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custom non-woven bags eco-friendly leading manufacturer

custom non-woven bags eco-friendly leading manufacturer

Custom non-woven bags eco-friendly leading manufacturer

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Zhejiang Province
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Material: NON WOVEN
Availability: OEM, ODM, OEM/ODM
Application Scope
The reusable shopping bags produced by Chengbai is widely used.With a focus on customers' potential needs, Chengbai has the ability to provide one-stop solutions.
Product Details
With a focus on product quality, Chengbai strives for quality excellence in the production of non woven bags manufacturer.Chengbai is certified by various qualifications. We have advanced production technology and great production capability. non woven bags manufacturer has many advantages such as reasonable structure, excellent performance, good quality, and affordable price.
Company Advantages
1. The materials performance tests of Chengbai non-woven bags have been completed. These tests include fire resistance testing, mechanical testing, formaldehyde content testing, and stability testing.
2. Its quality is guaranteed with the stringent observation of our quality controllers.
3. Highly customizable is one of the advantages that our customers like. They can add printed logos or graphics to the product in different ways.

Company Features
1. Zhejiang Chengbai Eco-friendly Science And Technology Co.,Ltd is a renowned manufacturer and supplier of reusable shopping bags. We have accumulated years of experience in production.
2. Different mechanisms are provided for fabricating different non-woven bags.
3. We will treat sustainable development in a serious way. We will spare no efforts to reduce waste and carbon footprint during production, and we also recycle packaging materials for reuse. We never stop improving customer satisfaction. We will always put the principles of customer first and quality first into practice. We will maintain the quality, integrity, and respect for our values. It's all about producing world-class products designed to improve our customers' business. Please contact us! With years of foreign trade, we can handle the customs declaration process smoothly and timely arrange local transportation to ensure on-time delivery for customer’s shipment. Please contact us!
I bought these for my daughter. She says they are perfect and just the right size for her grocery shopping needs. They hold their shape when upright which makes filling and unfilling them easy, They can also hold heavier items like a gallon of milk for example with no problem. So far she is extremely pleased with these bags.
Use theses all the time for toting different thing. Can hold a lot of weight.
These are wonderful and convenient - I keep them collapsed in my trunk. They also make very nice gifts.
These are very nice. They will hold many items, yet fold flat for storage.
Love these bags - purchased them to go in to a shopping cart that I purchased for my mother-in-law. They were too big for her cart, so I'm giving them to my daughter and her boyfriend for Christmas. They are wonderful! Purchased another set that hopefully will fit in the cart.
I love these. I love that they are hard walled compared to bags. I use these every day! Great buy. Long handles.
Excellent. They are large and sturdyband holding up to the test. I am happy I purchased these.
Works great, saves many trips from the car to inside the house when I have been grocery shopping. Glad I purchased them.
helps keep the cold items cold
As with the insulated bags, I used these instead of wrapping gifts, put inside and cover with tissue paper. GREEN
Believe what you read here...everybody LOVES them! And thanks to many of the reviews, I got mine at Walmart for $4 each. I love a bargain on a great product, don't you? ;)
I have taken these to the store several times now and they are beyond amazing! They're really durable, hold pretty much the equivalent of two plastic bags, and are very convenient. It took me a few times to get the system down by using these, but I have it figured out now. The cashiers here are in love with them, and ask where I got them every time I check out. My only recommendation- if you shop unaccompanied, I wouldn't take them to a huge store like Walmart, where they use a spinning bag system. I'm willing to bet they won't like these and will back their lines up too much trying to figure it out and sort. I take them to Farm Fresh, where they often have baggers available, and I also get a discount off my total for each bag I use of my own. I added a photo from one of my larger shopping trips. This is almost an entire cart full, loaded into 4 of these bags, which as you can see stack very nicely :) I made a trip yesterday, overflowing cart and still barely filled 6 bags. I ordered two packs of three, but you can honestly make a lot happen with only three!
