coles’ solution to biggest bag gripe

by:Chengbai     2020-01-11
Planet or plastic?
New customization announced by Coles
The framework was designed to make it easier for customers and employees to check out.
Source: while the Australian press group is adapting to life without plastic bags, there is still a big problem: The Checkout bagging area cannot accommodate new reusable bags.
Customers of Coles and Woolworth complain that the new thicker plastic bags are not suitable for themselvesserve check-outs.
At the same time, shoppers noticed that, during regular inspections, staff were much slower in handling and packaging new packagesouts.
However, a large supermarket has made a simple adjustment to ease the shopping difficulties of customers, reduce delays and reduce setbacks.
Coles revealed the news. com.
It redesigned the frame bag hanging on it.
\"We are currently customizing --
Design easier frameworks for customers and our team, \"said a spokesperson.
He said the new design is being installed in stores across the country and is expected to be completed in the coming weeks.
The spokesman has not yet confirmed whether the entire bagging area is also part of the redesign.
Coles also recently announced that it will continue to provide 15 C reusable plastic bags free of charge to help customers replace them after the ban on the use of disposable plastic bags in July 1
The use of plastic bags has caused a lot of complaints.
New customization announced by Coles
The framework was designed to make it easier for customers and employees to check out.
Source: News Corp. of Australia, all eyes focused on Woolworths, whose customers said it also needed to make changes.
Woolworth says there is no plan to make any adjustments to its bagging area, but it opens the door to future changes.
\"While we find that the existing carousel continues to serve customers in a single state and region --
A spokeswoman for Woolworths told the News: \"We have been looking for new ways to improve the service flow in our store for some time . \". com. au.
\"We thank our customers for their patience and understanding when we work with them to remove 3.
2 billion single-
For the benefit of our oceans and marine life, plastic bags in circulation are used every year.
The spokesman said that the supermarket has the same turntable layout at the checkout counters of all stores across the country, including in South Australia, the act, the one-time plastic bag ban has been implemented for some time in the northern region and the Tasmania state.
\"The new reusable bag has small holes at each end that can be placed on the conveyor belt to make the package more efficient,\" she said . \".
\"As we transition from a single business, our team is working to serve our customers quickly and efficiently
Use plastic bags.
\"Woolworths did not announce a change to its turntable, but said \'we have been looking for new ways to improve the service flow in our store \'.
Source: AAPWinona Tuala, who often shops in Woolworth Center (Metro)
On Mount Surrey, the bag stood in its own position and saidservice check-
Her reusable bag was not placed outside.
\"There is not enough space;
\"More space is needed,\" she told the news . \". com. au.
Marlon Aronowitz, another customer, said \"absolute\" needs to be changed.
\"They need to put different reusable bags at home.
It doesn\'t have to be a lot of space, but the current design has bags falling off;
\"It is not suitable for different bags,\" he said . \".
In addition to the new state, all state governments in Australia have imposed a ban on plastic bags
Where the main supermarket decides to remove the bag from the store --
In response to the fact that:
The use of plastic bags can cause serious environmental problems.
While each major retailer handles its activities differently, they all have one thing in common, that is, the outpouring of \"plastic bag rage.
One of Coles\'s customers recently expressed her anger on social media about the need for her employees to \"retrain\" when packaging reusable bags.
Queensland woman Hope Amy Leah Wood complained to Coles in her Facebook post: \"Can you do a favor for Australia, and the faculty staff pack their luggage correctly?
\"While both retailers have come under heavy criticism in the way they deal with the ban, ad experts say that in the battle for supermarket advertising, Coles may claim to have defeated Woolworth
But the bad news for both sides is that due to the awkward handling of the ban, overall shopper spending could be reduced.
Despite the drama, the plastic bag ban has won strong support from shoppers, with only one --
Fifth, they did not agree with the move.
It is clear that the ban is intended to work with the two supermarket giants to build an environment-friendly Australia. Shireen. khalil@news. com.
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