p.e.i. passes bill that would make retailers charge for plastic bags before banning them in two years

by:Chengbai     2020-01-08
Prince Edward Island may be Canada\'s first province to ban retailers from distributing plastic bags after a private member\'s bill passed three readings on Friday morning.
The plastic bag Reduction Act proposed by Alan Roach, a free member of the legislature, will eventually prohibit retailers from providing customers with a single
Use plastic bags and encourage them to sell paper or reusable bags.
\"The purpose of the act is to reduce the use of a single business
\"Using checkout bags, reducing waste and environmental damage, and promoting responsible and sustainable business practices on Prince Edward Island,\" the act wrote . \".
The change will take place in stages, with retailers starting to charge customers 15 cents per plastic bag in July 1.
The fee will increase to 25 cents in July 2019 and then become a complete ban in January 2020, after which businesses may face fines for giving away plastic bags.
Jackie bourgeois of the Southeast Environmental Association supports the bill, he said
The use of plastic has caused serious damage to Canadian waterways and marine life.
\"All you have to do is go online and you can see the disastrous video of the bags taken out of these large animals in the ocean,\" she said: \"It\'s really just a tragedy . \".
According to Greenpeace Canada, about three Canadians were born.
Environmental groups say 25 million tons of plastic waste is filled with 140,000 garbage trucks each year.
In addition, the federal government said that the global ocean is clogged with more than 0. 15 billion tons of plastic waste, and it is estimated that plastic may exceed fish by 2050.
The bourgeoisie wants other provinces to follow Taiwan\'s example and stop the use of plastic bags.
\"We are small, but we can lead on a lot of things,\" she said . \".
\"It would be great if the move encouraged others to follow suit.
However, the Canadian retail Commission has some complaints about the bill.
Jim comir, director of Atlantic Canada affairs, said that the council was not consulted until the motion was filed.
\"It\'s really worrying that they will try to block something without even talking to the industry, because it will have the biggest impact, cormier said in a phone interview on Saturday.
Paper and reusable bags are not free: the cost of a customer\'s paper bag is not less than 15 cents, while reusable bags cost one dollar per bag.
The cost should be determined by retailers, Cormier said, and businesses should also be able to work out their own plastic bag reduction plans individually.
Many customers like to buy plastic shopping bags, he added, and some have re-used them for cleaning up after bins and pets.
\"We just want people to serve our customers,\" Cormier said . \".
MLA Allen Roach could not be reached immediately for comment. P. E. I.
The move was made in a national dialogue on singles.
Use of plastic and its impact on the environment.
Ikea and A & W are the latest big chains to join the war against Singles
The use of plastic, in public protests against the growing pollution, each promised to limit the production of waste.
Ikea said it will cancel its singles on Friday
Use the plastic products on the shelves before 2020, including straws, plates, cups, freezer bags, garbage bags and plastic
Coated paper plates and cups.
Canada A & W says it wants to be the first fast food chain in North America to eliminate plastic straws and plans to stop using plastic straws by the end of the year.
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