nyc grocery bag fees: what’s next?

by:Chengbai     2020-06-03
There is no free thing in the world, they say, and New York residents may soon start paying for their shopping bags.
Yes, not only will they pay for their groceries, but they will also pay for the bags they bring home.
Members of the New York City Council are considering increasing the cost of plastic and paper bags, hoping to convince customers to use reusable shopping bags and reduce the amount of garbage and garbage in New York City.
The cost per package will not be too much, probably only 10 cents or less.
While it doesn\'t seem like a lot of money for most people, the cost may increase over time, especially for people who shop regularly.
The small cost of these bags can save the city a lot of cleaning fees.
According to deputy health commissioner Ron Goran, grocery bags will save New York millions of dollars a year.
\"If we can significantly reduce the number of plastic shopping bags we use each year, we can save about $10 million a year,\" Gonen said . \".
While grocery bags may be a good thing for the city, many people are not happy with it.
The legislation first is in August of 2013 put forward of but no get many council members of support.
After many deliberations, council members decided that it might be a good idea after all, and that this legislation is more likely to pass.
Shoppers will never be asked to pay, and they have the option to bring their own bags instead of using plastic or paper bags provided by the store.
Reusable shopping bags are cheap and large enough to accommodate a large amount of groceries.
If the council members of New York do approve these costs, there may be more cities to follow suit in order to save on cleaning up costs.
Do you think it\'s a good idea to pay for grocery bags in New York?
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