Have been using them since 2014, which, as of the writing of this review makes it a little over 2 years. So I've had enough time with them to really be able to get all the pros and cons. Pro: the size is just about perfect, not too big and not too small for most of the normal family shopping needs the shape is actually better than many other bags on the market, many other bags are too tall and/or not wide enough the collapsible feature makes it very practical, when not in use these are simply folded and put in the trunk out of the way the sides are rigid, so, even when not full, they still stay put in the trunk the color is very practical, doesn't show dirt, so I only need to spot clean occasionally I actually even really like that this particular set comes in 3, because it usually ends up being just right for my normal shopping trips, and when you set all 3 in the trunk, they add to each others stability (the bags don't slide around even in a large SUV trunk Con: So far the only thing I wish was different is the fact that you can's throw them in the wash. I kinda wish there were some sort of zippers that would allow for removal of the rigid parts for laundry. maybe pro, maybe con: they are conversation starters, back when I just got them, every time I would go to the store, I would get the checkout clerks commenting on the bags. In all fairness, it has gotten better now that most of them have seen the bags more than once, because I usually shop the same few stores. But I still get the occasional comment like: "Hey, these are cool, I like that they stand up and I don't have to hold them with one hand... " This is not a bad thing per se, but for someone like me (an introvert who occasionally just doesn't necessarily feel like doing a lot of talking), it can be either good or bad, depending on the day. Bottom line - they held up very well over the two years I've had these, but if they ever wear out, I will be buying another set. Unless they come up with a washable version, then I will be buying those.
I bought these boxes to use as organizers for a 7-hour road trip with three kids. Inevitably, 30 minutes into any car trip, they've kicked off their shoes, decided it's too hot for a sweater and thrown it on the floor, and piled snack wrappers and devices on top of those. Cars are already chaotic enough on a road trip without stuff being EVERYWHERE and me having to contort my body to twist around from the passenger seat and grab things off the floor for them. I wanted something semi-sturdy so that their toys/devices/snacks wouldn't tumble out and could stay in front of their respective places, but also wanted them to be able to store away when not in use, so these were the perfect fit. They collapse down nicely for mostly-flat storage. Since I didn't use these for their intended purpose, I can't speak to their grocery toting abilities. But based on how they stood up to a bunch of kid junk and food, I'm willing to guess they'd be good for groceries too. We toted them from the car to the hotel room each night and morning, so I can say they do seem well built even down to the handles and carrying straps. The support piece is on the thin side, so while it provides a structured base for normal light use, not sure you'd want to lug gallons of milk in it or anything too heavy.
I love these totes and get lots of complements on them when shopping! They hold a lot of stuff. I even use them as my shopping basket while shopping, not just to carry out all of my purchases. I would give these 5 stars except that they have a cardboard core that can easily get wet in the rain, if you try to wipe it or if anything is wet or spills. When it dries, it is wavy and never straight/flat again, but still works. I wish they would use a more water reisistant core to give it shape. Also, the 'fabric' part is made of a less than durable fiber, it is starting to wear from rubbing after a lot of use. Also, if this 'fabric' were made of a more woven material, similar to a blue utility tarp, you would be able to wipe these totes clean, which is a must with lots of use.
I have no idea why people use bags. I love these they are very great quality, the fold up and are very compact. I am single so I leave them on the floor of my front seat and everytime I go shopping I bring one or two folded boxes with me in the store. If I am going grocery shopping I bring them all. I keep one empty so when I arrive at the checkout I put the empty one first on the counter and then the other ones follow behind. Then the cashier just has to empty one box to the next - easy as pie. Then when I get home - easy as pie - I put away my groceries. One box for produce, one box for canned and bagged items, etc. The one I use for meat -I line with plastic bags (I know, I know) but what are you going to do to not contaminate your shopping box with the meat juice/drippings. I do use plastic bags for that. But since using these boxes I hardly ever use any other plastic bags so I feel I am helping the environment and making my shopping so much more easier. You will love these.
I’m a mama of 3, a military spouse and a small business owner. These awesome bags stand up to any demand I have of them - including being with us through an in-town move!! They are very pretty, neutral high-class color, and study handles which keep impressing as I load them with heavy things. We use these for almost everything: beach trips, picnics, travel luggage, grocery/shopping runs and even storage in closets. It’s a great product. I’ve ordered 3 sets! It’s also great how they fold into one which makes it easy to transport and keep neat in the back of the vehicle.
