new york state to ban plastic bagsâx80x94here\'s why

by:Chengbai     2020-06-02
New York State is about to ban plastic shopping bags and become the second largest shopping center in the United States. S.
States After California will ban them altogether.
The ban is part of a national budget bill that is expected to pass on Monday and will ban retailers from offering shoppersuse bags.
It will take effect on next March.
Shopping bags are the most-
Items not allowed in single rooms
The ban on plastics and bags, which began in 2000, continues to spread around the world.
According to United Nations statistics, as of July 2018, at least 127 countries imposed bans or taxes on plastic bags.
Europe began phasing out plastic bags 15 years ago.
This week, the European Parliament took steps to ban the 10 most common items on European beaches, including bags, by 2021.
In the United States, national action on bags has begun to accelerate.
In addition to California, which banned shopping bags in 2016, shopping bags are basically banned in Hawaii, as shopping bags are banned in every county of the state.
The National Conference of the State Council lists bag legislation here.
An interactive industry website, package ban, tracks bans enacted or pending in cities, counties, and states.
Filmy shopping bags are targeted because of their lightweight nature that makes it easy for them to be flown by air.
They can be found from branches and blocked city sewers.
They are eaten by wild animals, including cattle and other large animals, and shredded by birds and other small animals.
In the marine environment, turtles often mistake plastic bags for jellyfish, their favorite food. Fish eat them.
Some whales also died after eating plastic bags.
This includes a whale found in the Philippines earlier this month with more than 88 pounds of plastic in its stomach.
Lightweight shopping bags are also difficult to recycle.
Many municipal recycling plants do not accept it because they will block the equipment.
Many grocery stores do collect used shopping bags in the store\'s containers.
These bags are subsequently part of the recycling remanufacture system;
They were sent back to the bag making factory to recreate the new bag.
However, the collection of grocers is uneven and has never been collected countless.
Many other types of retailers do not have a collection system in place.
According to the state Department of Environmental Protection, residents across the state use about 23 billion plastic bags a year.
New York City alone has more than 10 billion
Plastic bags are used every year, accounting for 1,700 tons of residential waste per week.
The city is estimated to have paid $12.
5 million of these bags are shipped out every year. of-National Landfill
The New York ban will give exceptions to food takeout bags, bags used to pack meat or cooked food products, clothing bags and bags sold in bulk, including trash cans lining bags.
The plan will also allow five counties in New York
Paper bags are divided.
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