eye of the storm.

by:Chengbai     2020-02-19
About a year ago, during the Zero summer tour, zero began to enter the King of the road.
When \"The King of road problems\" passes on the van, it is clear that everyone wants to be part of the next problem.
Called Burnett and it was a deal.
In the next two weeks, the zero team will be affected by the weather, the road, each other ---
And the words \"fair and binding.
\"JACKSONVILLE, the beginning of our trip to the King of the road is equivalent to stepping on a pile of shit about before a meeting.
So we should start with Jacksonville, Florida.
The only problem was that our flight mode brought us straight into the view of Hurricane Charlie.
Through the Grapevine, we heard that Real Madrid will also depart from Florida, but they left two days before the hurricane hit. Great.
We all felt we were late before the trip began.
We didn\'t know it at the time, but this little game with real men will last nearly half the time in the country.
Our flight runs all the way to Houston.
This is the first time that a realistic decision is made.
All flights to Orlando were \"canceled\" in the story --
Cue, which means our only option is to switch to West Palm Beach and then drive the rest of the road to Jacksonville with two rented mini carsvans. OK. that\'s doable.
The problem started when we got to Florida. -
We did not receive a memo on our luggage.
We were stuck there with no luggage and only two skateboards.
Yes, only two people have the vision to put their boardon.
Very professional.
Two boards, two mini
Two hours later, we stopped by the side of the road and opened our KOTR package at 11: 59 p. m. on Friday, August 13.
When Jamie opened the package and went through the challenge, everyone was crowded with him.
Then, we are on the road completely full of vitality.
When we read the challenge, there will be frequent phone calls between vans.
\"Someone must wear a pad a day!
Jamie will tell another van on his phone.
Or, \"Tommy has to be with a 40-year-old!
\"The pool in the backyard looks particularly rough.
No Rattray to help us, we thought we had to work overtime to make up for the blank pool page.
Who else on the zero can do the upside down in the backyard pool?
I don\'t remember seeing this in anyone\'s sponsor. me videos.
At the first waffle house we found, we tasted Jamie\'s favorite delicacy and immediately played the flat trick in the parking lot near the gas station.
We played three little tricks and then went to Jacksonville.
Jacksonville was our first City Challenge, very cold: skating at Kona Park with Mike Peterson and dropping by for the coffin race on the tombstone.
Before going to the park, we had to buy a generator from the black box a week in advance.
If we are all astronauts, the black box is our mission control.
We brought Wiggins back to the box that monitored our progress.
This is definitely a team effort.
On our way to Kona Park, we bumped two things from inside. The-
List of challenges.
First, we found a hitchhiker just five minutes after picking up the generator.
It turned out that Steve had just come out of prison and needed a lift to his angry girlfriend.
No problem. you\'re worth 20.
Steve was uncomfortable sitting in the back corner seat and we started a gray game at 81
Ford size, there\'s a bunlian banner sticker on the back window, and a few Jerry Springer --
Like a teenager in a taxi.
They look like 50 of the perfect ingredients.
Point shows your milk challenge.
Apparently, the $5 cash in the South has helped a lot for a healthy dose.
Natural eye sugar.
We even shot twice because the first shot was not good enough (
Recurring themes in travel).
A minivan missed the whole thing, so Cole had to give us a review: \"If Barney Valls had a proper set of clothes, they would have been like that,\" he explained.
Not sure if this is good or bad. . . .
We entered the Kona parking lot and found Mike Peterson there to greet us.
Even before everyone unloaded the van, Brockman had thrown the car into the tombstone. So far so good.
So far, the highlight of the coffin race is the starter girl in the team that everyone is looking at but unwilling to talk.
The coffin race of the snake running in Kona is cruel.
Even more cruelly, Tommy Sandoval, the poorest guy in the team, lost and had to buy the Kona dog for others.
Jamie won and the new kids in the team lost, which was almost poetic.
This is the first of many of Tommy\'s dues that must be paid during the trip.
