if you must wrap, remember...

by:Chengbai     2020-01-19
My Scrooge forecast tells me that this year is not the year for everyone to stop packing holiday gifts.
However, if anything different, it could be a year when more people stop buying gift packs.
Green beggars can\'t pick and choose.
Gift related goods-
Rich in packaging: stick-
Bows, ribbon spools, tag gift bags, those stickers attached to the gift with the words \"to\" and \"from\" on them, with multiple designs that often conflict with the pattern wrapping paper below.
The stickers are also fitted with a waxed back plate, doubling over meaningless waste.
I\'m sorry if there\'s any point in these stickers other than selling you something you don\'t really need, please let me know.
Then there is a lot of paper.
Wrapping paper, cartons, paper shopping bags.
Paper towels in shopping bags.
Paper towels in gift bags.
A tissue that has never been used because it is a bit wrinkled.
Wrapping paper that has never been used since they are \"scrap\" after the paper is customized\"
Cut the right gift.
The United States generated an additional 5 million tons of waste during the holidays.
There are 4 million tons of wrapping paper and shopping bags.
In the United States, it is widely estimated that landfill sites cover up to 30% square meters.
It\'s hard not to scream this statistic when seeing someone holding a crisp, heavy thing
A boutique measuring paper bag containing something heavier than a sock.
The American public has a strong attachment to packaging and packaging. let\'s face it.
This is a powerful brand tool for the company
The iconic Tiffany Company
Package is a good example.
But it doesn\'t make much more sense than imitating these prototypes, and it adds beauty when the gift is wrapped around the house. (
If you want to surprise someone with your gift, hide it first. )
Not like a lot of environmental protection
It is actually inconvenient for most people to pack gifts.
It takes time instead of freeing the individual from time.
It takes energy and money from him or her.
None of these problems seem to slow down the enthusiastic purchase of wrapping paper.
About half of the 85 million tons of paper products consumed by Americans are used for packaging, packaging and decorative goods.
Some argue to spend a little more money to help the Earth by buying recycled wrapping paper.
Other kinds of \"recycled wrapping paper \"-
Newspapers, comics, magazine collages
Like Earth, this is another choice.
Friendly but actually free.
As long as you have material on hand-
Who is not easy or easy to get them? ).
If your style is not quite like this, then my suggestion is to wrap it in reusable textiles --
Silk scarves, napkins, beautiful bows, ribbons, brooch and jewelry.
A blue chiffon scarf with long, small
For a year, the pearl necklace has been the \"packaging\" of my mother\'s perfume box \".
She gave me back her scarf and necklace without throwing away or recycling anything or getting her fingers dirty with newspaper ink.
If something returned to the package is not an option, then more creativity is always there.
Your friend may just be shocked by receiving a gift wrapped in a spruce decoration on a Christmas tree or wreath, or an imitation of dry leaves on the lawn.
Even a ribbon wrapped in a gift. solo -
It will be elegant and more easily reused by gifts if it is subdued.
Of course, I am only human and therefore, in some cases, I am able to create mysteriously, as others do.
But I know who I can forget the wrapping ceremony.
Like my brother-
Because he or she doesn\'t care.
Many of us don\'t care anymore, I think.
I know when it\'s important, just like the boss drinks a bottle of champagne.
Hopefully these differences will begin to bridge and cultural norms will shift in less directionfrills-is-
With the improvement of environmental awareness and conservation awareness, more and more choices are made by consumers.
In order to do this, do not spend in a waste of traditional places
Beauty is the beginning.
A spokesman for the Liberal Democratic Party of England said of the holiday: \"This is completely unsustainable . \"related waste.
He refers to the wrapping paper and 125,000 tons of plastic packaging of 83 square kilometers in the UK in 2006, which is a disturbing but ridiculous figure compared to the expanded Christmas card landfill area in the United States, packaging materials, in some cases (some 7% and 2.
5 million)
Real Christmas tree
Of the world\'s 4% population, the United States still produces about 25-
30% of waste on Earth
Let this be a humble reminder to us this year.
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