man not allowed to use reusable bag at woolworths \'because of rival logo\'

by:Chengbai     2020-01-03
Woolworth\'s customers continue to vent their frustration with plastic
A woman claimed that her father was not allowed to use reusable bags from another store.
The supermarket put all the orders
Earlier this month, lightweight plastic bags were used from shelves and replaced with 15 C reusable bags.
Reusable bags will also be available free of charge until July 8 in new states, Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia.
But a woman claimed that her father went to Woolworth, new state on Saturday and was told that he could not use them for his groceries, \"because they were labeled as competitors
The woman wrote on Woolworth\'s Facebook page that a staff member told her father to buy Woolworth --
Free brand packs are not mentioned.
Her father, she claims, bought five more wool bags, \"so it doesn\'t cause inconvenience to other customers in line \".
\"Also tell the customer that when they say they agree, you can\'t put one item with another and force them to buy another bag for one item, this is beyond ridiculous, she wrote.
\"We are no longer shopping at any wool store and we are going back to Coles and Aldi and they don\'t care who bag you are using as long as you bring your bag with you.
\"An online shopper wrote that she was disappointed by her claim that she had no choice to use her bag when she picked up an online order from the supermarket.
\"Instead, I was told every time I answered the phone online that I would get Woolworth reusable bags,\" she wrote . \".
\"I don\'t want to use these plastic bags even if they can be reused.
Do you know how many Woolworth reusable bags I accumulate in the store every week? Heaps!
Another woman claimed that the cashier\'s staff told her that the reusable bag she brought was too dirty and had a hole in it.
\"She was told that it would be full of my bag this time, but they would refuse to use it in the future,\" she wrote . \".
The woman checked the bag at home, claiming to have a \"little hole\" and a little nail inside.
\"The bag can still be used. why not? ” she wrote.
A spokesman for Woolworth said in a statement to Yahoo7, \"customers are welcome to bring any bags they like when shopping in Woolworth, as long as they are clean and hygienic, our team can handle it \".
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