have your say: a ban on plastic bags?

by:Chengbai     2020-06-02
I\'m a plastic bag activist. Free Godalming.
Can you clarify the definition of biodegradable and biodegradable?
My understanding is that degradation is non-decomposing-that is, the bags are broken down into small pieces of plastic that will remain in the environment while biodegradable (as in BioBags)
It can be completely compost and decomposed without harmful effects on the environment.
Ruth Bolton, goddaming, is absolutely right;
The only advantage of removing bags is that once they are broken down, they do not constitute a waste nuisance.
Biodegradable plastic bags are only better for the environment if they are properly packaged-a situation that hasn\'t happened widely yet.
In general, I bring cotton bags when I shop instead of free plastic bags.
Every few months, I put the cotton bags at home, took the plastic bags, and then I used them as free bins.
Is it better to use plastic bags as bins? Or is there a more eco-friendly way of garbage disposal?
Using bags over and over again by Catherine Richmond, havford West, Pembroke Hill is of course the most eco-friendly option, and it is most important that you do this most of the time.
You also need to control your remaining waste in some way, and I really don\'t think it will make any difference if you reuse your shopping bag or buy the right bin liner.
But be sure to pay attention to those recycled content and not use a larger or thicker bin liner than you reasonably need.
Where can I buy small black bags?
I throw it out so little, three.
The quarter of a standard bin bag is scrap plastic, but due to the smell, I can\'t store the small waste I throw away before the bag is full.
Mary Harris, from London
What do you need is bin padding?
However, some local councils now collect food waste separately, which may be the answer to the smell question.
Alternatively, if you can compost your biodegradable waste, such as vegetable skins, tea bags, and eggshells, you can handle most of the substances that cause odors, which is very good for the environment.
I work in a small children\'s clothing company.
The plastic bags we use are of good quality, 4 p per bag.
I would like to change these to biodegradable bags or paper tote bags.
Can you recommend a source for them at a reasonable cost?
In addition, considering the use of paper Wood and the clearance of large areas of corn starch, which of them is actually the least harmful?
Jane Jones, Knutford, Cheshire about which bags do the least harm, you need to think about what happens after you give the bag to the customer and how it comes from.
Please see my previous comments on the biodegradable drop bags, but in order to avoid causing greater damage than plastic alternatives, paper bags also need to be recycled.
For information about suppliers, you can try www. wrap. org. uk.
I\'m totally tired of the amount of plastic bags that are imposed on me, especially as an Internet shopper.
So I decided to take action with my friends.
That\'s when we found out-a very smart shopping bag.
The bags in the supermarket trolley are sandwiched, helping to organize shopping and speed up the checkout time.
So Geccobags. co.
British birth: a practical luggage company specially designed for supermarkets. Georgina Tuson-Littlewww. geccobags. co.
There are a wide variety of alternatives for disposable handbags in the UK, from organic fair trade cotton to supermarket\'s own living bags.
Thank you for putting together the curse of plastic bags in time.
I am big enough to remember when the supermarket charged for shopping bags.
I can\'t believe they are so reluctant to bring this charge back.
Roger norbles, I can do the same in London (just)
Remember those days!
The fact is that there is no such thing as a free handbag;
Now we just pay them for the cost of the goods.
This is really unfair to consumers trying to reduce the use of handbags-they are subsidizing those who are more wasteful.
The story so far. . .
British stores distribute more than 1 billion plastic bags per month, which is a huge price for the environment.
Earlier this year, Modbury in Devon became the first British town to ban plastic bags, and 80 towns have or are considering banning them.
Now 33 Parliament in London voted to ban free plastic bags from all shops in the capital.
Two weeks later, Westminster Council will submit a private bill to the House of Commons.
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