moving plastic from garbage to roads

by:Chengbai     2020-01-23
If plastic bag-
The manufacturer K. Ahmed Khan did not think so, and it provided him with at least a solution to the problem of plastic waste.
It\'s a combination of two environmental disasters, plastic and bitu-men.
One is more than the other. If plastic bag-
The manufacturer K. Ahmed Khan did not think so, and it provided him with at least a solution to the problem of plastic waste.
\"In 1996 there was a lobbying group against plastic bags, and people wanted to ban them because there was no solution to the plastic threat,\" Khan said . \" When he saw the worker filling the pit with asphalt, he stumbled upon it.
\"I guess, why can\'t we mix the plastic with the asphalt, neither of them
Biodegradable, paved roads, \"Khan started the trial with his younger brother Rasool and nephew Amjad.
However, he found that although the plastic melted in the asphalt during heating, it was then reassembled into solid.
\"Then, we added some local ingredients and made a breakthrough,\" he mentioned, cautiously without revealing what was done.
K plastic waste management, Khan, 1997-
98 want to test the effect of polymerization asphalt.
\"So, without the permission of the government or the contractor, we filled some potholes with asphalt and plastic, which worked,\" he said . \" There was a hint of joy in his voice.
But for contractors who want specific research, this anecdotal evidence is far from enough --based proof.
This forced Khans to travel to the r v Institute of Engineering in Bangalore to sponsor a study on their ideas.
A similar study was then conducted by the University of Bangalore and the central road Institute, which is part of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), in New Delhi.
According to Khan, all studies have suggested that aggregate asphalt is suitable for laying roads.
\"Bangalore municipal companies are asking us to work with them to first lay 40 km in and around Bangalore and then another 500 km,\" Khan said . \".
Kk plastic only supplies asphalt-
For the contractor, the plastic mixture is not involved in the actual laying of the road.
Shop 1 km long 3. 5-
Nearly 2 metres wide road2.
5 tons of plastic is required.
This is 8% of the required asphalt.
\"Now, we collect 4-
5 tons of plastic per day in Bangalore, \"63-year-
Bachelor of old business at St. Joseph\'s College.
The company pays the rag-pickers Rs 8-
1 kg plastic 10.
Over the past nine years, K plastic has helped build 1,800 km kilometres of roads in and around Bangalore and has won a range of awards.
But not all of them. dory.
\"The time for appreciation is over, and now we need companies to stand up and take this to the rest of the country,\" Khan avers added . \" He is very open to the partnership.
Money is also a problem for this company, which currently will Rs 3-4 crore a year.
\"We are thinking about engaging with venture capitalists,\" he said . \"
On the good side, the company got inquiries from different cities.
Khan has already shown his thoughts in Hyderabad and Mumbai.
\"Plastic is left behind, there are only 0 plastic bags.
1% of the total amount of plastic used.
Will it have a great impact on their ban ? \"
He quickly said he did not want to be considered pro
But in fact, this is inevitable.
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