Can plastic bags save the planet?

by:Chengbai     2020-01-06
It is hard to imagine that when counsel Stephen Joseph adopted the name \"save plastic bag alliance\" for his organization in 2008, he was not caught by a reverse joy.
After all, most people who advocate controversial industrial reasons are looking for names that are vague enough to lead to a coma.
But Joseph and his alliance did not hide.
In the past four years, they have launchedyour-
Face, rhetoric and legal attacks on scientific claims and legislative efforts promoted by an increasing number of potential groupsbe bag banners—
Who put the ubiquitous single
Use plastic bags as invasive icons for throwing
Away from consumerism.
Joseph insisted that almost all the plastic bags that the anti-pack Crusaders thought they knew were flat
Any legislative solution they propose will only make the problem that does not exist worse.
But when asked about the name of the league, Joseph seemed surprised that someone would find it bold.
He insisted: \"I am pure passion, but there is no rotation.
Like beauty and porn, the spin is clearly in the eyes of onlookers. Bag-
BAN KI-MOON\'s advocates quickly acknowledged Joseph as a force that cannot be ignored.
But they complained that he made the same exaggerated remarks he accused them.
\"You need to be credible in order to be effective,\" said anti-plastic --
Bagger Andy Keller in bag
Rallies in \"Baggies\" are prohibited across California.
\"But Joseph and the industry do not even admit that there is a problem.
He did not.
Apart from collecting garbage on the highway
What Joseph hated
He insisted that plastic bags would not pose a threat to the environment.
Their space in landfill sites is negligible;
They won\'t be blown into the sea.
Plastic is killing marine life, he believes, and the real culprit is the discarded plastic fishing net, not the shopping bag.
But Joseph takes his argument further: he claims that plastic bags are actually superior to paper bags in the environment, and even better than increasingly fashionable reusable bags.
He thinks the latter is too resource-
Intensive, not to mention unsanitary.
As for paper bags, he notes that when they are biodegradable in landfill sites, they release methane gas, which is much more damaging to the climate than just releasing carbon dioxide.
By contrast, Joseph noted on his website that plastic molecules were not broken down at least in 500.
He concluded that, because of this, plastic bags should be taken seriously rather than denigrate;
They play a role as small carbon traps that help stabilize global climate conditions.
\"This is the perfect solution: no emissions,\" he said loudly . \"“Heavenly!
\"Stephen Joseph never thought about entering the bag --
War is prohibited and silence is done to the best of its ability.
Born in Manchester, England, Joseph moved to the United States in 1978 to study law and passed the lawyer\'s exam in 1980.
For a while, he was a lobbyists at renewable energy. Energy industry.
\"I don\'t want to tell you, but I\'m a Democrat,\" he said in a recent interview . \".
Eventually, he moved to San Francisco, where he sued the town hall for not doing enough to clean up trash and graffiti.
He also played an important role in the proceedings against Oreo biscuit manufacturers and the entire transgender
The impact of its products on health. (
He withdrew the lawsuit in a few days, saying that the propaganda caused by the act of filing the lawsuit educated consumers about the potential danger of trans fat. )
Two plastics approached Joseph for the first time.
April Yu fool, 2007 package company.
\"I have refused them for nearly a year,\" he recalled . \"
Only after the environmental activists killed the roadside recycling project where the plastic was hatched
Did he sign the dotted line?
Ban advocates will soon see Joseph and his alliance as \"front line groups\" in the bag making industry \";
Court records show that many bag makers belong to his alliance, and an article in The Wall Street Journal notes that Union companies are paid \"up to six digits\" to Joseph \".
Joseph also quickly pointed out that people who have nothing to do with the industry also belong to the industry.
This is also evidenced by the court records.
* Today, the natural eternity of plastic-
According to the environmental critic, its main Vice Presidentinto an eco-
Virtue is one of Joseph\'s more flexible arguments.
But much of Joseph\'s energy and anger is spent crushing the most sublime things --
The ban continues with flight misconceptions and Scarecrowthe-bag movement. For example—as marine-
Debris scientists can easily admit
Floating in the Pacific Ocean is twice the size of Texas garbage island.
There is no scientific basis for the often cited plastic bags that kill 100,000 marine mammals and 1 million seabirds each year. “Oh, please!
Joseph objected.
\"They\'re just making these things up.
Do they have no standards ? \" Research oceanographer Carla ravend of the National Oceanic Education Association and Diana Parker of the National Atmospheric and Oceanic Administration, agree on the popular concept of \"garbage patch --
A term first appeared in the 1990 s.
Distorted the actual picture.
In reality, they say, large oceans have been contaminated with micro-plastic scraps of paper.
