love and hate by the five-cent bagful

by:Chengbai     2020-06-03
The small changes in our ordinary lives inspire a surprising set of emotions-love, anger, resistance, and even shame.
Now spend five cents to bring home anything the torrontonians bought-books, fresh fish, running shoes-in plastic bags.
A man in a gray T-shirt said, \"I hate those guys . \"
Shirts for a fee from the Loblaws\' grocery store on Dupont Street
One hand with a can of mayonnaise and the other with paper products. Those guys?
He waved faintly to the store.
\"Five points! \"Lucy, a part-
Time teacher begged not to use her last name, because she would be embarrassed if she publicly expressed her love for plastic shopping bags, her children, a keen recycler.
\"I love them,\" she said . \"
She left reusable bags in the car and appeared with a cart of groceries packed in plastic.
\"I found them very convenient and I have a lot of uses at home.
I was told they could (This is not true)
But I like them anyway.
\"Since the start of charging in Toronto in June 1, we have changed the way we shop-a whole new anthropology of business communication.
Customers left the store with weapons-filled cherries, French fries and baguette, refusing to pay 5 cents for a bag.
Their motivation is a lofty goal-they think they are saving the Earth-or a stupid boycott of paying for something that was once free.
Sometimes they just carry a few sandwiches, like a man in a Tilley hat, white pants-a faint nautical look-in all the best cuisine in the luxurious section of Yongji StreetDid it last week.
Why is he not happy?
\"I don\'t like to spend five cents,\" he snapped . \"
Most people make big strides in the parking lot that balances groceries like Cirque du Soleil, and are surprisingly free.
They have cat litter and paper towels on their shoulders, along with avocado and lemon.
Some waved receipts when they left to prove that they were responsible citizens who refused plastic but still paid for the goods.
Logistics problems are at hand: how to open the door with full arms?
Retired teacher Ann Marshall put her milk and bread on top of her car-she put reusable bags in the passenger seat-and said, \"I use plastic bags, but I don\'t want to pay.
As a senior, you will feel five points per second.
\"Three weeks after entering the new regime, I don\'t know how many shoppers have changed.
There are many people.
Of the major grocery chains, only Canada\'s largest grocery store, loblaww Co. , Ltd. , has released data on the decline in plastic bag usage-a decrease of 75 since the launch of the National reduction program in April 22.
Metro and Sobeys have noticed a drop-no numbers available-and reusable bag sales have increased five times and three times, respectively.
At the same time, shoppers gave up brand loyalty for shopping bags.
You can see the carnival farm pack at Loblaws.
Sobeys bag on the subway.
Some people use the bag as a cultural symbol and treat the wider and more interesting life of shoppers as travelers.
La sur Center in Paris), readers (
Harvard Bookstore)
Or convenient men and women (
Lee Valley Tools).
Some shoppers question five
It is a deterrent or punishment to divide money.
Two Tiffany\'s grieving lawyers and mothers were annoyed, and she said she pushed the groceries in a plastic bag into her car, where she blatantly left the reusable bag.
\"People will judge you,\" she said . \"
She needs plastic to line up the trash can at home.
\"There is a lot of social pressure to show our social consciousness,\" said sadly . \". \"Screw it.
I need some bags.
\"She was not satisfied with the five --
Although large chains donated some of the fees charged to environmental organizations.
\"I want to know what a charity is.
\"Loblaws plans to provide the World Wildlife Fund with $1 million a year over three years --Canada.
The remaining funds will be used to reconfigure the cashier, retrain the cashier and post a reminder notice. (
One sentence about reconfiguring: Don\'t put items in plastic bags stretched on shelves, and groceries are piled up on the counter in disorder so that the clerk can sort them out, more effectively package reusable bags of different shapes. )
Metro will donate $2 million to school environmental management programs in Ontario and Quebec for 2009/10 years.
Sobeys Ontario has provided up to $20,000 in funding to support the Earth Day Canada project.
\"I want to do the right thing, but how do I deal with my trash? \" says Grieve.
\"My bathroom and kitchen problems will not be solved in black cloth bags.
\"Not only do customers in grocery stores face this problem-do you want a plastic bag?
-At the cashier.
Shop assistants in bookstores, takeout food stores and clothing stores are also asking.
Indigo Books and Music on Bloor StW.
A shop assistant estimated that 75 of customers were reducing plastic bags where fees were charged to the Environment Fund.
One of them is Monique McWhite, shopping with her granddaughter.
\"Plastic bags are actually forever.
But they will soon be the past.
In Europe, people use ropes and shopping baskets.
\"In the cupboard of Dinah, a landmark food store in Yorkville, the manager of Glenn Beech speculated that customers rarely bring plastic bags, no more than 10 to 15 bags a week.
\"It\'s not five cents.
It\'s just a reminder, \'Oh yeah, we shouldn\'t waste our luggage.
People are retraining themselves.
\"The impact of this new consciousness has also spread to the business community in Ontario.
Plastic bag manufacturers feel cash-strapped and cut jobs, partly because of the recession and partly because of the cost of bags.
Fadhil Yousuf, who runs the Abington family business in Grand Shuo, has dropped orders by 75 in the past two weeks.
He used to produce 100,000 to 150,000 bags a day.
He stopped his machine last week.
\"The store is afraid to store their normal orders;
\"They don\'t know if they can move them,\" he said . \".
\"I don\'t know what I\'m going to do.
I\'m waiting to see what happens in the next two weeks.
\"At the Plastics Industry Association of Canada, Cathy Seco praised plastic bags while lamenting the terrible timing of collecting what she called a\" tax \"-a recession.
\"This has not only affected the manufacturers of plastic products, but also has a negative impact on all plastics.
She believes the City of Toronto should expand its recycling program and warns that the cost will have a negative impact on the recycling industry in Ontario.
The price of the bag is 1 to 2 cents, but the merchant charges 5 cents, she said.
Shopping bags account for less than 70% of landfill sites, and up to a high number of plastic bags are reused, she said.
\"This is a profit grab.
At the end of the day, have we made informed environmental decisions?
\"There are still many people who accept the idea of reducing plastic use.
Customers of Olive\'s fine meat store on Yongji Street
Bring your own bag, and many people use the smart red folding bag presented when the store opens. But the five-
Splitting money can cause uncomfortable moments.
What happens when you call to ask if the customer wants a plastic bag?
\"This is Rosdale,\" said Sam Gandy . \".
\"It\'s embarrassing to ask for five cents after the transaction.
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