of the Act, including council members Brad Rand and Margaret Chin, hope that the effect of the act will reflect the situation in other major cities.
They cited the results they saw in Washington. C.
In Los Angeles, the use of plastic bags in these places dropped by 60% and 95%, respectively.
\"The plastic bag lobby naturally disagrees.
According to a statement issued by the United States progressive bags Alliance, which represents bag manufacturers: \"Grocery Bag Tax pushes shoppers to less sustainable options, such as reusable bags that cannot be recycled, import oil from abroad at a rate of 0. 5 billion per year.
\"Regardless of the means, it is clear that the most important thing is the change of mentality.
When the cashier automatically packs and doubles
Complacency is the norm even for the smallest shopping.
I have lived in Washington for the past year. C.
There, the constant questioning as to whether I want to pay for a package reminds me of the fact that I can hold things in my hands.
Cough up the extra five cents (
It\'s not a matter of money, it\'s a matter of looking at the cost being added to the total)
I remember it was better to bring my own canvas bag.
Back in Manhattan, I tried to bring a reusable tote bag, and I often found my purchase items discarded in plastic before I asked for it.
I really want to cause you inconvenience and ask the cashier to open something for you.
When you think about it, why do retailers take something so quickly ---
Especially things that are harmful to the environment. -
Just give it free.
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