greg duncan: would you support a ban on single-use plastic bags?

by:Chengbai     2020-06-05
At least three on average.
At any given time, there are big, small reusable shopping bags in the trunk of my car.
This does not include smaller multiples.
Used in a pocket for shopping in SAQ, or three huge Costco bags specially used there.
Oh, there are also some large bright blue Ikea bags that can easily perform double duties as convenient leaves and garden toys.
In fact, there are two sheds hanging in the side of our kes and shovels.
Then, if needed, there is an indoor plastic bag in the grocery store that can be reused in the kitchen and around the house.
Yes, sometimes, these items that are now in dispute will be on their way home from the store.
We have paid 5 cents per person for them so it makes sense to use them again because it\'s hard to get any \"single\"
No matter where you shop these days, you can use the \"package\" for free \".
If the towns in the area are completely banned, it may not be possible to get anything at all in the future.
For example: Town NotreDame-de-l’Île-
Perrot recently said it would support a ban on singles
Plastic bags will be used in its territory in the future. Will other Off-
Towns in the Shamei islands don\'t worry about being single-
Plastic shopping bags may be banned at NotreDame-de-l’Île-
Perrot because I have been using reusable shopping bags for years.
In our house, we have hired 3-
Strategies to reduce, reuse and recycle.
The proposed ban makes sense to me, but others obviously disagree, and the issue can be confusing.
It\'s happening somewhere else.
Brossard has passed a ban on singles. Use the bag in February.
Become one of the first major cities in the province to implement waste reduction measures from the source.
A new regulation banning the distribution of plastic shopping bags will come into effect on Thursday. 1.
Meanwhile, a recent poll conducted by CROP on behalf of the Canadian Plastics Industry Association shows that most Brossard citizens surveyed do not want to ban bags, and they prefer the method of voluntarily reducing bags 3Rs.
According to opinion polls, only 28 people supported the ban on carrying luggage through municipal decrees. The CPIA-
The sponsored poll stressed that \"the secondary reuse utilization rate of the bag is very high (56per cent)
This breaks the myth that thin plastic bags are disposable.
In fact, they are varied. purpose, multi-use bags.
If a resident is forcibly prohibited, as a resident, it will not remove plastic from the waste logistics (38per cent)
A thinner bag will be replaced with a thicker \"kitchen catcher\" plastic bag.
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