nonwoven bags in japan

by:Chengbai     2020-01-25
On the other hand, the resistance of some Chinese people may be that the design of environmental shopping bags is not humanized and cannot give consumers convenience in shopping.
Manufacturers of environmental-friendly shopping bags in China should think about it again.
In order to understand the experience of neighboring countries, let\'s take a look at the use of reusable shopping bags in Japan.
Although the plastic bag is not environmental friendly, it does bring real convenience.
To be replaced, not many manufacturers are able to spend some time offering more choices for consumers.
According to the type of reusable shopping bags, reusable shopping bags can be divided into: wrapping paper, bag, delivery bag, rice bag, bag corner (or \"flat bag\")
And sealed tubes
The wrapping paper can be subdivided into common patterns, fruit and water patterns. the wrapping paper is mainly used for the packaging of large items;
Bag sales can also be subdivided into general use, fruit patterns, chemistry-
Non-textile advanced bags and other varieties.
It is precisely because of the wide variety of reusable shopping bags produced in Japan, the style is elegant, and the packaging function of most products is considered in the design. therefore, the Japanese will not conflict with the emotional needs of more eco-friendly shopping bags.
Looking at the forum\'s post promoting the use of reusable shopping bags in China, most people support the idea of environmental protection policies.
The voice of opponents we often hear is the word \"country.
It refers to the Internet users described as \"it is not terrible to have environmental shopping bags on the market now. The Earth is a big word to name the supermarket, there is a shopping uniform in the supermarket like wearing propaganda everywhere.
\"In fact, our large shopping bags have a little more effort in graphic design, and the choice of styles should be a little more.
Reusable shopping bags in Japanese style are very humanized in design --friendly.
Reusable shopping bags of different styles of each age, gender have different requirements, Japanese reusable shopping bag manufacturers are very clear about this, they are for different groups to produce different styles
Such as the type of handbag that noble ladies like, the cartoon that young women like-based, avant-
The avant-garde dark cool type is like a family, like a simple and plain old man. . . . . .
The Japanese style of the reusable shopping bag array, so you always have a satisfaction.
In order to meet the actual needs of consumers, reusable shopping bags of various specifications are designed.
Think about it, don\'t you think it\'s strange to buy a paper tube with a shopping bag of 540 × 200 × 530?
To completely replace plastic bags and promote the use of reusable shopping bags, the scope of reusable shopping bags is wider than that on plastic bags, at least not much smaller than small bags on the scope of application.
For the market to buy meat, highly waterproof and waterproof wrapping paper shopping bags produced in Japan;
For goods such as rice grains, a special Japanese rice bag has been produced;
Crazy shopping for women like nature, fiber non-stylish look made in Japan
Woven shopping bags.
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