Council committee to explore options for reducing single-use plastics in Edmonton

by:Chengbai     2020-01-07
City staff are looking for ways in other jurisdictions to reduce single life for Edmonton people
Reduce pollution by using plastic.
A city report released on Thursday said the federal government did not introduce national policies on the issue, but cities and businesses across the country have launched their own initiatives. Single-
Use plastic once before throwing it away or recycling.
Items include grocery bags, straws, mixing sticks, disposable cups, water bottles, takeout food containers and cutlery.
These plastics are increasingly linked to the damage of marine life.
Some pictures raise public awareness, such as turtles with plastic straws embedded in their noses. In June, Coun.
Ben Henderson put forward a proposal at a public utilities committee meeting to help fight plastic pollution.
\"The bottom line is that we have a lot of stuff, we use about 10 to 15 minutes, and then it takes about 1,000 years,\" he said on Thursday . \" He noted that he would like to see a report outlining potential options.
\"The question is what is the most effective way to move forward,\" he added . \".
\"In my opinion, I\'m pretty sure we need to make a difference on this issue.
A local environmental organization that advocates the reduction of plastic pollution ultimately wants to see the Council consider banning plastic bags or charging additional fees.
\"Ireland is one of the most important jurisdictions.
When they issued the surcharge, they saw a 90-95 reduction in the single surcharge
Use plastic bags, \"said Edmonton.
Founder Melissa Gori was interviewed on Thursday.
Ireland introduced the charging standard for plastic bags in 2002.
Victoria became the first city to ban singles in Colombia, England.
The city report noted the use of plastic bags in January.
The company\'s articles of association prohibit businesses from providing plastic cash register bags.
$0 paper and reusable bags are available.
It was $15 and $1 respectively.
Closer to home, woodbuffalo has introduced a rules and regulations to cancel singles.
Use shopping bags.
The new rules are in effect.
1,2010, is by a student-led petition.
Gorrie said the conservative estimate of plastic bag use in Edmonton is about 0. 2 billion bags per year.
\"We can do better,\" she said . \"
\"There is a solution.
\"The city report will be discussed at the Public Utilities Committee meeting next Thursday.
The staff recommended public participation for a period of time and planned to bring the results back to the Commission in February 2019. twitter.
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