is it really that hard? coles and woolworths customers fume at supermarket cashiers over their simple plastic bag ban error

by:Chengbai     2020-03-05
Coles and Woolworth have recently banned single anger
Today, frustrated customers continue to use plastic bags to target the cashier\'s packaging.
Unpleasant shopper, Hope Wood from Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, launched an angry long story at Coles over the weekend, as an employee did not stack in the right order
She claims that yogurt is squeezed between heavy items, and her meat is strangely packed in a bag, like a pile of toiletries and food storage.
For the past month, I \'ve been supporting the plastic ban at my local Kalgoorlie store, and this time I \'ve got the staff to learn and get used to better packing bags, Wood MS wrote on the supermarket\'s Facebook page.
\"I have a cold bag with canned food on the bottom, crushed yogurt in the middle, meat on the top, and a regular bag with meat, toiletries, muffins, cereal and fruit.
The reason Ms. Wood made it the \"tip of the iceberg\" is even worse, she lined up for the cashier in the order of packaging she wanted.
Another shopper, Laura Stott, agreed and said that the lack of staff training caused several of her refrigerated bags to break due to excessive filling.
It hurts my back.
Just because they can squeeze so much money doesn\'t mean they should. . .
\"I now bring the extra stuff and pack half back in the car,\" she said . \".
Alex Freimuth said he also has extensive experience in dealing with \"cunning Packers\" and whenever he goes to repack he claims
Pack his items and he will be hit by the employee\'s \"smelly eyes and attitude.
\"I already have quite a few crappy bag packers, either full of bags that I can\'t put into the trolley properly, or abuse my bags,\" he said . \".
Woolworths reportedly failed to provide reconstruction services and was strongly opposed
As promised by the recent promotion, customers can use bags by July 8.
\"A lot of things have been done for your money-making exercise.
Give us back for free. usable bags (un)
Until the day of the month, let\'s pay, \'written on Facebook by Dave Dejun Dezenieks.
Rosalie Turner GmbH boarded the plane with a plastic bag ban and purchased a large number of re-
Bags used in preparation, but claimed to have been accused of trying to take home the shopping basket many times.
\"I \'ve been accused of trying to steal a basket since your policy started, and I asked your customer service staff to suddenly ask if I had a pre-
Whether or not the bags were purchased, when I said they were me, it was clear they didn\'t believe me, Turner said. MS.
\"I did the right thing, but I came across this twice as many times as I walked into your store three times.
Another Woolworth customer thought the store should remove the bag at checkout
They are a safety hazard because they are not used now.
They have to lift and stretch heavy items, which is dangerous for your customers.
Jane Greenwood wrote, however, it\'s also an OHS problem for your staff, not everyone has a 6-foot height and can flip the tower over the bag rack.
Coles and Woolworths were overwhelmed by complaints. These bags, priced at 15 cents, are made of fragile materials and are too easy to break.
Some people also believe that supermarket chains mistakenly claim to take good care of the environment and make changes for the sake of economic benefits.
The allegations came after they were disclosed that they had earned up to $0. 241 billion in profits from selling reusable plastic bags.
Woolworths and Coles will not disclose the cost of the bag or the profit of selling reusable bags.
The better bags of Coles are made of 80 recycled materials, larger, thicker and more durable than disposable plastic bags, for a price of 15 cents.
Woolworth has a bag that costs 99 cents and will donate the money sold to the primary land care grant program.
They will be replaced free of charge when they are damaged.
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