Peterson team zero Mike Jackson skateboard Kona challenges a man who has to land on the Kona tombstone with a coffin running on the fallen big snake. . .
The last place is to buy a corner dog for everyone in Atlanta. Our two vans drove into Atlanta at five in the morning.
Make an hour detour through Thomas Ville.
By doing so, not only did we get points when visiting a city with the same name as a team member, but we also got a sample of the ass of two underage punk girls!
When a car carrying two punk girls drove on, everyone was skating at a closed gas station.
\"We need you to show us your ass from the moving ear window!
\"We ordered it.
\"I can\'t pull the dress down because it will wrinkle my socks!
One of the girls complained. \"Who cares! Just charge!
\"It\'s a general reaction.
When used at the right time, the same slogan can push someone to slide the biggest railway and be convenient in other areas of life.
Also, is there a better way to pass the boredom of living in the town at two in the morning than to give two cars of sweaty back Strangers to see your bare ass? I think not! (
Actually need some extra coaxing. -but who cares? Twenty points! )
The next day, we finally traded in our mini
A van of a large Chevrolet van at Atlanta airport.
Jamie\'s friend Joel agreed that he would be our guide and the first place of the day (
Except for Tommy\'s vote), was a ditch. Yawn;
However, just a few minutes later we found ourselves leaving the highway early to check out a 12-stair.
Yes, that\'s what I signed up.
The place is perfect as it has not only 12-
Stairs, but there is also a manual pad and a small eight-stair rail.
While Tommy was skiing on the 12 th, Ellie and Jamie played a few tricks on the 8 th, and Cole and Bodiford completed the entire manual page almost alone. Way to go team.
About an hour later, we managed to finish about 12 tricks.
Just before leaving, Tommy\'s huge dirt gap from the parking lot to the parking lot has reached 80.
When the sun falls low on the horizon, we all shoot into the MLK orbit, where Cole uses 5-
0 kickflip in desire of life.
This place is perfect for 13 tips, plus we can get into the scorecard with at least the most Tipsrails-in-a-row challenge.
OK, we have two bartenders at MLK as everything is down.
After Jamie\'s fifth ride from the barefoot front board, others began to roll away from 13 people.
With Tommy, Ellie, Cole, Brockmann and Jamie each contributing some action, Bodiford\'s ballpoint pen became dry, adding a total of 16 tricks as the scene gradually turned black.
Interestingly, it all happened on the same board, plus Joel\'s Pat board.
Now the night is down and the rain is down.
Walking around the city looking for a track to skate in the rain was useless, so we found an underground parking lot to get the last two tricks that didn\'t land the night before.
Almost everyone sat around and watched Cole try the 360 kick on the back of the switch over and over again.
I think it\'s really frustrating for many of us to see Cole for the first time, but please, the trick came out of hell!
Before his last board was smashed.
Meanwhile, Jamie received a phone call saying that our luggage had finally arrived at Atlanta airport.
In two days, we rode two boards and put on the same clothes and finally got our things.
Before returning to the hotel, we found the last place where Tommy and Bodiford got some last tips for the day.
We have done so much work very quickly and we are sure that we will win the awesome random challenge.
We hardly know that everything will change the next day in Birmingham.
Chris Cole, the starter, did well in the game.
He is the hottest and earnest.
Managed to eliminate most of the more technical levels, ditches and ledge tricks.
It\'s only three hours from where Jamie grew up in dosen, Alabama, and our next stop is Birmingham.
We had three hours to spend in the car, marking more time perfectlyThe-Van Challenges.
With Mobile
The night before, the car punk cigarette butts blocked the way, and we relaxed and warmed a truck driver with a whistle. Silly.
Next, we will try to get an old man to drive us away.
We really worked hard, but the old man in the South seemed so good.
Many of them did not show us their fingers, but gave us a thumbs up with a smile.
People from the South don\'t have your average Mercedes C-Class-
Jamie drove from a Republican in Orange County to try to explain to everyone, but failed.
