‘it can be difficult to get into the routine’: coles to give out free 15-cent reusable bags until sunday

by:Chengbai     2020-05-31
The plastic ban is hereA\'s reusable Coles package.
Image: Peter Rae/AAPSource: AAPCOLES will distribute its 15-
Until Sunday, cent reusable shopping bags were free, and supermarkets admitted that it was \"difficult to get into the daily routine of bringing their own shopping bags \".
Also after Woolworth came back.
In response to customer complaints, the car was riding last week.
Single as of Sunday
Plastic bags are prohibited in all states except New States and Victoria.
The bans in Queensland and Western Australia align them with South Australia, the act, the northern region and the Tasmania state, but supermarkets voluntarily remove bags from their entire store network.
\"To help our customers during this transition period, we are pleased to help us by offering our customers free reusable plastic bags in those states
\"The use of plastic bags has been removed for the first time,\" Coles COO Greg Davis said in a statement . \".
This means that shoppers in Victoria, new state, Queensland and Western Australia will receive free luggage by Sunday night.
Coles will still charge for a range of community bags, including a $1 tote bag, a $2 backpack and a $2 backpack.
50 cold packs and a $3 sack.
\"We do everything we can to help our customers,\" Mr Davis said . \".
\"For some, it\'s hard to get into the daily routine of bringing your bags to the supermarket, and it\'s hard to know exactly how many bags you might need for your entire store.
Mr David said Coles \"thank you very much for the response from our clients, which is a small way for us to say \'thank you\' and help them transition \".
\"During this period, we invested in additional customer service and our team members provided excellent support,\" he said . \".
There are about three, though.
The move sparked strong opposition from customers, which the retail union described as \"plastic bag rage \".
In an extreme case, a staff member in Woolworth, Western Australia, was \"strangled\" by an angry customer \".
According to the analysis, Gary Mortimer, a retail expert at the University of Science and Technology of Queensland, Si and Woolworths are expected to replace the free ultra-light plastic packaging bags with gross profit of about $71 million-cent options.
Many shoppers accuse supermarkets of being hypocritical because of the large amount of plastic packaging on most products and making huge profits from this change.
A disgruntled customer stole a Coles shopping basket to protest the ban, while a Woolworths customer loaded a cart into the back of his car. frank. chung@news. com.
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