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by:Chengbai     2020-05-30
On New Year\'s Day, Los Angeles became the largest city in the United States to ban plastic bags.
This is my new year, 2019, news forecast: dozens of Los Angeles residents suffocate at home after being overwhelmed by a large number of \"reusable\" plastic bags.
S. container liner manufacturers posted record profits as sales in California surged.
Los Angeles supermarket owner ski-
The mountain of cash at Skunk mcduke-
Style, after years of lazy shoppers frantically paying for what they used to get for free.
In addition to bag drowning, it has been almost South Australia\'s experience since our bag ban began almost five years ago.
Perhaps the victory of the environment.
It\'s definitely a victory for retailers.
As early as 2009, when we forgot to take the green bag to the supermarket, the South Australians used to feel guilty.
We bought a plastic bag reluctantly.
Only one, it doesn\'t matter, it doesn\'t matter if the bread is crushed --
When apologizing to an unapproved checkout operator.
Today\'s story is different.
Half an hour at the checkout counter in any supermarket, count how many plastic bags are sold
Cost of 15 c per vehicle
Shoppers who are indifferent
I did this last weekend.
Yes, my life is the thrill of a veritable roller coaster)
Only 2 of the 10 shoppers I saw brought their own bags.
The rest choose to buy plastic bags
Apart from one person, he decided to juggling his groceries.
And then, if these are like me, they will take those \"reusable\" Plastic bags home, throw them away, or stuff them into the cupboard and never use them again, only buy it the next time they go shopping.
We should refer to our legislation as a \"plastic bag replacement program\" rather than a plastic bag ban, as it turns out this is the case.
We threw away the lightweight plastic bags and replaced them with a slightly thicker one. Hooray!
Environment: none.
Supermarket chain: pay at least $15 to $1 more per store.
At least in the case of a supermarket, customers shop at least once a week and may need multiple bags at a time, and you can argue that 15c costs serve as a deterrent.
Or at least, it does when we still care about it.
What is really irritating is that retailers have joined the trend of banning bags under the guise of environmental protection, although the goods they sell are not suitable for anything else at all.
Last year I bought a huge kitchen wizards from a popular national variety store chain at no small cost and was told I had to buy a bag to take it away.
Say I\'m crazy, but it\'s not unreasonable to expect you to get a bag to take it home if you spend hundreds of dollars on a large appliance.
Items like this don\'t fit in a green bag, so what should shoppers do
Bring them a suitcase. This is not an environmental issue for big retailers.
This is about retailers.
Choose Green legislation to cheat customers for more money.
At least, legislation with green intentions.
An independent review of the ban last year found that South Australia currently has an average of 25 reusable plastic bags per household, compared with the previous
On average, only one out of every three families is recycled.
The review also found that our package ban led to five
Sales of plastic warehouse liners have doubled.
Meanwhile, in the state of Tasmania, where the ban began in November 1, shopkeepers were actually throwing plastic bags at customers to get rid of them before the new legislation began, many acknowledged, they may have to dump thousands of people at the tip.
Are we really saving anything here, or are we just among consumers who are under SA review, more than half of them say they will support the extension of the ban, including reusable supermarket bags.
This will definitely force shoppers to remember their green bags
You try to hold the groceries of the week in your arms and see how far you can go --
But that would unfairly punish those who were found in an emergency.
Of course, the supermarket can charge more. say, $1 a bag -
But it could actually be a deterrent, and it\'s strange that the supermarket doesn\'t want to stop you from giving them money.
That\'s why 15 cents is a magic number.
Who cares about 15 cents of Coles and Woolies?
No, unfortunately, it depends on us.
We need to keep in mind that if we are no longer lazy about this, the ban package is only a victory for the environment.
Otherwise, this is only the victory of big enterprises.
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