jersey city council hears pitch for reusable shopping bag program

by:Chengbai     2020-01-10
Tom Cherry, CEO of JpgMy Eco, asked the Jersey City Council to support turning the city into a laboratory in order to increase the use of reusable shopping bags at tonight\'s core meeting on May 27, 2014.
A company that used the City of Jersey as the first laboratory to increase the use of reusable shopping bags issued a report to the Council of Jersey City calling for its support, and said that there are already two Palmer stores on board.
Through the program, shoppers can download the free app from the company, my Eco, and accumulate points every time they check out at the participating store.
These points will be of monetary value and can be donated to schools or non-schools
Profit chosen by shoppers.
\"People who use the app are told how many packages they have left out of the landfill, how well they do against personal goals, how they compare to others in the community, tom Cherry, my Eco CEO, told the council members.
About 100 million disposable plastic shopping bags are sent home by shoppers in Jersey City stores each year, and the recovery rate of plastic bags is less than 5%.
This means that 95% of the garbage is landfill, or like urban weeds that pollute the landscape and affect wildlife.
Join this project.
A store has to pay $100 for every $20,000 item that customers take away with reusable bags.
The cost will save businesses money by not having to buy as many disposable plastic bags, or at least allowing them to break even, Cherry said.
Out of $100, $25 is for my eco-operating costs and $75 is for a shopper\'s donation.
According to Cherry, fees can be flexibly paid depending on the nature of a particular business, and my eco-Company has implemented the program at 90 supermarkets in Massachusetts.
But the City of Jersey represents the first such city-wide promotion.
Typically, a small retailer will pay about 2 cents for a disposable plastic shopping bag and paper bag, and the price per bag is as high as 8 to 10 cents.
My Eco believes that its plan is a way for the store to save money by reducing the number of plastic bags used or one-time plastic bags instead of directly banning them and going back to more expensive paper bags, said Cherry.
People can form groups to see how well they do compared to other groups, companies can form groups to see how their employees compare to other companies, how good is the situation of weaning from disposable plastic shopping bags really healthy competition.
\"At tonight\'s council caucus meeting, my eco-company presented a short video of its show, in which Steven Fulop, mayor of Jersey City, approved it.
After the meeting, councillor Candice Osborne asked to meet with my representative of the economic cooperation organization next week, and Council President roandor lavaro provided my economic cooperation organization with whatever he could.
Asked about the validity of 5 cents provided by some stores for customers who come with reusable bags, cherry said, \"It pushed the needle back 4 or 5%, point to reusable bags, but still 95% are disposable.
Many stores have now canceled the 5-cent plan because it is no longer an incentive.
People either change their behavior or they can\'t change it. this is the reality.
Goldman Sachs and Depository Trust Clearing have sponsored a reusable bag design competition that will include 18 below categories in order to engage students in the City of Jersey.
The City of Jersey was chosen to participate in the project because \"we think this is a big enough challenge to prove that the model can be replicated in other cities,\" Cherry said . \".
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