how shoppers are rebelling against the supermarket plastic bag ban

by:Chengbai     2020-01-03
A new survey shows that a large number of Australian shoppers are stealing reusable plastic bags.
On July, both Coles and Woolworth called for the removal of disposable plastic bags from supermarkets.
The change was met with anger from many shoppers, and now a survey by consumer review site Canstar Blue of 3000 adults found that about one person took a reusable payment from the supermarket.
The survey also found people under the age of 18
People aged 29 are most likely to steal plastic bags, while people aged 60 or over are least likely to steal them.
Men are also found to be more likely to steal reusable bags than women.
Simon Downes, an editor at Canstar, said some shoppers think reusable plastic bags are \"fair games \".
\"But the reality is that if you take what you need to pay without paying, that is stealing, regardless of the cost,\" Mr Downs said . \".
Mr. Downs added 15 cents to a pack, which doesn\'t seem to be much, but \"if you buy a few packs a week, those costs will increase over a year \".
Coles and Woolworths initially distribute bags for free so shoppers can get used to the change.
Coles will not comment on the bag-stealing incident, but a spokesperson said the supermarket was \"happy\" to see customers bring reusable bags to the store.
The survey found that 80 people bring their own bags-however, this does not indicate whether the bags are reusable or not.
A spokesman for Woolworths told Yahoo7 that most Woolies\' shoppers now carry their bags.
\"We also found that the vast majority of our customers did the right thing and scanned all the items by ourselves
\"Service checkout,\" the spokesman said . \".
\"We have team members at any time to help our customers in our own team
Provide services if necessary.
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