history of reusable grocery bags

by:Chengbai     2020-01-29
Reusable shopping bags, including PP woven bags and non-woven fabrics and a variety of other organic shopping bags
In the past few years, the reputation of bags has become higher and higher.
However, the actual history of these bags originated before 2005, perhaps even 2000, when the trend of green shopping bags began to gain momentum, which is certainly visible globally today.
In fact, as early as the 1990 s, reusable bag manufacturers began to produce shopping bags.
Over the years, these bags have undergone significant improvements in manufacturing materials, costs and social needs.
The history of these plastic bags actually began in 1977, when disposable plastic bags began to be used around the world, starting in the United States.
Although disposable bags were initially thought to be the perfect replacement for paper bags, in order to save the trees, it was quickly realized that the bags were contaminated in lakes, rivers, and oceans.
By the beginning of 1990, reusable bag manufacturers had established business worldwide.
At first, the bags came in various forms and were made from materials ranging from cotton to nylon.
However, by 1990, the ingredients known as polypropylene began to obtain actual lead.
These bags, known as PP shopping bags, are exactly what is used in many modern shopping.
Retail chain stores.
The initial bag productivity type of this special material is a non-woven PP shopping bag, although woven PP tote bags are also used today.
The reason this special material is leading the market in reusable bag manufacturing is that it is cheap and can be produced at less than $0.
$25 per bag but very durable.
Historically, it was comfortable for consumers to pay up to $0. 99 to $2.
$99 per bag.
Productivity has accelerated since 1999.
According to the US International Trade Commission import database, the United States has imported nearly 3 billion bags since 1999.
The numbers in the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand are also high.
However, we can easily predict that the numbers will continue to rise
Not only in these countries, but all over the world.
In addition to the trend of environmental protection is the increasing use of green shopping bags, we also see trends within the legislation.
Cities or states such as the United States, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Australia have recently passed legislation to support the use of reusable shopping bags.
Although some people even ban throwing --
Other countries have increased the consumption tax on consumables bags while subsidizing eco-food grocery bags.
These laws have been very successful in improving the use of PP shopping bags and many other eco-friendly bag materials.
Nowadays, bags are not only a legal and environmental trend, but also a fashionable sport.
Reusable Shopping Bag manufacturers are rolling out some custom products that allow people to show their personality with shopping bags.
While the years have continued, it is estimated that the upward trend in use will remain strong.
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