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custom non-woven bags eco-friendly leading manufacturer for packing

custom non-woven bags eco-friendly leading manufacturer for packing

Custom non-woven bags eco-friendly leading manufacturer for packing

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Zhejiang Province
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Priced well, and useful to carry milk and diary products in the Austin summer.
Best bags ever. Back to buy more. You don't have to hold them open to fill. They have a firm bottom and firm sides, you can stack them. They fold up great. Buy them! It will be the last bag you have to hope is perfect, because these are perfect!
These bags are great grocery bags. I always get comments from the baggers that they are so easy to fill. They are also great just to have in the trunk of your car for things that you want to have secured a bit for transport. The bags are very sturdy and I think they will last a very long time.
Product is as described. It would be better if it had smaller handles on the sides, but otherwise it is a good product.
These bags are great. Wish I had these years ago instead of the regular cloth reusable grocery bags that I used to use. I love how: -They fold flat when not in use and stay closed with the little built-in magnets -They will stand up straight and stay open while packing due to their rigid sides -They hold a LOT of stuff -They seem very durable
I keep these collapsible bags in my SUV trunk. Keeps objects from rolling around or scattering in the back of my vehicle. Quick to set up and the bottom of each bag is attached and folds out with ease for quick use. Great item and I think I got it during a flash sale or something like that so the price was also right.
These are fantastic. I am confused as to why anyone reviewed these as being small. They are good size, very well constructed, and convenient as they fold down flat when not in use. They are also sturdy enough to stack. I will be purchasing more of these to give as practical gifts.
I was concerned about the strength of these bags but, they are well made and easily hold the heavy load given them. I am transporting 4 2" notebooks that are filled to capacity. The carrying straps are stitched from top to bottom making them durable. These bags are a happy find.
I've purchased so many of these types of bags and they never hold up - but these are super sturdy and well made - I love them!! Great product.
I have separate bags for (1) groceries and (2) delivering boxed layer cakes (that I decorate). They are sturdy and can be bumped and cakes stay safe. Worth the price for three.
These are amazing, they have been great for packing food and towels for the lake on weekends. When we get to the lake, unpack groceries and the totes are easily stored! I can fit about 2-3 plastic grocery bags full of food into the reusable totes!
I use these every time I go to the grocery store and they have held up perfectly! Would definitely purchase again
bright enough to stand out and remind me to pick up out of the car when going in, freezer bag as expected, only a little smaller than expected but thats on me for not using a tape measure to visualize size. Probably size I really need, since you have to carry what you put in it. It was a fun present to break down for three people, unexpected and always usable.
They are sturdy but collapsible and easy to store in the car trunk. We use these every time going grocery shopping and to the warehouse stores.
They are the perfect grocery bag. Even the guy bagging my groceries commented on how he had never seen a more perfect reusable bag. Two of them fit perfectly on the shelf he was using to bag stuff. They also hold a lot. I will definitely be repurchasing.
I use these bags for all my cleaning supplies and towels. I get compliments all the time too.
Bought these for my mom so she would have some sturdy shopping bags for the days her flimsy dollar store reusable bags just don't hold up. These are absolutely fantastic. We can fit six two liter sodas in a single bag and the straps hold up great. I've been very happy with them and so has my mother. Worth every penny.
These bags are great...they look small but hold a lot of stuff.......makes shopping easier and I'm not stuck with all the plastic or paper bags from grocery shopping.
These fit in an average shopping cart. They're easy to pack, carry, store! Plus, out here in California…where we have to NOW pay for our bags…these are a curiosity…Expect more sales!!!
I really like the look and feel of these bags...they will hold up to 30 lbs and my Instant Pot just fits it! A++
Great cooler bag, I brought it with me to Mexico. It kept drinks semi cold on the beach.
If you're considering these bags- pull the trigger and get them! You will not regret your purchase. I love these bags! I researched and took way too long to decide on these. I was worried they might not be as great as expected for the price (compared to many reusable bags you can get super cheap). I'm thankful I purchased them because they are fantabulous!
Love this! It's the only shopping bag that doesn't fall or move in my trunk while driving. It fits a lot of things too! Three is enough for my weekly grocery shopping. The quality is great! Highly recommended!
