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custom non-woven bags eco-friendly leading manufacturer for daily necessities

custom non-woven bags eco-friendly leading manufacturer for daily necessities

Custom non-woven bags eco-friendly leading manufacturer for daily necessities

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Zhejiang Province
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Product Details
With the pursuit of excellence, Chengbai is committed to showing you unique craftsmanship in details.Chengbai is certified by various qualifications. We have advanced production technology and great production capability. cotton bag has many advantages such as reasonable structure, excellent performance, good quality, and affordable price.
Company Advantages
1. Chengbai reusable shopping bags has been tested in many aspects, such as user interface options, display options, additional output options, and environmental parameters.
2. This product features the desired softness. The fabrics used have been chemically treated by changing the fiber and the surface performance to achieve the ultimate soft effect.
3. Zhejiang Chengbai Eco-friendly Science And Technology Co.,Ltd's technical security and R&D capabilities are first class in the industry.

Company Features
1. Zhejiang Chengbai Eco-friendly Science And Technology Co.,Ltd owns big factory to manufacture non-woven bags, so that we can control the quality and lead time better.
2. With advanced production machine and skilled workers, our non-woven bags is of high quality.
3. We pride ourselves on our commitment to operating ethically — we hold ourselves accountable for the impact we make and the influence for good we can have everywhere we do business. When we are achieving our business growth, we ensure our impacts on the environment is minimized. We have already adopted the newest production technologies to lower production waste and pollution. We are willing to make great contributions to the global environmental protection cause. We are incorporating measures to lessen the environmental impact throughout all levels of our business. Our commitment to customers is to be the best, most flexible supplier, with the capability to adapt to changing market demands.
Phenomenal! Life changer.
Durable and easy to store
I have had these tough shopping bags for several years. I've hauled canned goods, gallon jugs, frozen items and never worried about the bag ripping. These are stiff enough that if you fold the opening back around all four sides, it will stay open while you bag groceries. They are of heavy fabric and don't slide around in the back of the car on your way home. 5 stars!
These are super tough, fold flat, and hold a ton. As a matter of fact, they hold more than I can lift, so I’m glad they came in a six-pack! The bottom panels make them sturdy and square so things stay as you stack them, and they fold up nicely taking almost no room in the trunk. Everything as promised and just what I was looking for!
Best reusable shopping bag I've used. My wife loves it as well. Very sturdy. I've placed a pair of 15lb weights in them and they hold up as advertised.
I bought these bags on a whim because Amazon had a lightening deal on them. I intended to use them to transport food on trips, but quickly realized how useful they are for regular grocery trips. These bags hold A LOT of groceries - I estimate each bag holds two regular grocery bags of food. They are insulated and the best part - they zip close! You dont have to worry about your grocery bag falling over during the drive home and spreading your eggs and cantaloupe and whatever all over the place. I also am happy with how the insulated interior of the bag is easily wiped out. Did your chicken leak into the bag during the drive home? Just wipe out with a disinfectant wipe! These bags are now part of my regular grocery runs and they work great.
I love these bags! They are great when doing errands and you have several stops to make. I even took cold stuff on a 300 mile road trip in 90 degree weather in the trunk of my car and everything arrived as if it came straight out of the refrigerator.
These bags appear well-made and sturdy. I'm an artist and jewelry-maker and I bought these for storing and carrying my merchandise to sales venues. I believe they will work well for that purpose. The fact that they're basic black and professional-looking rather than cutesy is a plus.
I really like how sturdy these are and how they fold flat. We use them for packing groceries for vacation and they work great!
I mainly bought the Planet E Reusable Collapsible Boxes 3 Piece Set to use for a variety of purposes around the house. They come in handy for sorting small gifts or stocking stuffers at the holiday time. I haven't used them for groceries, but they are well made and have a sturdy flat bottom for support.
If you go grocery shopping or anywhere else these bags can hold it ! I had10 cans and it held them plus I didn’t see the handles pull hard like some cheap kind. Worth the money !
Best reusable bags ever! So sturdy and fits so many items. The checkout people tell me all the time how they are their favorite bags. I gave these out as holiday gifts this year. A must get!
I use them every week when I go to the grocery store. I did notice that one of the bags is starting to come apart at the seam, but otherwise it doesn't stop me from using them to the max. I love them!
Every time I use these, I always get complimented by the clerks that they are their favorite bags. You can fit so much in here and it saves on using the plastic bags. I was able to get 2 six-pack gatorades along with some cans of soup into one of the bags with a little room left over (of course it was a bit heavy to lift.) Definitely worth the purchase. With the three of them I can get almost a full cart of groceries into them.
