Calif. rejects ban on plastic shopping bags

by:Chengbai     2020-06-21
Sacramento, California—
California lawmakers have rejected a bill that seeks to ban plastic shopping bags after a controversial debate over whether California has gone too far in regulating individual choices.
The Democratic bill, which failed late Tuesday, will be the first statewide ban, although some California cities have banned its use.
The measure offers California an opportunity to stand at the forefront of global trends, Sen said.
He passed the bill in the Senate.
\"If we don\'t solve this problem today, if we don\'t create statewide standards, if we don\'t provide the required leadership, others will, the Los Angeles Democrat said in a debate Tuesday night.
Blocking the use of plastic bags by charging or banning first gained traction outside the United StatesS.
In South Africa, Ireland, China and Bangladesh.
Washington, D. C. , JanuaryC.
Implemented 5-
A penny surcharge for disposable paper bags and plastic bags.
Some cities in California have banned singles.
San Francisco became the first city to use plastic bags in 2007.
Palo Alto, Malibu and ferfax in Marin County followed suit, with a Manhattan Beach-approved ban on hold in the lawsuit, a Santa Monica treatment Bay spokeswoman said --
A non-profit organization that sponsors ab1998.
Supporters of the bill say 19 billion plastic bags used by residents in the state harm the environment every year, costing $25 million a year to collect and transport to landfill sites.
This is the theme of a heated lobbying campaign launched by the plastic bag manufacturing industry, which calls it a job killer.
The bill\'s author, a Democratic member of Santa Monica, said lawmakers were disappointed by California\'s defeat of the bill.
But despite setbacks, the ban on plastic bags will continue, she said.
\"It\'s not a question of whether or not, it\'s a question of when consumers bring their own luggage and become good stewards of the environment,\" Brownlee said in a statement on Wednesday morning . \".
The bill, called AB1998, requires the ban to take effect in supermarkets and large retail stores in 2012.
It will be available for smaller stores in 2013.
Republicans and some oppose it, saying that at a time when many people are already struggling financially, it will put an extra burden on consumers and businesses.
\"If we pass this legislation, we will send a message to the people of California that we are more concerned about banning plastic bags than helping them put food on the table, Sen said. , R-Lake Forest.
Bill\'s main rival, Virginia-
It cost millions of lobbying, radio advertising, and even one.
Time TV advertising attack measures.
The group represents plastic bag manufacturers such as andcorp.
Last year, it helped beat Seattle to impose 20-
Cents using plastic or paper shopping bags.
The group issued a statement on Wednesday morning praising the failure of the bill.
He said: \"We congratulate the Senate members on abandoning an expensive bill that does not provide a real solution to the garbage problem in California and will further endanger the already tense economy in California. Senior Director of National Affairs of the group.
The Senate took final action at the end of the legislative session, reflecting how difficult it is to get support.
The bill received only 14 votes in the Senate, seven fewer than the majority it needed. Sen. , D-
Davis is one of six Democrats who voted against the bill.
Before implementing a statewide mandate, the state should provide incentives to reduce the use of plastic bags, she said.
Browley changed her bill a few days before the Senate vote, and it was futile to finally try to get more support.
Most importantly, she removed one that would have imposed a 5-
Forget to bring your own bag, need to buy the cents of customers who are recycled paper bags.
The proceeds will all be owned by retailers.
Under the revised act, retailers can only charge for the purchase of paper bags.
Stores will be required to provide free packages to shoppers who rely on government assistance.
State laws that came into effect on 2007 have required supermarkets and other large retailers to provide plastic bag recycling bins.
In recent weeks, some local government officials said they would handle the bill on their own if it failed.
Officials in Los Angeles County, reddondo Beach and Santa Monica said they would investigate individual cities, Heal the Bay reported.
In the coming months, a nationwide ban was imposed. months.
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