Roomy grocery bags. Stand up, don't fall over. Like the designs. Since my grocery trips are close to home, I don't use freezer blocks to keep food cold. Gave 2 to my daughter. They are cheaper at WalMart.
Great, sturdy bags. Got the blue. Love them.
These work for my grocery shopping far better than unstructured bags. Makes loading and unloading in the car much easier.
I loved how sturdy the bag was and loved that it stands right up by itself without collapsing and the fact that it was able to hold one gallon milk and other items without falling apart. I also love that I can pull the bottom up (it's attached to the bag itself which means I won't lose it) and fold it flatly and put away for easy storage. I am encouraging friends and family to bring their own reusable bags to shop with and will recommend this product for sure!
I love that these stand up on their own. That is a valuable feature. The bottom folds up so they fold flat for storage. You can't load them full of groceries or they are too heavy. Even still, they are great. They don't fit in a cart all that well when full, but I still like them better than others I have seen. I use them for much more than just groceries.
These bags have been a life saver! They are extremely durable and everyone wants them when they see them! They hold a lot of things and make the bagging process so much faster at the stores!
Love these bags for cold stuff. Amazing how much stuff it hold and totally sturdy construction
These are so heavy duty and work great! The entire thing is hard and when the bottom is in, it helps the bag stay open and sturdy! They do have a funny smell to them. I had to air them out before I used them.
I had a mishmash of bags; different sizes, etc. I was always unhappy with the way they were filled by the bagging people. They often fell over and spilled in the trunk. Once, frozen shrimp spilled out and remained undetected for days. Ugh! These are great! Compact and easily stored in my trunk; easy for naggers to quickly pack; steady in the trunk on the drive home. Thank you. They're brilliant!
These are great! I actually recommend buying three sets of three as you can use one bag to hold the other 8 really easily. I paired these with some of the Brotrade reuseable mesh produce bags, plus a pair of insulated bags I already had. I'm all set for any trip to the grocery store. I might even get some of these to hold in reserve for when a bag or two eventually wear out, though I don't see that happening any time soon.
These bags are fantastic! Great alternative to using plastic! Love them! They are sturdy & practical for groceries of any kind! Would definitely recommend to any and everyone!
I absolutely love these bags. It makes it so much easier when it comes to organizing groceries and especially when it comes to carry them into the house. They’re box like so you can put them anywhere without worrying the groceries rolling around. I could have a cart full of food and fit all of them in these three bags. They’re amazing. Sturdy. And fold up for easy storage, as if they weren’t useful enough. Definitely satisfied with this purchase.
These are sturdy & stackable! I have loaded them to the point that they should've broken - but they didn't! Should've bought these sooner!
I LOVE these box shopping bags!! As someone else wrote I saw someone in line with them and asked where she bought them. : ) They fold up really nicely and open to a nice size square which fits a lot of groceries. They will or can be used for other things also. Nice that they sit in the truck and everything stays in place.
I love these bags. They can carry so many groceries, I get a weird amount of compliments on them, they're minimalist, and take up a minimal amount of space in my trunk.
These are awesome!! I've primarily used them for shopping but they are wonderful for anything else. Very strong and the flat bottom makes packing the groceries and moving them easier.
These are very nice, heavy-duty shopping containers. They hold twice as much as the ordinary plastic shopping bags and they are very yt? Durable - no tearing. They sit in the car and prevent products from rolling around and damaging sensitive fruits and vegetables. I love these collapsible box containers. I see a time coming when stores will not be providing bags for purchases and I'm ready.
As described
They were thinner than I expected but they do the job and the price was reasonable.
For the price you are getting basic garment bags. They aren't long enough to hang a long dress without rolling the bottom. The material is pretty thin, but if you're just looking for a cheap solution to storing garments it is good enough.
These are nice better than expected, buy 'em.
good for suits and very handy
The garment bags are way too big for S or M blazzers. The shoe bag works perfectly fine though.
You can fit at least two coats in one bag
Works for organization.
I used these daily for 4 months. I was litterally living out of them. They have held up really well. I have not had any issues
Well made durable cleanable practical product for transporting dress wear
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