craft ideas for recycled items such as plastic

by:Chengbai     2020-06-23
The plastic coffee can be either a drum or a memory time capsule.
In addition to these crafts, they also made good recycling storage containers for craft supplies.
To make the drum, you can stick the building paper with glue outside the jar.
Let the children decorate the building paper with stickers or drawings.
Cut a tan felt or other recyclable cloth and cover it.
It should overlap the edges of the Cover 2 1/2 on all sides.
Stick the cloth to the lid, then tie a rope or rope outside the lid to hold down the edge of the cloth covering it.
Stick similar ropes or ropes to the bottom of the drum.
Sticks, sticks and long wood mending toys are all good drum sticks that use drums.
Time capsule is a wonderful family tradition to preserve old memories.
Consider making a family time capsule on New Year\'s Eve each year and opening it to recall in the second year.
Put in new contents to save time capsule for next year.
Plastic coffee can be timed capsules can also be used as scrapbooks for storing permanent reminders of special events such as the birth of a child.
If there are special wrapping paper such as birthday paper, wedding paper or wrapping paper for newborn babies, please cover the outside of the coffee can.
Putting items in the event in a time capsule is too big for a traditional scrapbook.
Plastic bag process idea plastic recycling is very important because most plastics are non-biodegradable.
Most families have plastic bags.
It\'s a good idea to switch to reusable shopping bags, but make good use of the plastic bags already in hand, or use a friend\'s bag for recycling items.
Plastic bags can be recycled in crafts by crochet, weaving or woven bags.
People with crochet can replace yarn with plastic bags.
The bag is cut at the bottom and the handle is removed to produce a flat piece of plastic.
After the plastic bag is flat, it can be cut into strips.
These strips will play a role in most crochet items that require a large amount of yarn.
The M-sized crochet hook is effective for hooking plastic bags.
In addition, due to the use of plastic as yarn, crafts can also stand up well in weather and wet conditions.
For those who do not hook the needle, the plastic bag can be used by cutting the handle and rolling the plastic into a plastic long rope.
These plastic ropes can be woven into carpets, shopping bags and handbags.
For craftsmen who like to weave, plastic bags can be woven into ropes and dog ropes.
Due to the negative impact of plastic bags on the environment and wildlife, plastic bags have been banned in some countries.
Do your part to stop using plastic bags.
In addition, try some craft ideas that will make good use of the bags that already exist.
Why use recycled items as craft ideas?
Processing with recycled items reduces the energy consumed by typical recycling.
Plastic is just some recycled items that can be used to make crafts.
With a little imagination and creativity, many other recycled items can be used for craft ideas.
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