is wrapping paper recyclable? only if it passes the scrunch test

by:Chengbai     2020-06-21
Christmas is a time when there is too much food, too many gifts and too much packaging.
While food and gifts may be welcome, the excess packaging is added forever
There is no doubt that there is more and more unnecessary waste.
The wrapping paper is also unnecessary, other than the price is expensive-no one really cares about it, and it prevents the recipient from initially commenting politely on how well it is packaged.
If your gift has been wrapped under a tree, please note that not all wrapping paper is recyclable.
It is reported that only some bodyguards will accept wrapping paper in their recycling collection, so be sure to check with them first.
Wrapping paper can only be recycled through scrunch testing
Simple paper packaging can be recycled, but can be used with foil or flash powder
Decorative paper can\'t and needs to be wasted in general.
Remove any tape and decorations such as ribbons and bows before recycling, as they cannot be recycled.
If you haven\'t finished packing, why not be green this Christmas and try some alternative, greener packaging alternatives.
There are a lot of old newspapers around each house, so why not give them a second life to pack gifts? The double layer wrapping paper adds a layer of thickness to prevent it from being ripped off during transportation using more unwanted paper.
You can also dress it up with a ribbon or give it a more retro Christmas feel with some hemp rope.
-Instead of using wrapping paper, choose a reusable tote bag or scarf and incorporate the wrapping paper into the gift.
In this way, you can give this person an extra reusable gift.
While some handbags are expensive, there are many cheaper alternatives to encourage your friends to also use them as shopping bags to keep them in the new plastic --
Free resolutions in the new year!
The scarf can also be tied up well to make the gift look more interesting and impressive.
One I tried before was fun.
If it\'s a bit confusing
Is to use the old cereal box, the empty bar box and the brown paper bag and put one in the other so that they have to open the package all the time until they get the gift.
While a lot of packaging is involved, all of this should be a waste of other products, and it\'s interesting to watch your friends go in a box and wonder if they\'re nearing the end.
Use any material around the house that you might throw away soon.
This could be a map of your vacation a few years ago and you know you won\'t use it anymore (
Besides some really cool wrapping paper! )
Or maybe a colored old sheet that can be sorted out for every gift you need to pack this year.
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