paper, plastic or reusable bags?

by:Chengbai     2020-06-25
Reduce unnecessary waste by saying \"no\" to paper and plastic and \"yes\" to reusable alternatives to avoid the \"paper or plastic\" dilemma.
Paper and plastic bags have become a convenient habit of damaging the environment and wasting valuable resources.
Why not use reusable bags instead?
Here is some information about the different bags today and how they affect the environment.
Plastic disposable plastic bags are usually made from high-
Density Polyethylene (2 plastic)or low-
Density Polyethylene (4 plastic).
These plastics are made from refined oil, and it is estimated that the United StatesS.
We produce plastic bags every year with 12 million barrels of oil.
In addition to exhausting natural resources, the biggest problem with these bags is that they are expected to take thousands of years or more to collapse in the environment.
There are too many plastic bags. you must go somewhere.
Some are recycled, but most are recycled.
Fill the landfill with bags, block the waterways, and block the environment with unnecessary garbage.
Paper disposable paper bags are usually not negatively affected by plastic bags, but let\'s take a closer look.
Some paper bags are made of recycled materials, while most are made of trees.
Paper bags have a huge impact on the forest.
These are the forests and trees we rely on to produce oxygen and absorb greenhouse gases.
Comparing the energy needed to produce disposable bags, paper actually requires more energy than plastic.
Even when recycled, paper bags consume more energy than plastic bags.
Sadly, although these bags can be recycled, the recovery rate is low and most bags are still produced on new paper.
Reusable shopping bags are a great alternative to paper bags and plastic bags.
A high quality reusable bag can replace thousands of paper and plastic bags.
Switching to reusable bags is a simple change that can minimize the use of natural resources, reduce the accumulation of waste, and mitigate climate change.
If everyone using paper bags or plastic bags uses high quality reusable shopping tools, the impact on the environment will be extreme.
Replace one-time
Using reusable bags is an easy step everyone can take to ensure a healthier future.
When you buy reusable bags, be sure to buy high
Quality materials.
This will ensure your purchase is as long as possible and use your bag as much as possible.
Go around, study bags, find out what materials they are made of, how they are made, if they are recyclable, where they are made, etc, it\'s a good idea
Choose the package you will be satisfied with using and choose the right size to suit your needs.
These bags will exist for a while, so be sure to do your homework so that your reusable bags don\'t pollute the landfill next to paper and plastic bags.
You may find it difficult to use your new bag at first.
It\'s hard to remember to take them with you every time you shop, but it will soon become a habit.
You will feel that it is great to do your part to achieve a greener environment and even save a little money when you do.
Many stores reward customers with reusable bags when shopping.
Therefore, today we will change the habit of unnecessary waste and use reusable shopping bags instead.
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