help turn the tide on holiday: cut down on plastic at home, but don’t know where to start on summer getaways? let explorer jacques cousteau’s granddaughter be your expert guide

by:Chengbai     2020-01-12
My husband and I were on vacation in France a few years ago and had lunch with some friends, their children and our five children --year-
Son Felix is in a beautiful port restaurant.
After eating, the children wanted to play on the beach across the road.
We watched them concentrate on the fun-looking treasure hunt on the beach.
Then my son shouted, \"Look!
Show me what he has in his hand.
The \"treasure\" he collected with his friends was a pile of dirty cigarette butts.
I got a fright and asked him to throw them in the bin and wash his hands.
\"But it\'s disgusting,\" cried Felix.
People are everywhere on the beach.
His expressions of disgust and confusion illustrate everything.
I remember thinking that it would be shame to have those kids have a reason to clean up every adult of them.
But I know how great he is.
The grandfather of sea explorers and environmental protection Jacques Cousteau would be.
Fifty years ago, Jacques expressed concern about the impact of pollution on our oceans.
He was ahead of the times and was deeply concerned that the industrial chemicals he had foreseen would end in the ocean in an increasing number.
When I was nine years old, my passion for the natural world lit up on my first adventure: traveling along the Amazon with Jacques and my grandmother Simon, during school holidays
My parents are exploring the Amazon jungle.
My grandfather was accused of collecting me for a few weeks on his research ship Calypso as it sailed along the river.
I like every moment of it.
We brought the Piranha back to the ship one morning.
I remember screaming when they were thrown into a narrow wooden canoe.
One more day I had to tipto go through thousands of little frogs with my toes.
When we went ashore to buy bananas, the seller took us to a jungle clearing where his wife was cooking.
I remember sitting on the ground watching the children play with sticks and dirt on their feet.
Those two weeks left a deep impression on my young heart. I, like my grandfather, gave my life to protection.
As a diver, documentary
Manufacturers and activists, I have traveled the Antarctic coastline, tracked the migration routes of gray whales, and made films in Papua New Guinea, Malaysia, South Africa, Ecuador and Peru.
I see rubbish and fishing nets polluting our oceans everywhere.
There\'s no doubt that you \'ve seen it on vacation as well: The coastline is full of plastic debris --
Handbag, bottle, wrapping paper.
I would like to know what impact those kids I see in the jungle will have on our one-time culture.
I know that trying to solve all of this pollution can feel hopeless, especially when you just want to relax during the holidays.
Keeping garbage to a minimum is a hard job, especially if you have kids you have to carry all the extra stuff.
But it\'s important to try for our children.
All it takes to be an eco-friendly traveler is some forward-looking planning.
This is my plastic guide. free (or nearly)
Summer vacation. . .
People say \"there is no room for reusable water bottles in my bag\" but I say \"take a bigger bag \".
You can also purchase foldable, repeatable filling water bottles and bags that are placed where there is no room in your suitcase or beach bag.
If local tap water is not drinkable, you can use apps like RefillMyBottle to find a safe place to refill, which maps cafes and businesses, or at your hotel
Treat every trip like CAMPINGHave, it\'s a rule to take whatever you take to your destination when you leave.
No matter where you go for a holiday, this is a good policy because you usually don\'t know how good recycling work is there or if the garbage is finally dumped at sea.
Always bring your own cosmetics
If you throw away your toiletries after each visit, it can be very wasteful.
Whether it\'s in a small enough filled plastic container or in many plastic containers, you can take it yourself
Free options are available.
You can buy solid shampoo and conditioner strips
Purpose soap is gentle enough to fit your face, deodorant bar, etc.
The airport forces you to carry anyone\'s hands.
Liquid luggage in clear plastic bags-
At least bring your own
Use it every time you travel, instead of taking a new one from the security guard.
Stick to chemistry-
Free sunscreen that does not pollute the ocean when you take a shower.
I use the original elements provided on Amazon.
Look for the word \"Coral reef safety\" on the packaging and buy it in advance so you don\'t make concessions on what the resort sells.
If you\'re going to wash your clothes while you\'re out, consider buying an eco-egg --
This reusable, recyclable plastic ball is available from Lakeland with particles filled with enough clean products to be used for 210 washes, after which you can purchase the refill. REFUSE THE IN-
Many airlines provide a tray of food for each passenger, covered with single food.
Use plastic products.
Sandwich in ecological packaging
Friendly Packaging of beeswax
It tastes better anyway-
Reject your food and feedback the reason to the airline, which puts pressure on them to change.
Ryanair, for example, promised to produce plastic foodfree by 2023.
Egg rolls are the coolest option, don\'t buy lollipops or ice cream strips wrapped in plastic foil or cups with disposable plastic spoons, but choose an edible egg for your ice cream
Go to a professional place
If you really promise, choose a destination that makes great progress in the fight against plastic.
In 2017, Kenya introduced the world\'s most stringent laws on the use of plastic bags.
Anyone who sells, manufactures and even carries plastic bags could face up to four years in prison.
In 2008, all plastic bags and packaging were banned in Rwanda.
In 2015, plastic bags were banned in France, followed by plastic cups, plates and tableware.
Dozens of countries have followed suit, including Zimbabwe and Morocco.
Some cities, including Montreal, Seattle and New Delhi, have their own bans.
Check out your hotel before the Godiva hotel chain tries to reduce the use of plastic.
Visit their website before you book to see if they have a sustainability policy and how robust the policy is.
Before you choose where to eat or drink, don\'t eat any endangered fish and see what customers are eating and go there if there is a more sustainable option.
When dining out, pack reusable bamboo tableware and a sealed plastic bucket --
You can use it to hold any leftovers or street food that may otherwise be packaged separatelyuse plastic.
You can also help the ocean by not robbing the ocean every night --
Over-fishing is a serious problem, so download the ocean conservation association app before you eat fish, this will tell you the sustainability of the fish you plan to grill on the beach or order from the menu and show you the fish to avoid.
Resist those plastic beach toys and resist the temptation to buy plastic inflatable toys, which are used annually only with thousands of tourists abandoned in resorts.
Yes, the children may complain.
But it\'s an opportunity to educate them that these things do harm to their planet.
Remove plastic straws and bagels out of your bartender and there is no need for plastic straws or mixers in your cocktail.
I also brought a metal drink that can be used in bottled drinks-
Of course, choose glass bottles instead of plastic.
Go out for sightseeing with reusable shopping bags in case you pick up souvenirs so you don\'t have to use the plastic shopping bags you\'ll be sure to get.
Stop buying clothes you won\'t wear when it\'s unlikely you\'ll be able to wear them at home, do you really need a couple of new clothes?
Exchanging holiday clothing between family and friends means you can wear different clothes without adding landfill sites.
If you decide to buy something brand new, wait until you get to your destination and buy something there --
At least the locals will benefit from your purchase.
Try to stick to natural fabrics such as cotton and hemp, and don\'t stick to plastic fibers such as polyester.
Tidy up your holiday beach like my son and pick up trash.
You can even check out the international Coast Cleanup website of the Marine Conservation Association, which has a global cleaning list
You can join the project if you are in the area.
Celine Cousteau is ambassador to the tredewright Foundation. for-
Profitable organizations that support more than 50 sustainable tourism projects around the world. www. treadright. org.
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