Very nice
Great for the grocery store.
Very handy for shopping and car travel.
Reasonably priced, sturdy and durable. The bags stand on their own for ease of filling and emptying. Handles are strong and long enough to hang from your shoulder.
Love these totes - now if I could just remember to put them back in my car after emptying them. :)
bags are great sturdy, they fit quite a bit of groceries love them
LOVE LOVE them!!!! Fabulous, a must needed item when shopping, just be careful to not overload them. Not that they collapse or anything but you can't lift them.
These are so convenient. Take them everywhere I go. Use mine a lot. Purchased some for my daughter and my mom. They were very pleased to get them
I hate using the bags at the store and wanted to find something that I could take with me. These bags are great. There are different sizes depending on what you are wanting to put in them. I never like buying the whole bag of grapes so the smallest bag works perfect for that. At check-out I had her put the metal tag off to the side because well... it did weigh some. The string is long enough that she was able to put the tag on top of the scale part so it was not included in weight. I will say however, these stunk really bad when I opened them. They immediately went into the washer. They did wash well and my plan was not to put them in the dryer but my husband had other plans and put them in the dryer. They held up and are going strong.
For the price they are not bad. Won't hold up over long period of time but perfect for a trip to Disney.
love these bags. the box boys love them more. tough and hold a lot.
Love these thats all I got to say.
Very well made for long term storage, but too thick and heavy to put in a suitcase. A bit too long for a suit bag too and drags the floor in my closet. But... it is very sturdy and should last for years.
I really like these bags. I like how the bottoms pull up, but not out to fold flat. I like the durable handles and the shape. They're very easy to load. I do wish they came taller, too short since I shop for a family of 6. These are more for a quick trip, or small family.
These bags are fantastic! I am so happy with this purchase. They are sturdy, durable and are bigger than the average grocery bag. They fold up easily and hold a serious amount of weight. Great purchase, great price!
This item is as described. Overall, very good quality. Not sure how long these will hold up, but depending on the use, I believe will last for many shopping trips. I would recommend.
My groceries would slide around so much in those plastic bags, they would end up all over the car. These bags have just enough rigidity that they keep your groceries secure while you are driving, and carrying them into the house. I wish I would have bought these years ago.
Very pretty and definitely re-useable. Note if presents are rectangles/squares (like books), while they fit in the bag, it can be hard to close the drawstring completely, so you may want to use a larger bag than "needed"
So happy I bought these. I get so sick of using those plastic bags that stores provide for produce. And I'm also glad that I bought the set with three sizes - things like kale and leeks are not easy to put in the small or medium bags. Couldn't be happier!!
I was very happy with the product I will definitely buy more
UPDATE March 2019! Still adore these bags after 6 months of weekly use and so do the cashiers and baggers where I shop as they stand up and are easy to load. They hold ALOT, stack easily in the cart when I need them all (I have 6 and have yet to need more), and I have yet to have any problems with them at all. I have recommended them to everyone, especially here in IL now that they are going to start taxing plastic bags. I would definitely buy more as I continue to also use store pickup and they are happy to load directly from their carts to these bags in my car instead of bringing them out in plastic bags. Love these! I've been taking them for grocery shopping and they are so cute, strong, and easy to carry and store.
So cute! Heavy duty and perfect for my cold items on the long car rides home frame the grocery.
Hi there, I think just a packing mistake but I bought 2 packs of 12 but one back only had 11 in it. I hope the replacement gets to me on time for my party. But great quality item though.
Pricey but it's worth is
Love these as they are more structured, which makes them easier to use and supports heavier loads well.
I love this product so far! I would recommended to anyone:)
Way more efficient than regular reusable bags. The square shape, and collapsible bottom panel, allow for outstanding utilization. Two are enough for 80% of my grocery trips. And, rigid enough for excellent stability in the trunk of my car. No tipping!
Love them!
I bought these to pack up food and items that we take back and forth to the lake when we go. They are durable cloth, and I especially like the extra partition that you can lower to reinforce the bottom for heavier loads. I would buy these again!
So I bought these for my late Summer and Fall crops. I have my blackberry bushes in them now. I absolutely love these. Truly! They're durable, well made and totally affordable.
I was skeptical these would support my large pepper plant when they first arrived, but after filling them up with enough dirt to fill up a bag, they became solid. It was a little messy transferring dirt and plants over since they're fabric and don't stand up straight, but once they have enough stuff in them, they maintain shape and support the plant well.
They Hold up good.
great bags-food wont roll around in the back of your car.
One of the zippers broke on the 2nd use.
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