montreal to ban plastic shopping bags as of 2018

by:Chengbai     2020-05-31
Mayor Dennis Cordray has announced a ban on singles in the city
Plastic bags have been used since January. 1, 2018.
BanMontreal, a possible plastic bag in Montreal, urged a ban on plastic shopping bags by 2018, \"you will understand that our plan is the result of extensive analysis and thoughtful consideration,\" Coderre said . \".
\"The lightweight bags used by billions of people are unstable and represent obvious environmental problems.
\"Before the ban came into effect, the city intended to allow consumers and retail to adjust for nearly two years.
The ban applies to light plastic shopping bags, especially plastic bags less than 50 microns (or0. 05 millimetres)
Thick, and a bag of oxoBiodegradable, oxo-
Certain bags can be exempted from bans for hygiene reasons, such as small plastic bags for fresh vegetables or medication.
Coderre said he believes that the implementation of the ban in Montreal will be a model for other cities.
Six other cities in Canada have banned singles.
Use plastic bags: Ye rapids, man. Thompson, Man. Quentin, QueDeux-Montagnes, Que.
A regional city of altarwood in Buffalo. Brossard, Que.
After the city\'s environmental committee recommended a ban on plastic bags in December, scoderre announced a ban on plastic bags.
The committee\'s 12 proposals included: the ban on the use of plastic bags began in April by the City Council.
2018, in favor of reusable or recyclable bags.
Except for sanitary bags for handling food, carrying drugs and dry cleaning.
The city of Montreal, in cooperation with the government of Quebec, has established industrial norms to ensure that new bags are recyclable.
Prepare a communication plan for the transition for residents and businesses.
Encourage the reduction of plastic water bottles, single-
Use plates and utensils.
More than a month ago, the mayor of Monterey, Dennis cordré, first came up with the idea of classifying plastic bags.
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