fuse plastic bags into fabric

by:Chengbai     2020-01-27
Give plastic bags a second life.
Build fabric for the future!
Here is a photo demonstration of how to blend plastic bags into new recycled fabrics. supply list : .
At least 4 plastic bags.
Drawing or parchment paper. scissors .
Roller cutting blade. cutting board . iron .
Iron ironing board]
Don\'t burn the table! ]
It\'s better to have some ventilation :. respirator . ventilator . open window .
Open the fan setting of the window blowing fume [
Don\'t breathe smoke!
Are they really that toxic?
I don\'t know, but they smell like cakes, so be careful! ]
Cut out two tracing drawings or parchment paper to hold the plastic.
Sheets should be bigger than plastic.
I have 2 sheets for 18 \"x 12.
Protect your desk.
There is an ironing board or ironing board under the drawing.
Cut the plastic bag
The Roller cutting blade is the fastest tool to cut seams, handles and labels from the bag.
Use cutting boards and rollers from parts you don\'t want.
You may or may not want a label.
You need 2-
Make 6 layers of plastic for fusion fabric. Use less [2 sheets]
Create more transparent and flexible fabrics. Use more [4-6 sheets]
Stronger and more durable fabric.
Make the material into a sandwich.
The sandwich should be like this: drawing plastic sheet x? [
Try any number for your project]
The tracing sheet placed on the top of the iron selects the low setting on the iron. The Syn -
On this iron, the manual setting works very well.
Iron on the drawing in the sandwich [see prior step].
Keep the iron moving so you don\'t melt the holes on the plastic.
It usually melts soon.
Peek under the tracing drawings and check the plastic frequently. Voila !
This is a fusion sheet of plastic fabric.
This one has 4 layers of plastic.
It is thick and dense.
You will notice that plastic has different personalities.
Some will shrink soon, while others will merge forever.
Some have textures and some are smooth. That\'s life. . . Have fun!
Have a good day!
Plastic is widely used.
We made a device with all the disposable bags and the rest of the \"thank you\" and we were inspired to make a pair of skirts. Zero waste!
The Breathing Wall reacts to human existence through biology
Glowing inflatable.
This interactive device is inspired by anemones and porpoise to react to the flow of touch and movement.
Made of recycled materials; single-
Use plastic bags to blend together to create inflatable fabrics with organic textures.
The motion sensor connected to the CPU computer fan then responds to motion and starts to inflate the fabric.
In this way, interaction facilitates architecture dialogue.
The Breathing Wall device illuminates the current evolution of the giant plastic island in the aquatic environment-the suspended plastic analog, which actually becomes a new marine creature.
Thank you for your clothes being stylish by a redesigned second life
Make plastic bags
Combine them together to create a new fabric.
Inspired by classic fashion, one is 1920 and the other is 1950.
Thank you for your support-cycling!
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