how to never forget your reusable shopping bags

by:Chengbai     2020-01-12
We are all very busy.
We go in and out of the House, in and out of the store, in and out of our workplace.
It\'s so easy to forget about our reusable shopping bags, but we remember that they are so important.
By using reusable groceries/shopping bags, we can take the plastic out of our house, roads and landfill, which helps our planet.
Reusable shopping bags help us save money as grocery stores and stores spend 50 cents to 2 dollars per bag and less on plastic bags --
The fees they passed on to US
Reusable grocery bags save our back as they have straps and you can put it on your shoulders so we can bring groceries and shopping items into us more easily
So, what\'s the problem with our reusable shopping bags?
Not a bag problem;
Remember it\'s our ability to take them to the store with us.
Here are 5 tips to help us remember reusable shopping bags: put reusable bags in the back seat of your car so that when you need them, you just have to look back and catch them.
Hopefully your peripheral vision will improve before you go out and walk into the store.
When you bring groceries into the house, place your reusable bags next to your wallet, wallet or mobile phone and put all the bags in one bag after you remove them.
Put them next to things like wallets, wallets or mobile phones.
These are the things we usually remember and will help us remember to put reusable bags back in our vehicle.
When you create your grocery list, you usually go into your pantry.
Put a few of your reusable grocery bags in your pantry, pick them up and place them where you will remember them.
When you leave, bring them with you and put them in the tje front seat of your vehicle.
You will definitely see them before entering the store.
If you forget, they\'ll be cheap if everything else fails, and buy more reusable bags when you\'re in the store.
Of course, you are increasing the collection of reusable shopping bags, but when you have to spend more money, you will remember that you have to buy them, hope to catch them the next time you walk into the store.
They are usually cheap.
50 cents to $2 per piece.
They are well worth buying when you bring them into the house.
Much better than those plastic bags that you cut to your fingers because you try to take them all at once, plus reusable bags that hold more.
When traveling, it is good to put one in the suitcase and have a zipper reusable shopping bag.
It\'s much easier to stick your item in a bag and put it on the shoulder, rather than trying to take care of a few large and small bags at the same time.
When you buy trinkets and gifts for visitors who come home, your back will thank you.
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