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by:Chengbai     2020-06-24
Varanasi: the Varanasi Nagar Negan authorities are finally aware of the task of restricting the free use of plastic bags and have launched a special operation in the city.
In the past three days, VNN has driven in different locations and has imposed penalties on more than 12 plastic bag users, most of whom are shopkeepers.
\"This special event will last at least a week to stop the use of restricted plastic products,\" said VB Singh, a municipal health official, in contact on Wednesday . \".
The drive is doing area wise.
Just a week.
Is driving long enough to stop using plastic bags?
Obviously not, especially when plastic products have become part of everyday life, although due to their non-
\"But in addition to raising public awareness, there will be some inspections of this practice in our exercise,\" health officials claim.
\"It is crucial to take some tough measures to stop the use of plastic, and he noted and added:\" The owner who supplies the goods in restricted plastic bags is being fined, so far, A fine of more than Rs 1,000 has been charged from them.
\"However, he believes a broader public awareness is needed to achieve the desired results.
People should stand up and stop using plastic bags and use other options such as paper bags and cotton bags when shopping, he said.
According to the officials of the regional units of the UP Pollution Control Committee (UPPCB)
It is forbidden to produce plastic bags with a thickness of less than 20 microns.
According to the manufacture and use of recycled plastics, the use of such plastic bags is limited (Amendment)Rules, 2003.
The rules stipulate that no one can manufacture, store, distribute or sell handbags made from raw or recycled plastic bags, which are less than 8x12 inch in size.
No supplier can use a tote bag made of recycled plastic to store, carry, distribute or package food.
Although there is no local record of plastic waste in the city, the Central Pollution Control Commission (CPCB)
Estimated about 4-After 5%
Municipal solid waste by weight (MSW)
It is produced at home.
But according to the urban development plan (CDP)
Varanasi prepared under the National Urban Renewal Mission of Jawaharlal Nehru (JNNURM)
The city produces about 600 tons of municipal solid waste per day.
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