daphne bramham: single-use bag or reusable? the science behind what\'s better

by:Chengbai     2020-01-07
Behind the decision to try to stop the city of Victoria from banning singles is science, not emotion
According to the Canadian Plastics Industry Association, plastic shopping bags are used.
In response to questions about legal challenges, the vice president of the Association for Sustainable Development
President Joe Hruska said a recent study in Quebec \"provides further evidence through science, not because of the emotions that plastic bag bans have had a negative impact on the environment, the economy and consumers.
\"Public policy using 3Rs is more effective
Reduce, reuse, recycling
These measures \"proved to be environmental protection and support for a sustainable economy.
\"These examples are successful because industry/retail works with informed and progressive governments and educate consumers,\" he wrote . \".
Clearly, the Association\'s definition of reduction does not include statutory reductions, and its idea of progressive government does not include governments that pass laws designed to induce people to change their behavior.
This is a strange reaction because it applies to B. C.
The Supreme Court that overturned Victoria\'s Charter has nothing to do with science.
The application argues that the city has no jurisdiction to prohibit retailers from providing their luggage free of charge and requires them to charge at least 25 cents.
Nevertheless, let\'s continue to learn the science and research that CIRAIG/Montreal Institute of Technology has done for Recyc
Quebec was released in December after Montreal became Canada\'s first major city to ban plastic bags. (
The full report is only available in French.
However, Hruska provides rec-Quebec’s four-
Page highlight table and association\'s own two-
Page, summary of the report in English. )
The Association concluded that the traditional, 17-
Micron plastic bags are not only good, but \"superior to all other bags\" in terms of human health, ecosystem quality and resource use \".
This is the \"economic winner\" because it is \"superior to eco-friendly reusable bags, even if plastic shopping bags are used only once.
Somewhere, the full report might say it all.
But even the highlights point to some important findings.
It says the weakness of all plastic bags is that they are \"abandoned in the environment \".
\"Then notice the thinnest (
The best assumption)
The bags \"vary greatly depending on their material\", adding that due to the persistence of the plastic, they \"degrade very slowly (polyethylene).
\"Then, there is also a bag that can be degraded, which has no environmental advantage compared to traditional plastic bags, because it\" is affected by the accelerated crushing of the environment into polyethylene particles invisible to the naked eye, and for a long time in the environment.
\"These are microfibers and microplastics that have been shown in water samples in the Arctic Ocean, and researchers are only now beginning to determine whether they exist in the southern ocean that surrounds Antarctica.
Single conclusion-
It is conditional to use plastic bags better than reusable polypropylene.
This depends on the frequency of use of reusable bags.
If it is used between 35 and 75 times, it is as good or better as a single oneuse one.
Perhaps surprisingly, the bag is an exception.
Matching individual effects-
Using one, it must be used anywhere from 100 to 2,954 times.
Finally, the Quebec study echoed earlier studies in the UK, where the results were similar and drew similar conclusions, but warned
Use traditional single
Shopping and/or using bags as bins
Passenger ships are critical to their environmental performance.
So how about recycling since Hruska praised recycling B? C.
As one of the \"best management and recycling projects in Canada, if not around the world.
General manager Alan Landon expressed his appreciation for hoska\'s enthusiasm.
But he said there\'s still a lot to do for four people. year-old, non-
Profits funded by retailers, manufacturers and restaurants that provide packaging and printed materials to consumers.
One of the initiatives this year is to reduce the number of single people
Use bags that are being distributed.
When asked about the ban, Landon wanted the company to make changes and vague limits on its own, saying they could have unintended consequences.
From his unique point of view, plastic bags are a nuisance.
They themselves are independent and separate from roadside collections and are easily handled. (
By the way, there are 255 warehouses, including drug sites in London, where you can do that.
You can find the nearest one in)
But with the influx of everything else, they are so torn and contaminated that they do not have a market, and they are nowhere to be sent due to China\'s stricter guidelines on garbage imports.
Not only that, but plastic bags and other plastic packages are wrapped around the recycling machinery.
At least two or three times a day, the machine needs to be shut down and cleaned, which increases the cost of recycling undertaken by producers and consumers, he said.
All these troubles, for what? “One-
As described by The Economist --
From the convenience of having a new tote bag every time to one-
Coffee pods are served.
On Friday, an influential magazine published an editorial online stating that plastic pollution is far from the most pressing environmental problem on earth.
But what it does not say is that unlike bigger and more difficult issues such as air pollution and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, solving at least part of the plastic problem is as simple as saying something we don\'t need.
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