lost art of shopping bag marketing

by:Chengbai     2020-01-19
The shopping bag was invented by Walter H. in 1912.
To help sell more items and increase the sales of the store, Deubner, when he finds out that shoppers will limit their purchases to what they can carry.
Ironically, the first shopping bag sold 5 cents, as did the price charged today by many \"wholesale stores.
Back in 1970s, marketers discovered the power to print their logo on shopping bags, especially in the era of indoor shopping centers.
Shoppers walk from the store to the store and proudly display the logo of the retailer they just purchased.
During this period, the market received advertisements on bags and bags, which were free and convenient everywhere.
In the year 00 s, 80 s, 90 s and 21 s, the bag was seen as a symbol of the class.
If you pay less in the \"wholesale store\" you buy a bag but in a large multinational retailer you buy more but your bag is free
In some of the more elite retailers, the quality of the bags, complete with string handles, is a symbol of their own.
During this period, some retailers introduced a reusable bag for heavy cloth for $1
$5 but not accepted.
In my own opinion, as I am sure, \"I will not pay to advertise your company.
\"It was not until the end of the year 00 s that the market\'s perception of bags changed. Fast-
Forwarded to 2010, the view of bags is \"environmental damage\" and reduce plastic in our landfill.
Now, the trend of enterprises in the luggage industry has been reversed.
Once considered a marketing tool and a means to sell more goods, it is now a tool to increase the bottom line and show your environmental awareness.
Many retailers now charge 5 cents for a plastic bag and sell cloth bags for more than $1.
Again, it\'s not $1 that gets customers around, it\'s the fact that you advertise for the company and pay for happiness.
Last week I found myself walking out of a shopper pharmacy with everything I could carry and forgetting the bag in the car.
About Walter H.
Deubner invented it to prevent it.
Near my home, a local watch bought cloth bags in the community about two years ago and delivered them to the door.
Thanks to the intersection block watch, my community is more inclined to bring their cloth bags to the store, save the environment and promote the block watch.
I see the bag every day;
They work even though it took us a while to get into the habit of taking our luggage to the store.
But why is the vision of our block watch organizer asking this question;
Why not be a good marketer?
I haven\'t seen the retailer put a reminder sign on their entrance yet, \"Do you remember your reusable bag ? \"?
\"Now, this will show shoppers their concern for the environment, especially if they give you a reusable package with their logo on it.
So what can you do as a small business?
Whether you have a retail store or not, consider the cost of making reusable cloth bags and deliver them in your neighborhood, or at least let customers use them for free.
Make sure the color is elegant but outstanding.
Whether you see a package around your community or not, the consumer\'s initial idea will be one of the businesses you care about the environment.
Another thing is not to consider charging 5 cents for a plastic bag.
It tends to hook up uneco-friendly customers or customers who forget their bags in the car.
Why not turn it into positive and give discounts to those with bags?
Remember the reminder sign at your front door, which shows that your business cares about the environment.
A company with social conscience can win the goodwill of many people.
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