luas drivers reject recommendation to use cooler bags for lunch

by:Chengbai     2020-03-06
Luas drivers rejected the labor court\'s suggestion that they should accept cold storage bags when they were forced to rest from Dublin\'s usual warehouse.
However, in the new year, it may take a while to be truly aware of the risk of disruption to passengers, as the driver\'s union SIPTU will have to hold a separate vote for industrial action, and notify the planned shutdown at least three weeks in advance.
There is also the possibility of further negotiations with the senior management of Transdev, Luas parent company.
If workers continue their industrial action in any form, they will lose their annual bonus of £ 6.
5% salary per driver or more than 3,000 euros.
The dispute was triggered by the opening of the cross.
The urban extension of the Luas Green line a year ago.
This change means that out of 67 working days, 12 drivers are required to rest at Broombridge instead of returning to their originating warehouse in Sandford for lunch, where they store the lunch
However, drivers affected by the new tariff argue that under the new arrangement, they are at 30-minute lunch-breaks.
They see inadequate improvements in facilities in the Green Line depot, including vending machines, which include subsidized ready-to-eat food.
They also rejected the offer that they should keep their lunch fresh in the trolley cab with a cooler bag.
The labor court said that it generally does not care about the function of the refrigerated bag, but ordered an independent assessment of the efficacy of the refrigerated bag, and they found that they would keep food safe for six hours.
Transdev argues that in order to facilitate the staff to return to the departure station for lunch, they will have to recruit an additional 5 drivers at a cost of € 250,000 per year
According to the current agreement, there is no such cost
Additional claims are allowed.
Luas services employs more than 300 workers, of whom more than 200 are drivers.
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