handbags at dawn (or how thousands started queueing at 2am for a £5 cotton carrier)

by:Chengbai     2020-06-24
It is made of unbleached cotton with handles similar to the length of the old rope, which no one would call voluminous.
But when it went public yesterday morning, it was the real handbag at dawn.
Neither H & M nor Primark have scenes of crazy shopping.
To be more precise, this is the chaos of consumers as thousands of fashion lovers flock to accept the necessities of this season --have -
Shopping bags in Anya Hindmarch.
Slogan marked \"I\'m not a plastic bag-the bag (Reusable cotton
Is part of a campaign to make consumers more aware of the dangers of plastic bags.
Scroll down to see more information. . .
Whether or not the crowds gathered from two o\'clock A. M. have the environment in their mind is questionable.
As the bags began selling at eight o\'clock A. M. , the line-ups were winding around thousands of women and some male buildings, hoping to catch up with Hindmarch\'s creations.
As tensions intensified, a woman was heard declaring, \"You know I\'m going to fight for one of these bags, isn\'t it ? \"?
\"About 20,000 of the bags for £ 5 are on sale.
But there are only a small number of bags in each store, and only the most loyal shoppers have succeeded.
By nine o\'clock A. M. , many stores had sold out and by lunchtime they had sold out in all 450 stores, one of the most unusual fashion bonanzas ever.
Some shopper\'s motivation became clear within minutes of the first bag starting to appear on eBay.
Bids over £ 200 were in progress last night.
Meanwhile, when a limited number of bags were sold last month at the Hindmarch boutique in London, they continued to buy more than pounds worth of bags.
Its \"It\" package credentials are secure when Selected as goodie-
Bag of 2007 guests at the Oscar gala.
Since then, celebrities such as Kayla Knightley, Siena Miller and Lily Allen have been considered the latest products for Gucci or Fendi.
But for those who want to know exactly what makes this plastic bag no better than the next one, the real honor of this bag is in a flash and you will miss the bow that it is located between the handles.
It\'s the logo of Hindmarch. In well-
South Kensington
Threw a stone from Harrods and Harvey Nichols.
When the customer started arriving in a small time, they brought chairs and food.
According to the ticket number, hot drinks and snacks, they form a queue with dignity.
Many of them are in suits ready to go straight to work.
There are bags on the arm.
Anthony Sinclair, 26, a business student from Surrey, arrived at three o\'clock A. M. and wanted to impress his girlfriend.
\"My girlfriend wanted one and I bought it as a surprise,\" he said.
She\'s been hinting at it all the time, so I\'m going home to wake her up with it.
I hope she will be impressed.
\"I like the idea behind this package, but I think this huge queue is ridiculous.
\"It\'s all about style for Elizabeth gregual, a 21-year-old American student, who arrived in a more civilized place. 45am.
\"I don\'t like plastic bags, but it\'s stylish and good for the environment.
Gulnaz Jishi, 25, who works at an investment bank, was surprised to find Miss hindemage signing and vowed: \"I will not sell it on eBay, I will use it when shopping in the supermarket and it looks strong enough.
\"Others are determined not to risk ruining their prize purchases with an unwelcome grocery spill.
\"I know this is an eco-friendly shopping bag designed to encourage people to throw away plastic bags for this greener thing
A friendly choice but the truth is I won\'t, \"said someone. be fashionista.
\"The bottom line is that it looks great and I don\'t want to crush the tomatoes, the eggs are cracked and the milk is sprinkled on it.
\"Apart from that, it doesn\'t fit into a week of shopping and it will look better wearing sunglasses.
\"In Essex, the 27-year-old taxi driver Kirk Spence was woken up by his wife at the age of 4.
I have strict instructions on his dawn shop.
\"I don\'t know anything about this bag, but I know I can\'t go home empty handed,\" he said . \".
Sainsbury\'s was intoxicated with its success last night.
A spokesman said that even models from Twiggy and Erin O\'Connor had asked for luggage.
Hindmarch developed cotton bags with \"We are the sport we do\", a non-profit organization that encourages people to change the world with simple actions every day.
The designer said: \"Our idea is to create something that is really satisfying and highlight ethical issues without real value.
\"It\'s great to see people walking around with this billboard, and I \'ve been carrying my Billboard all the time.
\"When I started thinking about designing it, I realized that I could do something very exciting and have a funny feeling that it would be very popular, but I hope we ordered more bags because my store has been like a call center for the last few weeks because people are really frustrated and they haven\'t been able to get their bags.
\"Statistics show that the average British use 167 plastic bags a year, a total of 10 billion.
But only one out of every 200 bags is recycled, and it may take 400 for plastic to break down in a landfill.
Unfortunately, some people seemed to have evaded the fact yesterday morning.
Some people saw some supermarket staff put the ecology
Friendly shoppers like familiar orange and obvious plastic bags.
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