However, no one can really understand this amazing phenomenon, especially James.
Usually meek Brockman has been insisting on making a laugh \"dump us, old Tucker!
The idea was abandoned after a heated argument, and Jamie was obviously annoyed.
There is no doubt that James took the brand home for entertainment in his own time.
Before we got into town Jamie called Ben Geely and showed us something and introduced us to some potential womenOut Challenges.
We made gold when he called chick. -
Sorry, woman--
The Harley dealer he frequented\"She\'s a 44-year-
Old Red head motorcycle chick! \" Gilley said.
She even agreed without hesitation.
We arrived in Birmingham and hooked up with Gilley outside the faith board.
For those who don\'t know, Ben has a custom Harley that is as rough as he is.
With his exhaust echoing in Birmingham\'s brick house, he took us to a wall-sticking point nearby.
The crew broke up and dropped Ellie off to get a tattoo while the rest searched the town to make pole jam.
We finally found several potential poles in an abandoned section under the highway.
Obviously, the easiest way to do a voting jam is to hit it with a van, but the first impact of the rear bumper of the van is barely bent.
The second blow is to remove from the mark and fold the middle part of the bumper like the packaging of the coolld.
In the third and final blow, Jamie created a perfect sample of Rod jam.
After the meeting, we swayed near the tattoo parlor, just as Ellie\'s last letter of skating and destruction was injected into his bicep.
Remember everything was fine before Birmingham?
Just before we set out to do pole dancing, the real lads stopped to skate with Ben Gilly.
It turns out that Birmingham is also one of the challenges facing their city, and one of the tasks is to slide the railroad with our guide.
They were so eager to skate with Gilley that they actually asked the scouts to look for him in the city.
After nearly a day of searching, they finally found him, and they showed up at faith when we jokingly joked outside. That sucked.
The entire Real team (Except Darrell)
Are business
No one really talked.
They just took a tablet with Ben, slipped for 10 minutes, and then went out.
The last thing we heard was Jasin Phares saying, \"we have something to do.
We have a tight schedule.
\"This is the first time we have been in contact with another team and that moment will change the dynamics of the entire journey.
We never thought about the performance of the other teams, but according to that encounter, it is clear that they may have done better than we did.
Although we have finished most of the book, we still have a lot to do.
Tommy Sandoval is very rough.
He will have his lips on the 20 th and then take a loogie directly to his face.
It was this admirable rough description that made him the perfect candidate for the King of the road.
Is she 44 years old? year-
Harley shop or old motorcycle girl Under 20
There is a shop assistant in the store. the details really matter. In 12-
He\'s single for hours.
All the points in one hand-
Of course, there must be some issues involved in addition to the challenge, but on both occasions, the girl will attend even if there is no necessary ID number.
So this chick is five years older, but there is no photo ID: \"We are all here, let\'s do this.
You just had two girls in Alabama showing you their ass.
Why not wear makeup?
\"You only live once,\" he said . \"
Little Rock saw real men and how serious they were about our sleep time for the rest of the week and a half.
Now, we are all in the typical zero mode: Chew steadily until the rooster sends out the Crow as the sun rises.
So far everyone has adapted well to the evening work.
It\'s a day in Little Rock and everyone seems to be sleepy.
Even though the scene was bad, Cole forced through it in the local skate park to cross some of the deformation techniques.
Then we found a guide who took us to a ditch under the highway.
The ground was rather rugged in 51 seconds, but in a few hours all the ditch tricks were done --again--
Mainly because of Cole\'s tenacity.
On the way back to the truck, Jamie blew the wind for the second time and fell off the roof without much thought.
A quick field Scout will be over, Tommy gets some railroad tricks and Cole comes up with some more moves on a high ledge.
Like the Real team, at this point we are also on a tight schedule, which will result in us going to Tulsa later that night to complete our City Challenge.
Thomas Guide Jamie Thomas is the guiding force of zero on the whole King\'s way.
