\'i\'m not an ethical bag\': sainsbury\'s \'green\' bag not organic or fair trade

by:Chengbai     2020-06-24
This designer shopping bag, designed to raise awareness of green, is made in China with cheap labor.
The bag \"I\'m not a plastic bag\" is a must --
At Sainsbury\'s, fashion items and 20,000 are sold out in an hour.
Starting at three o\'clock A. M. , women lined up to buy one of the 5 cotton bags made by leading Designer Anya sindemage, who were changing hands on eBay for £ 225.
However, the Evening Standard disclosed that Sainsbury was accused of hypocrisy by admitting that the package was made in China and was neither an organic trade nor a fair trade.
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The allegations were made on the day that Sainsbury banned the use of plastic bags in their stores.
The chairman of an influential House of Commons committee said that Sainsbury\'s had \"tarnished\" its image as a promoter of fair trade products.
A Sports Group that emphasizes the exploitation of workers in the fashion industry said that making bags in China has weakened the moral requirements of bags.
The fact that these bags are delivered thousands of miles from China raises questions about whether its carbon footprint is likely to offset its environmental benefits.
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A spokeswoman for the supermarket chain admitted that the bag, known as \"changing the world\", was \"not perfect\" and refused to disclose at which factory the bag was produced.
Malcolm Bruce, chairman of the Special Committee for International Development, said: \"This undermines Sainsbury\'s image as a company that supports fair trade.
It should make a positive attempt to ensure that this is not from a potential source of exploitation.
Martin Hesen of the pressure group said: \"It borders on hypocrisy. Let\'s clean up the fashion . \".
\"It is incompatible to claim that a product is ethical and then made in China.
Herson said workers in the Chinese clothing industry usually pay 20 p to 30 p per hour.
He also said there were serious problems with the procurement of cotton, fearing that cotton in unfair trade was often picked by child labor.
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\"I am not a plastic bag\" comes with a blue label that explains that the plastic bag provides a replacement that \"has a negative impact on the environment.
There is no profit in selling this bag.
A spokesman for Sainsbury told the standard because the bag is a branded product made by Hindmarch, \"We are not free to disclose the details of the supplier \".
The spokeswoman added: \"I can confirm [the factory]
To ensure a high standard of ethical trading, we visited.
A spokeswoman for Anya sindemage said the company did not hide that the bag was made in China and added: \"We never claimed that the bag was perfect.
We are just trying to take advantage of our influence as a luxury manufacturer to make it stylish without using plastic bags.
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