paper bags or plastic bags? new proposals like neither

by:Chengbai     2020-06-25
Three years ago, San Francisco was the first city in the country to ban plastic shopping bags everywhere before 2010, but soon Palo Alto and Auckland followed suit.
These cities and the Gulf are generally at the forefront of the campaign to remain single.
Use, filmy carry-on-
Remove bags from the internal organs of landfill sites, bays and marine mammals.
But now, the city is rethinking, in part because opponents have filed lawsuits, and because there are too many shoppers in San Francisco and Palo Alto.
Buy paper bags with their own environmental costs.
Plastic bags are still the target but Bulls
The eyes are now also expanding to cover paper bags.
\"We saw in our experience in San Francisco and other cities,
Sam likado, member of the San Jose City Council, explained: \"The bag ordinance prompts consumers to use paper, and in many cases it is as bad or worse as plastic when you consider water, the energy and natural resources involved in production, as well as the cost of transportation, and of course the cost of consuming trees.
San Jose, Berkeley and Santa Clara counties are in the process of developing regulations to limit the distribution of paper and plastic bags on cheques
Outside the counter with a ban or fee, or both.
The ultimate goal of advertising is to force people to carry reusable bags.
But experts say it is too early to accurately measure whether the municipal crackdown on bags is changing personal behavior.
Monique Turner, a communication professor at the University of Maryland who studied the issue, said that behavioral changes, such as wearing a seat belt, may require \"policy changes\" when such behavior is harmful enough.
In this case, she said, \"it is debatable whether or not such behavior falls into this category.
\"Advertising opponents and supporters of bag rules agree that about 90 billion plastic bags are distributed nationwide every year.
In its 2009 annual report, the non-profit environmental protection organization Save the Bay said local residents used 3.
Before the regulations come into effect, there are 8 billion bags per year.
Last fall, San Francisco officials estimated that the ban on 140 grocery stores and convenience stores in the city would reduce the total by about 100 million.
No more.
The number of plastic bags used, but last winter, the city\'s recycling center said it received 5 to 10% less plasticbag refuse.
This may be due to the ban, or because shops that no longer issue plastic bags no longer collect them for recycling.
Followed by anecdotal reports.
\"I used to buy 10 boxes of plastic bags, 500 bags per box,\" said Dennis McClellan, food director at Palo Alto Square . \".
\"It was once a week.
There are also 40 paper bags packed in thousands of bags.
Now I don\'t use plastic bags. There are 35 to 36 bags of paper bags.
This means a 20,000 reduction in plastic checks.
Pack every month, but there are as many paper bags as before.
The ban reflects a dynamic change in attitudes towards environmental protection movements in the Gulf.
A few years later, plastic shopping bags were cursed from convenience.
Oil, critics say
Plastic bags consume natural resources, consume energy manufacturing, threaten marine life, produce garbage and pile up in landfill sites.
Save Bay is the leader in the campaign to ban plastic bags, which is estimated to be among the three.
The Bay Area uses 8 billion plastic bags per year, and about 1 million plastic bags are eventually used in the waters of San Francisco Bay.
Stephen Joseph, founder of the industry organization \"save plastic bags\", disagrees.
\"No marine animal died from plastic intake.
But with regard to the final cost of paper bags in terms of raw materials, energy, pollution and the environment, there are still lingering problems.
Advertising and plastic
It turns out that only bans are vulnerable to legal challenges.
In Auckland, the plastic industry representative filed a lawsuit claiming that the city\'s ban was illegal because it did not study the impact of increasing paper on the environmentbag use.
A judge agreed with the plaintiff that the alliance supporting plastic bag recycling --
Including companies like Advance plastic bags.
And Super Bag Company
The ban was overturned.
To avoid similar lawsuits, San Jose is conducting a comprehensive environmental review of both bags.
Felicia Madsen, deputy policy director for saving the bay, said the proposed paper bag restriction was \"a response to the plastic industry \".
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Liccardo, a Democrat representing downtown San Jose, did not disagree.
\"We have made our regulations in the first place because we think it is a greener policy, but also because it is important to avoid any argument that we only ban plastics, thus creating a new environment, he explained.
Earlier, the plastics industry pushed for a different solution to expand recycling, which their environmental opponents said was ineffective.
The proposed law does not rule out inspections
Or ask people to carry reusable bags.
Limited types of paper bags are allowed at a price-
Up to 25 cents per bag
It is designed to prevent people from forming habits.
\"We need to change from a single one. use bags to re-
Bags available . \"
\"Not from a single shift --
Replace another single with a package-use bag.
\"Anecdotal evidence suggests that changes in behavior after the ban do not usually persist.
Open square in Palo Alto, plastic
There is a stylish permanent banner above the door of the store that says \"Do you remember your bag ? \"?
When the door opens, a pile of neat brown paper bags can be seen near the checkout counters.
The market has attracted wealthy families and professionals from the surrounding areas.
On a recent working day, dozens of people passed under the banner.
It seems that only the elderly like (or remember)
Their bags.
Most customers walked out with paper bags. Mr.
McClellan, director of the store, said that the use of paper bags had dropped by about 10% at the beginning of the ban, but that decline did not continue. A half-
A mile away, Safeway customers often use paper bags.
Tim James, local government relations manager at the California Grocery Store Association, said: \"If a jurisdiction wants to regulate luggage, they need to look at both situations and they are against the proposal.
As suggested, shoppers who like shopping bags can choose paper under specific conditions.
In San Jose, in addition to restaurants and non-profit organizations, the proposed law prohibits retail organizations from using paper bags and plastic bags, but exempts paper bags made of 40% recycled materials.
A proposal from Berkeley will ban plastic inspection
Take out the bag and paper bag for 15 cents.
In Santa Clara County, a ban will cover free plastic and paper
Distribute bags in retail stores in unincorporated areas of the county.
As long as the paper bag is completely recyclable, the merchant can sell the paper bag.
Supporters and opponents say they prefer statewide uniform regulations, but shoppers in the Bay Area are currently facing bans on plastic bags in some places, while there are no bans elsewhere, the uncertain future of free paper bags is everywhere.
Due to an editorial error, an article on the proposal to ban plastic bags in the Bay Area cities in May 21 omitted the offer of Stephen Joseph, the founder of the plastic bag preservation.
When he said, \"So, what problem did you solve by banning plastic bags? ”, Mr.
Joseph refers to his argument that plastic bags have nothing to do with environmental damage.
He is referring not only to the claims that the bags will not hurt marine mammals.
A version of the article appears on the May 21, 2010 print edition with the title: paper bags or plastic bags?
The new proposal is not like either.
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