From driving, directions, contacts, hotels, organizing shots and skating, he does more than humans can do.
If it weren\'t for him, the rest of the team would still be hanging out with Talley in Utah. TULSA YEE-HAW!
2: 00 A. M. in Tulsa, Orama!
Both Peter Ramondetta and Ernie Tortes are from the town, which means we walk down the main street to the real village center.
We have a home advantage in Birmingham.
Now we\'re on enemy territory.
So light them up. -we were out-of-our-
Ladies and gentlemen, our minds are very tired tonight and we have to complete our city challenges.
Driving through the city center, we found the real team van in an empty parking lot next to the bar.
Very tight arrangements!
We pour oil on the flame ourselves.
Jamie ran up and posted a \"zero or dead\" Road King sticker!
Share on it. Why not? Bring it on.
We opened the new city challenge envelope and did three things. -skate a skate-
Verified place to slide off the big railing from Cardiel
Hero ads, do three-
A three-hop board
There are three stairs.
Knowing that the real team is so close, he has the motivation to get back on his feet to get these things done and then get out of there.
In the parking lot where we open the city challenge, there is a flat bar at the bottom of the bank, so people can\'t skate on the slopes.
That\'s what they think. proofed spot. Perfect.
In any case, everyone has found a fun way to skate, but when Cole chooses this way in another manual trick.
At the same time, Ellie got the direction to the Cardiel railway from a random walker.
After eating the snack we managed to find the rail and got in touch with Brockmann and Ellie while Cole and Jamie left to get supplies and build a three-
Three in the morning men skateboard.
We were really lucky that we arrived at the railway so late and the place was closed.
We were kicked out, but until we announced a very important 50-
Something down the pointer.
Everyone regrouped looking for wood and three
Stairs in the city center
Jamie and Cole managed to buy a hammer and nail in 24 hours. hour Wal-
There is also a pad and helmet for later use.
The plan is to simply place the three boards in parallel and then connect them with a few pieces of wood as tangents.
We made a flying wing.
Find three legal ones.
The stairs, the contestants took turns walking until we got a clean ride
A place worth recording.
We have been doing this for a long time.
The lens and the fish eye, do it all the time until things are broken.
Some people say they want an eight.
Stairs, but several times.
Ups makes everyone realize how stupid it is.
I mean, we\'re rough, but not so rough (
Have time to try with your friends).
It is now 6: 00 in the morning, and the sun has begun to rise.
Four hours after we arrived in Tulsa, our city challenge was completed.
On our way out of town we saw the real Van not moving.
On what we just finished, everyone rushed out of the van and took a photo with the real Van, and we couldn\'t help but feel the victory.
Zero Tulsa team, OK challenge skating black 12-
Cardiel\'s \"We Run\" anti-stair track
Hero advertising to create throe-man skateboard.
Three people ride it. three.
Skate shoes, skate shoes
Denver and Carbondale, this is a 10-
The boy was cruel to drive to Denver for an hour.
The favorite topic is to know who our mystery guest is.
Everyone is throwing out possibilities. -
Sean Scheffey, Knox Godot, Andy Roy, Nate Sherwood, Los Angeles grab your board with your toes and simply jump up.
It sounds so simple anyway.
After a disappointing modern attempt
Jamie has a genius idea of making a special board that is more suited to this challenge.
Our custom Gorilla Grip plate was born with several hacksaw slices and some sanding.
Jamie has managed to make an impressive vertical leap of at least a few feet using the sleek cube form of retro design.
For the rest of the trip, we were careful not to let other teams see our special prototype board.
Although Chris Cole took the board home for further testing, there was still no news about whether the shape would be put into production in 2005.
After the game in Carbondale, we drove to Denver that night to try skate Street.
It was clear that at that time the tide was getting worse again.
Everyone is dead.
Although very tired, Brockmann is a champion. I don\'t think he knows some of his skills.
Cole was fired from all his late nights, and Tommy was still powerless in the early fall.
I think Jeff is beginning to understand our purpose.
