mounting cup holders to a mini cooler

by:Chengbai     2020-02-28
This summer I plan to go back to the beach camping with my wife and want a small wheel cooler with a recessed cup holder on the lid.
It does not exist.
The smallest wheel cooler I found on the cup holder is this 40-
Quart Coolman cooler with wheels, but too big for our needs.
I just want a small one that can hold six people.
Pack one or two and it\'s easy to cross the beach, but I also want a cup holder so we don\'t have to put drinks in the sand.
Our beach chairs have been built.
In the floppy disk, it is OK for the jar, but not very good fabric cup holder for the Cup.
I decided to buy a small wheel cooler and add my own cup holder. . .
I bought a Coleman 16-
Quart wheel cooler and this seat wedge cup holder designed to wedge
Between car seats
It is very suitable for my application, because it is flat on one side, so it can be surfacemounted.
I drilled two holes in the cup holder and front of the cooler, using stainless steel screws and metal-
Backing rubber
Sealing gasket (
Say 10 times really fast)
Inside the cooler, prevent water leakage and fix them externally with stainless steel nylon lock nuts. Pop-
The rivets may also work well, but I am careful that if the cup holders are hit hard while they are in transit or pulling the cooler, they may be pulled out of the soft plastic exterior wall of the cooler.
Although this particular model of cooler has 5-
The main blow to star reviews on Amazon is the lack of a proper handle to lift it from the car, or lift it up, or go through the rugged terrain.
The handle on the side is where the insulation is injected into the cooler during the manufacturing process, so there is no good groove below to get a good grip, so they are very slippery.
I decided to add a rope handle.
I drilled a hole in each \"handle\" at the root of the ball, and then used a Poly rope to go through the holes and tie the knot.
If you do that, then use a screwdriver to get the rope through the hole at the top and then a needle-
The nose clamp extends up through the bottom hole and pulls the rope through.
Make sure you melt the end of the Poly rope with a lighter so that it doesn\'t unlock.
I simply tried sliding a neoprene cane handle on the rope as a handle, but it was more comfortable just using the rope.
I have been using the iMain Go 2 speaker with my old iPhone to provide music for me and my wife on the beach, but since I now have a larger inside of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 zipper Speaker case, I decided to upgrade to the Grace Digital ECOROX waterproof Bluetooth speaker.
It\'s very small and portable, and it\'s just right for my wife and I on the beach.
It has playback/pause, tracking and volume control on the speaker, so once you start the music, you can pick up the handle.
Another reason I chose it is that it has a standard camera
Style screw mounting.
I bought this Minoura handle camera holder (22-29mm)
So I was able to clip the speakers onto the beach chair or umbrella rod, but also decided to give it a try on the cooler handle.
The handle was a bit too thin, so I bought a neoprene replacement cane handle at the local Kroger Pharmacy, unscrewed the plastic handle from the cooler, and slipped the neoprene handle
Now, ECOROX is firmly clipped to the handle of the cooler.
Another bonus is that after our trip I can clip the speakers on the handlebars of the bike and even use them in the shower as it is waterproof.
The last step is to drill a drain hole at the bottom of each cup holder.
Keep in mind that this type of car seat wedge cup holder is designed to be easily removed from the car and then flipped to empty, but if it can\'t be disassembled as in this case, then condensation will have to empty the whole cooler.
The cup holder tilted slightly forward, so I drilled the hole forward.
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