da aims to ban unrecyclable plastic shopping bags in western cape

by:Chengbai     2020-06-02
Cape Town-DA-
The Western Cape government has been authorized to pass legislation prohibiting the sale and distribution of non-recyclable 100% plastic shopping bags.
DA\'s West Cape Congress passed the bill on Saturday.
This is the only motion heard in Congress, proposed by James Worth, member of DA, seconded by George Hill, member of DA --Lewis.
Proposal, DA-
The provincial government, led by the Western Cape, has passed legislation prohibiting the sale and distribution of vests
Type the plastic shopping bag unless :-
100% recyclable (
Chalk filling 0%); -
It was recovered by 100%. consumer waste; -Contain 1.
5% biodegradable additives that make them completely biodegradable under appropriate aerobic or aerobic conditions, assuming that such additives that meet specific requirements are readily available in SA.
The bill also suggested that the West Cape passed legislation to impose a provincial tax on plastic shopping bags.
\"We will be the only province that has proposed such progressive legislation,\" Vos told Congress before the vote . \".
Vos said the motion was the result of the work of a research group, including negotiations with the industry. Hill-
Lewis said they had drafted a bill to implement the motion.
The bill says less than 1% of the 0. 35 billion plastic shopping bags purchased each year in the Western Cape province are recycled.
\"Instead, they end up in a landfill, or blown out of a garbage bin or garbage truck --
Blocking rain pipes, getting stuck in trees, or littering on rivers and beaches-these are very undesirable results.
\"In nature, plastic breaks down into smaller pieces, but doesn\'t disappear completely-it doesn\'t break down and pollute our food and water,\" the motion wrote . \".
Over the past 15 years, more than 20 states have passed legislation prohibiting or significantly reducing the use of plastic shopping bags, the most recent being Kenya, where, the full prohibition and severe punishment for violations came into effect on September 2017.
Other countries include Rwanda, Tanzania, Morocco, Malaysia, Mauritius, Seychelles, France, Italy and China.
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