The next day, we woke up and found the terrible street skating all day.
Cole did not have a break and was completely over at this point.
Somehow he managed to clear his last bit of energy into the blunt push in front and then turn the heel into a paste at 16.
Just as Cole started crashing, Tommy obviously felt a lot better because he came back --
Riding on Cole\'s board, a huge No. 16 car rushed straight out.
Glad you came back Gunz!
16-stair back lip.
We are ready for a big downer in a long form.
Drive to Salt Lake City, Utah.
Even though it\'s on its way to Boise, Idaho for our useless City Challenge, Salt Lake City is a complete waste of time. But who knew?
It was raining most of the time and the Mormon aliens drove us out of all the places.
The only advantage of SLC is Tully.
This is a fact!
Next is the city challenge in Boise, Idaho.
Idaho team zero Boise challenge GERSHON Triggs: Skate Park under the bridge in sweat-proof clothes and sweat-proof bands until you sweat like rain on the Boise River and build a special tube group-
For your beer cooler skating, hub ba ledge Josh Harmony made a skateboard trip without drinking a beer ten days after his Thrace interview with Idaho, completely violating the rules
Boise will be our savior, and Jeff Gross is our sober sponsor of opening natural ice.
Overall Boise was a frustrating stay.
San Francisco is a few hours away. we heard through the grapevine that there is nothing to skate.
At this point in the trip, we are in line with our sleep schedule, we arrive at 6: 00 in the morning and wake up at noonafternoon.
We only have a few city challenges, but we want to get these things done quickly and then go to the strawberry pool in Lake Tahoe.
Fast trip to Walmart
Mart provided us with everything we needed, made us sweat like Gershon, and made a modified beer cooler raft suitable for sailing on the Boise River.
On the way to Walmart.
We happened to pass by the harmonious hub ba, where we quickly slipped.
Gershon\'s tribute looks tough for Jamie.
Just like tearing a delicious fart in a long drive, Gershon tribute was one of the things that looked interesting at first ---
But give it a few minutes and it\'s pure torture.
Jamie hates life and after about an hour he tries to sweat through his fluffy new starter.
Just when Jamie\'s sportswear reaches the maximum saturation, others (besides Grosso)
24-bugging a couple
Natural ice and Budweiser beer.
No one had time to drink until then, and that was part of the challenge.
If there is no beer in our beer cooler float, we will cheat.
But that\'s not how we run.
Most people get wet, 10-
Driving an hour at night to Lake Tahoe was the worst of the trip.
In an interview with Jeff gross, I can\'t explain how our mystery guest Jeff Gross got everyone excited.
He showed up in the second half of the journey to our team.
Need secondary wind
This guy\'s down. to-
The Earth, the funny thing is, the most important thing is, the fucking tear!
We can\'t ask anything more.
His name is Jeff Grosso.
He is 36 years old and a rider on a Red Kross skateboard.
When did you become a professional player?
I turned pro for Schmidt stikes in Mobile, Alabama. That was 1986.
I just had my 18 th birthday and dropped out of high school and did everything wrong.
Who are your main sponsors over the years?
Variflex, Powell Peralta, Schmidt stikes, Santa Cruz, Lucero Co. , Ltd. , which later became a black label.
When will you say your golden years are professional players?
My career is from 1986 to 1990.
By 1990, it\'s all over.
1989 of the time, I was fucking drunk.
My cocaine problem is very serious, too much wine.
I really don\'t arrange the game very well anymore.
I was plagued by injuries because I prefer to go to parties than skating.
But it was very good four years ago.
How did you participate in KOTR?
Phelps suddenly called me and interviewed me about 540 articles in Thrace.
I wrote about 540 in Thrace and he called me back and I was very happy with that.
Then he called and asked, \"Hey, do you want to go to the King of the road ? \"?
\"I even agreed without hesitation.
So you know what KOTR is? Oh yeah.
I was recovering when the first KOTR problem came out.