I have used these for months now & they are perfect! Love that their recyclable & it doesn't cost you durability either cause I've used these harshly for very heavy items & groceries & they don't even have wear on them. Easy to fold & store in the small storage space in the back of my suv. I loved them so much I bought more after the using the first set just to have plenty to use for other things. They have impressed me with the weight I've put in them & the straps have held up great as well. You won't be disappointed!
We love these bags! I love how they fold up and can easily be taken to the grocery store. I love how much can be stored in them. I only take 2-3 to the grocery store for our weekly trip and can fit everything we need in them! I want to order another set so I have plenty of them while they're still in stock!
These bags are great!!! I bought them because we go out bottling and camping and it’s a struggle fitting everything. I use one to put all plates, cups and utensils. A second one to put dry food like chips, bread, etc. and the cooler for salads or cold sandwiches. They stay in place so I don’t have to worry about things tipping over and roiling away.
i get more compliments on these from employees at the grocery store! super easy to pack and carry into the house. This is an investment, not just an item I will use a few times. I plan on keeping these until they are no longer working… which i believe they will last a long time
These are fantastic for grocery shopping -- they hold so much compared to plastic shopping bags, and their rigid design lets you really pack/stack items to minimize the number of bags needed for one trip. If you do it right, one of these will easily hold 2-3 plastic bags worth of stuff.
Really like these. They are the perfect size. They fold flat so I can leave them in the car.
Every time I go to the store I bring 1 of these bags with me. The are great and carry a lot weight
These are great for grocery shopping or just to store stuff in. They fold flat, but have a sturdy bottom and sides and can hold a lot of weight. Nice long handles. Items stay put in the back of your vehicle and don't roll around or roll out like they do in plastic bags. When open, they measure 13X10 inches and 11" tall.
This is my second batch of these. I use them for more than groceries! I'll probably end up ordering three more - for a total of 9. They are large and hold a ton of groceries (if that's what you use them for). They are also sturdy and durable.
I looked for bags that would be easy for the grocery store checkers to use - no sense making their jobs harder! These are a hit, and they hold a lot more than I'd think they would.
The best for everything. When at the grocery store baggers and cashiers love them. They hold lots and are very easy to pack. We use them for camping to carry supplies. We use them as book bags. Can't think of enough ways to use them. Always get compliments and asked where to buy them.
Great for my groceries. The flat bottoms work great to keep bags open while putting in groceries. They are sturdy and easy to carry.
I love these bags. They are available for $4 from Walmart. I have been using these filled goodies for thank you gifts and I think people like the bag more than the gift itself!
This grocery bag is god’s gift to the world for people who have to lug tons of groceries. Thank you!
Kind of small but they do the job. Now if I would just remember they're in the trunk.
These are great. Structure allows for them to be packed with stuff, easy to carry in store for quick trips, and can be kept in the car compactly.
Like that it is hard-sided but the handle rivets fall off pretty quickly after first use.
You can fit a whole cart in 2/3 bags, without crushing you items! Very well built.
well made
Love these bags! Great quality. Planning on buying more!
I love these bags. Grocery clerks always comment on how easy they are to load and carry. But I use them for a lot more than groceries. For example, taking hot dishes to pot lucks or towels etc. to the beach. And because they fold flat, they are easy to store in my trunk.
Best purchase ever! I save from using so much plastic with these. They are sturdy and can fit a lot!
Love them they hold a ton
The only bags that you will ever need to take for groceries. Even the baggers at Publix just love these heavy duty bags. Fit in carts and you can put very heavy bottles and still carry them.
Love them
Like that they fold up & that the bags are strong enough too stand up on their own when being used.better than other reusable bags that I have used.
very good
Very sturdy,
These are perfect. They are nice and big and all sides are enforced with boards. They are exactly what i was lookin for.
Could be a little more affordable.....
Love these bags! So convenient and roomy. Arrived in one day.
Perfect size if you are grocery shopping for one.
I love these bags and so does every cashier who I hand these bags to. They love them! They even thank me for handing them a bag that doesn't collapse! They pack a lot of groceries too. Only problem for me is that they're pricey. Otherwise i would order more.
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