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by:Chengbai     2020-01-24
Pune: Residents of Baner Pashan Link road have begun to reduce plastic waste in their area
Started a project to stop the use of plastic bags.
The executive committee of the region, Vikas Samiti, encourages all residents of the region to use cloth bags made of old sarislevel shopping.
At the current initial stage, the program will be driven by volunteers in the area who are working to convince nearby shopkeepers to store and sell cloth bags (
Lowest Profit)
Buy anything in their store, not plastic bags.
The organization also plans to post banners and posters throughout the region to convince residents to adopt this model of environmental sustainability.
Seema Agrawal elaborated on the factors driving the new campaign
The chairman of the committee said that the biggest ingredient in dry waste seen in our region is plastic.
Recycling becomes difficult once mixed with other garbage.
Ideally, we should isolate the plastic and give it to the pickers. Even the non-
The woven bags we see in many stores that look like cloth are fake.
In fact, they are more destructive because they cannot be recycled.
The idea came after seeing the socially responsible initiative put forward by Madhavi Sardeshpande, a National Chemical Laboratory scientist, who collected the old saris as a donation, and hired poor women from Pashan and sutawadi to make bags.
We are a team of four or five people and hope to bring about change, says Sardeshpande. minded women.
We have attracted women from several selves.
Help the nearby groups sew these bags.
We have put nearly 8,000 cloth bags on the market since January 2016.
If everyone accepts the cause on a personal level, it can greatly reduce the amount of waste generated by the city on a daily basis.
Committee members would like to replicate a similar pattern of success in jotpur, Rajasthan.
The Commission has also received support from Rahul Kokate, a partner of companies in the region.
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