I haven\'t been reading skateboarding magazine for a while because I \'ve all messed up.
Someone gave me a chance to read and it happened to be the king of the road.
I am very satisfied with it because it makes me very excited on the skateboard.
The whole concept of the King of the road is great.
I\'m like \"Man, what a cool idea, it\'s an honor for the Thrace. . .
Drehobl and M16 boards.
\"So he asked me to do it, and I didn\'t even hesitate.
I thought, \"Fuck it, I totally like it!
\"Then I suddenly understood the whole thing, and I was a little anxious, and I was completely panic-stricken and went crazy.
I called the Black Label person and I thought, \"What should I do? I\'m gonna suck.
\"You have to go,\" they said . \"
\"You have to go when Thrace calls.
That\'s what you did.
\"So I started to try skating and get ready for it.
Then I hurt myself.
I really thought they were going to try to get the old vert of us to learn to jump down the stairs.
You know, let\'s do something we don\'t know how to do.
New people must teach old people and vice versa.
I can\'t do that.
When it comes to this kind of thing, I\'m just completely retarded.
I never sat down and evolved like this.
I never really realized the whole backyard pool thing.
I am not a real skater in the backyard swimming pool;
I never really claim to be good at this kind of thing, but it\'s still better than trying to skate on the street.
My head looks in countless different directions.
I blew my back and lay in bed for weeks.
And then I had those excesses.
Phelps called me back and I thought, \"Look, I can\'t go. I\'m bedridden.
\"He\'s like,\" you\'re going whether you can skate or not.
\"I slipped for the first time two days a month and a half before I got on the plane.
A week ago, I saw an ad about Carbondale in Thrace.
I saw photos of the park on the Internet and then started to get scared because on the internet it looks big, scary and nothing is the same.
I was just skating on my chest until I was hurt
Mini highRamp or something.
I didn\'t slide too much. I was a fat-and-out-of-shape pile.
I\'m crazy, like, \"I\'m going to be bad and they all hate me.
The truck driver in cabendale will hit me.
This is a serious thing! \" Such anxiety.
I called Lance Hill and he had a little control over my anxiety.
So you don\'t know which team you\'re going to be? No.
I called Lance because he was a bit in charge of getting all the old people together and we had an idea.
He said I might be assigned to Real, which is cool because I already know a few of them.
We thought Lance would be on girl, I would be on real, would have ended up on zero, Jason would have gone to almost or something.
I\'m really glad how it worked out.
Don\'t take real pictures, but I see them angry because I don\'t drink and I don\'t drink.
So I\'m glad I ended up with you guys because it would be harder if I was sitting in a van full of pagers.
I can\'t handle this.
I can\'t do well.
Do you know anyone else on number zero? Nah.
I heard about Chris Cole.
I heard his name, but I could never recognize him from the crowd.
He was one of the first people to warm me up.
What do you think when Jamie asks you on the first night after getting off the plane if you\'re ready to go to the bowl at skate park?
Super freaking out!
Lance gave me a reminder before I left Jamie because we never met before. I\'m a fan.
I have been reading skateboarding magazines since I was very young.
Once my entire journey was over, I became a fan in my 90 s.
I was in Carbondale listening to Jamie Thomas and Eric costton talking about their relationship with Tony Hawk professional skaters and I was sitting there, \"Dude, it\'s so cool! \" You know?
I\'m sitting with Eric Coston and Jamie Thomas who have their own company and shoes-
They\'re talking about video games.
I became a fan again and rye has never played a role in video games!
So, except for everything I know, the guys with zero points are rough.
\"He is very cool, but his work ethic is very rough,\" Lance said.
They will work hard to finish their work.
\"He had a very tight boat and it was great.
I came from beer,
This has always been the case with my team.
By the way, I saw us driving so crazy on the wall.
I think the trip will be different and I can skate more and go to some places as well.
But all of this was put on hold because there was still a lot of railroad tricks to do when I got there.
But this is a blower in itself.
