how to make homemade microwave popcorn in a paper bag

by:Chengbai     2020-06-22
I like the popcorn in the cinema.
There\'s some difficulty with it, sitting down and holding a bucket of popcorn, as big as your torso, chewing it aimlessly for two hours, which is absolutely exciting. Seriously —
In the absence of breaking social taboos, can we still eat other snacks that are so crazy?
But I don\'t go to the movies very often and I\'m not a fan of pre-pre either
Microwave popcorn. The fake-
The butter seasoning left a strange silky feel on my tongue, reminding me that I didn\'t know what was in the popcorn. (
At the very least, the chemicals used to cause a rare respiratory disease, the name of which is mediocre but terrible \"popcorn lungs\", are now banned \". )
So my husband and I started trying to make popcorn at home.
We were thinking of buying an air Poole, but we had a small kitchen thinking of having to take out the stool and flip over the unused can equipment I used to buy in a short period of time
Ambition to live in order to find a single
It is not attractive to use electrical appliances.
I tried making popcorn a few times in the pot on the stove, but never got the heat right --
Either half of the cores are not popular or I will overcook. (
Grilled popcorn is the worst. )
But then my husband read about a way to make popcorn in the microwave using only brown paper lunch bags, and our family movie night changed forever.
The method is foolproof (well, mostly —
Please see the notes below)
, In less than 3 minutes, make popcorn, neither leave your tongue file nor cause a rare respiratory disease.
Here\'s how to do it: put a cup of uncooked popcorn in a brown paper lunch bag. (
Note: In order to avoid the possibility of using metallic paint, this should be an ordinary, undecorated paper bag.
I used a paper bag with a Hello Kitty theme and the face of Hello Kitty caught fire. )
No oil needs to be added at this time-
Cooking is not necessary, it will soak in the bag and make your microwave greasy.
Fold the top of the bag down about half an inch to seal it.
Then fold for the second time and press hard.
You want to make sure that the bag is safely closed so that it doesn\'t suddenly open when the kernel starts to pop up.
Place the bag upright in the microwave oven and place the microwave oven at a height for 2 minutes.
Then stay close and listen: whether 2 minutes is over or not, you want to stop the microwave immediately after the noise that pops up is slow to avoid overcooking.
Popcorn will be ready faster if you have a powerful microwave.
Open the bag carefully and keep your face and fingers away from steam.
Technically, you can add your seasoning to the bag at this time, but this can get a bit confusing.
I like to pour popcorn into my biggest mixing bowl, mainly because of me (shhh)
Usually make a double material and want to have enough mixing space in the ingredients.
The beauty of homemade popcorn is that you can taste it as you like. Like it savory?
Add olive oil, Parmesan cheese and rosemary. Like it spicy?
Join the coconut oil and the Cayenne.
Like it, leave a strange, fake one.
Do you have a film on your tongue?
You are alone.
I like to stir in any damp ingredients (
Like butter or oil)
First pour the dry head (
Salt, spices, sugar)
Things to stick.
My favorite toppings are melted butter and salt, but sometimes, when I decide to be \"healthy\", I pour the toppings with delicious, delicious popcorn --
Products of health food stores, such as nutritional yeast (
Or, as my Epi colleague Matt Duckor said, \"flavor flakes \")
Add a salty nut flavor, add a few drops of coconut flavor, a bit like the taste of sweet soy sauce.
Then I ate 10 cups of popcorn and decided to go all out and raid my kid\'s candy shop.
Because the only thing that can compare with the movie theater popcorn?
Candy in the cinema.
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