plastic bag ban planned

by:Chengbai     2020-06-13
The PNG government has ordered a ban on plastic shopping bags to curb a major garbage problem nationwide.
In an announcement to announce the move late last week, Environment and Protection minister William Duma said the ban on plastic shopping bags would take effect in two phases in a year
Long-term environmental policy.
From January 1, the import and sale of plastic shopping bags to PNG is prohibited, and from June 1, the manufacture and sale of plastic bags in PNG is prohibited.
Any violation of the ban will be considered a crime under the Environment Act 2000.
Plastic bags are widely used in retail stores across the country, but large centers like Port Moresby are full of discarded plastic bags.
Major retailers complain that the government has not fully informed them of the ban or recommended alternatives to help businesses plan to switch to biodegradable packaging materials.
The port molesby Chamber of Commerce said it supported measures to curb the environmental damage caused by plastic bags, but the bureaucrats who made the ban should consult the public and commercial sectors first.
When buying goods, shoppers of PNG are encouraged to use traditional woven bags instead of plastic bags. -
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