I have never seen such a thing in real life.
In fact, they eat big meals, drive, and jump right out of the car.
Like, \"Fuck, why don\'t you just give up the day? It\'s raining.
Get a good night\'s sleep, regroup in the morning and start a new job.
\"But Jamie\'s perseverance has really increased over time.
What are the similarities and differences between this trip and your previous day\'s trip?
We are within the time frame on King\'s Road.
I was very shocked when I got on the bus.
I mean, the day before I laid the hardwood floor
How do you like this rolling?
In Carbondale? Oh man.
I\'m totally scared to roll
In, do not want to do from the beginning.
I know Jamie is leaving all of a sudden. \"Okay, let\'s go.
We\'re going to call everyone back to Denver.
\"It\'s the stupidest thing we do in the rain.
Like, let\'s wait until the worst moment of the day, when the skateboard pours out and falls into this thing.
I\'m eating shit all the time
I\'m a pad guy so I don\'t know how to really fall.
And I can\'t wear mats in the crowd.
I\'m excited about Lance.
I talked to him about it and he said, \"it\'s hard.
\"Once the crowd gathered around me, I looked down there and saw Lance\'s face with a look of fear, like,\" go in this direction!
\"Great, thank you, Lance.
Tommy and a 44-year-old.
What is the roughest?
The story of your time?
You have to ask Dave Duncan, the most hated bitch of my time.
People in Alva always do a good job.
My stupidest story is probably having sex with a chick in the elevator and eventually leading to more sex in the apartment in Leon Stephens (
Former heavyweight champion of the world).
That chick lives with that guy.
How about your first trip to Walmart? Mart?
The place is evil.
Extended home.
The last few days were a blur.
It\'s like our team is a big wind.
Doll, runs very strong at the beginning of the trip, but as we travel every inch, it will slowly unfold.
At this point, we only want to cross the finish line before stumbling towards a complete stop.
To be sure, after miraculously checking all the backyard pool tips of the strawberry pool, no one had a great time.
Sure, there are some highlights here and there, but in general everyone is fried.
Still, our attention shifts from the last trick on the list to trying to get the maximum number of the highest, longest, and most challenges.
We have been in the last few days.
Travel through Saco, San Jose and San Francisco triangle with Whitley, Kyle, Joe Brooke and luggage bags.
Just then, Jamie began a difficult task of compiling the two-week footage into a set of editorial tapes suitable for judgment ---
It was done on every van late at night, early in the morning and almost three days.
Only a handful of soldiers are suitable for the fight, and the only people left with anything are Tommy \"Gunz\" sandwar and zero filmmaker Matt wentberg.
In any case, Tommy will honor Jamie\'s earlier challenge of $500, giving anyone with five of the highest, longest and lowest points.
Gunz took care of some serious things when Matt took care of some kookier challenges.
I\'m going to take a bit of risk, and now again, when Matt wentberg shocked the entire skateboarding world, he got the execution from monfingerflip to boardslide --
Staircase railing of Novato. Wait.
Isn\'t anyone already doing this on the rails?
I don\'t think so, bitch!
The end of the King of the road is almost a few minutes.
Less than an hour from the KOTR deadline, Tommy is rolling away from the biggest fakie ollie in Lincoln town, San Francisco.
Then, for hub ba Hideout, it was a crazy game because Jamie was fiddling with Joe Brooke\'s phone instructions in the passenger seat while making the final tape edit.
We finally succeeded in 7 minutes.
In this way, KOTR is over.
There\'s nothing we can do.
We were told the next morning that we won the road championship.
Everyone has a mix of weird excitement, relief, and not knowing what to do with ourselves, because we don\'t have a list of managing our lives.
Hopefully we can figure this out before we do it again next year. Can\'t wait.
The closer Tommy Sandoval is, aka \"try to die\" and \"Tommy Gunz \".
It seems that he left his best things to the end.
When someone else didn\'t have the energy or health to pass the torch, he got the highest of nine. Longest, Most.
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