If scientists double-examine the plastic worth 2,000 barrels
Lavender laws say they will find enough particles to fill the palm of a person\'s hand in contaminated seawater.
\"When people find garbage islands that are not floating, they may feel cheated, but the reality remains of serious concern,\" she said.
\"Not only are microplastics not cleaned up, but they are often found in the most abundant places of marine life, and confetti tends to absorb DDT, PCB, and other industrial toxins,\" she said.
Marine life will eat them.
The Lavender Law emphasizes: \"There is obviously a risk . \".
Parker warned that Joseph was reluctant to deny rumours of the deaths of whales, turtles and seabirds because they were filled with plastic bags. (
According to Joseph, the media and environmental activists clearly did not mention other junk items --like T-
Shirts and pants
There are also dead whales in their stomachs.
He added that it was not clear how all of this led to the death of these creatures. )
\"Plastic is plastic,\" Parker concluded . \".
\"There is not much data to show how many birds will die because of this, but we know they shouldn\'t eat it.
\"While Joseph soon had a debate on these issues, his main function as head of the Save plastic bags alliance was law enforcers.
If a city or county in California wants to use restrictions through plastic bags,
So far, nearly 50 people
They can look forward to Joseph\'s visit.
Earlier this year, officials in capitia, a seaside town 84 miles north of Los Angeles, issued
Regulations on the scope of plastic bags that even prohibit restaurants from selling takeout food-
Measures avoided by most cities for strict political reasons.
Joseph warned them not to advance, but he sued them when they persisted.
He believes the city council has replaced California\'s health and safety regulations on restaurant hygiene and food preparation.
He maintains that these regulations are the only and exclusive areas of the state\'s regulatory authorities.
In 2007, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors passed a ban on most plastic bags, making it the first city in the state and in the country to do so.
With the development of California, it is also often the case across the country: more than 30 states have promulgated or proposed some form of plastic --
Package restrictions so far. (
The most direct and effective way to curb single consumptionuse bags—
Whether it\'s paper or plastic
As evidenced by Ireland and China, it is by charging fees or surcharges. )
Save the plastic bag coalition argued in a lawsuit filed across the state that any counter
Bag measures violate California\'s environmental quality laws: municipalities must first determine the environmental impact of increased consumption of paper bags resulting from plastic bans.
According to Joseph, it is \"a height of hypocrisy\" that the Greens will try to avoid such environmental censorship \". ” (
Local governments and bag banners are trying to avoid the need for environmental censorship by setting bans that also charge for paper.
Joseph and the plastic bag industry insist that under the terms of Prop 26 these costs constitute a new tax
An anti-tax initiative passed by California voters in 2011
First of all, it must be approved by a superpower.
Most voters. )
Andy Keller admitted that due to Joseph\'s legal challenges, cities and counties were forced to draft smarter and better regulations.
\"We see better legislation, so I think Stephen Joseph can be commended for that,\" he said . \".
It should be noted that Keller was sued for some plastic. bag companies—
Some of them are members of the alliance.
He was charged with publishing unverifiable allegations about the bag making industry.
Eventually, the lawsuit
The party Joseph didn\'t attend-
Both sides declared victory and finally reached a very complicated solution.
In the big plan, Keller said he believes that Joseph and the alliance are part of the strategy of \"outdated industries, outdated business plans fail\" with the aim of buying time rather than embracing change.
Joseph retorted that his intention was to ensure that environmental policy was based on sound science, not \"distorted, exaggerated and erroneous information \".
In his new book, garboology, Edward Holmes says Americans produce an average of 102 tons of garbage in their lives.
This is twice what we created in 1960;
This is twice the price per capita in Japan today.
\"Plastic bags have become poster children of a culture that is easy to dispose of,\" said Kathi King, a member of the Santa Barbara community environmental committee . \".
Joseph\'s answer: \"our whole economy is based on waste.
We produce things we don\'t need;
Tourism is a waste.
\"How far will this go,\" he said . \". “I have a five-
The answer to you is: zero waste equals zero business.
\"At the end of the day, it is doubtful whether Joseph will stop many governments from intending to impose a bag ban.
Of the 0. 25 billion tons of garbage that Americans throw away each year, plastic bags make up only a small part.
Most of the waste logistics is still invisible, therefore, in the mind.
Plastic bags are not convenient for Joseph and his alliance members.
They\'re almost full.
Even though he\'s positive.
Joseph can and will continue to argue about this. if any—
Plastic bags pose a real problem to the environment.
Anyway, the solution itself is simple and requires only minor changes in personal habits.
As the public becomes more aware of the huge rubbish in the United States, plastic bags will continue to be the political target of environmental activists.
Stephen Joseph will still be a very busy man.
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