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by:Chengbai     2020-06-26
In Manyana, a seaside town on the south coast of New South Wales, a group of locals help reduce the use of plastic bags by making recycled fabric shopping bags.
Under the banner of Wiggle ang bag Manyana/Bendalong, the group organized sewing bees in their community hall, where people of all ages (and genders)
Work together to help keep their original community plastic bags free.
Thanks for the dedication, passion and creativity of hard workworking co-
By super hero Jo Power (
In fact, he won 3rd in the recent Shoalhaven City Council \"superhero\" award)
The organization also helps consolidate community ties by bringing people together, working towards common goals and providing a stage for dialogue, friendship and laughter.
In addition to the main goal of reducing the use of plastic bags, all of these are.
The community is very enthusiastic about the project, they use Jo\'s front porch to get off and sew in pieces between sewing bees, which simplifies the productivity of the day.
Friendship, smiling faces and a whole stack of plastic bags survived . . . . . . It is encouraging to witness the implementation of the Bendalong/Manyana rotary bags project.
Thanks to the crew of Joe Bauer, Sheri Cole, Patti battelit, and Ben Delon manaina swing ang pack.
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