m&s becomes first supermarket to offerxa0anti-bacterial shopping bags to banish bugs such asxa0e.xa0coli

by:Chengbai     2020-07-01
Marks & spencer has become the first supermarket to offer reusable shopping bags
Bacteria technology that can prevent bacteria from polluting food.
The new bags are designed to reduce the risk of food poisoning by preventing the spread of dangerous bacteria, such as asE.
E. coli and campylobacter found in the health store-Bought Chicken.
Experts welcomed the move as a \"positive step\" to tackle the problem of dangerous bacteria lurking in shopping bags \".
Researchers have previously said that the recent outbreak of bacteria on a batch of fresh food and the use of bags by more people means that people are at higher risk.
The Food Standards Bureau recently found campylobella.
Main causes of food poisoning in the UK-
Found on chicken purchased from Sainsbury and M & S is twice as likely as cheap supermarkets such as Aldi, Lidl and Morrisons.
It is estimated that the bacteria kill 100 people a year, causing about 280,000 food poisoning each year.
M & S denied that a new bag was introduced against the problem level of campylobacter.
A spokesman said retailers have done four years of work for advanced bags.
A few weeks ago, the British government announced a significant reduction in the use of disposable plastic bags by introducing new 5 p charges.
According to the government\'s own data, the total number of shopping bags used by stores has dropped by 85 since the policy was launched in last October.
The new M & S package contains the use of-
Inhibit microbial properties of bacterial growth, thus allowing shoppers to carry raw meat safely in one day and general groceries safely the next day without worrying about pollution. Anti-
Bacterial bags are sold together with regular bags in the till area.
The price starts at 90 p and the bag comes in three different sizes: small, medium and large.
M & S.
The properties of bacteria will not decrease over time, which means that bags can be reused for a long time.
A spokesman for M & S said: \"We offer a variety of reusable shopping bags.
There are currently up to eight different styles in the store
In May 2016, we began to introduce-
As an add-on to our customers, bacteria \"silver technology\" has entered this range.
Stuart Kelly, a food hygiene expert at Acoura consulting, said the move was a \"positive step\" towards addressing the growing problems posed by e-commerce\"
Outbreaks of E. coli and campylobis, and more people use bags that breed dangerous bacteria to live.
\"Bacteria can exist outside the packaging and make people sick, so this is a major move for M & S,\" he said.
\"However, bags don\'t kill existing bacteria, so people still need to clean the food thoroughly before they eat.
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