blowing agents.

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Accurate Color Company
Chemical cleaning agent dispersion is provided in concentrate, liquid or dry color and is designed for Sink reduction and resin extension alone or in conjunction with other additives. Azo-
Contains a maximum of 12 bases and hydrazide concentrates in the Universal Carrier.
5% active ingredients from 100:1 to 40:1.
It is said to perform well in all olefin and resin used for injection molding and extrusion.
United color industry
Marinate concentrates that provide blow molding agents in a variety of thermoplastic plastics, such as benzene suff-based one amine, even carbon Amine, and modified even carbon amine. AMERICHEM INC. Custom-
The preparation concentrate of blow molding agents for most thermoplastic plastics.
A blow that is said to be non-toxic
Food concentrate-
Contact the application.
It is also available with other additives and multi-functional concentrates of color. AMPACET CORP.
Three. based foaming-
The 10123 concentrate is used for low density polyethylene, high density polyethylene or PP homopolymers.
Concentrate 10112 for PE/EVA co-polymers.
The universal 10349 concentrate is suitable for engineering applications and is compatible with polar and non-polar resins.
Products designed for ultra-thin
Melt, cast or co-squeeze film.
Applications include tablecloth, location
Mats, merchants and shopping bags. B. I.
Chemical henley division Hydrocerol is a blow molding and nucleator system for heating made in Germany by Bollinger Ingleheim, available in the form of powder and concentrate, suitable
The special liquid grade is high
Temperature polymer such as PC. Its self-
The core performance provides a finer battery to improve the surface appearance and physical performance.
As an effective direct
Regardless of the type of gas used for foam, there is a gas system.
In addition, a nitrogen diammonium heat release agent for structural foam molding and sheet and wire/cable extrusion is provided, providing a compatible concentration carrier, high gas pressure to remove the sink, and maximum density reduction
The product can be formulated to a specific decomposition range of 270 Fto 420 F.
The above grade of liquid form.
Bidel Sawyer
Distribution of even-killing amine products produced by Otsuka Chemical Co. , Ltd.
Designed to produce PVC foam with an expansion ratio of 9:1 to 25:1.
Onifine C is a mixture consisting of a modified even carbon Amine, a Ba/zinc stabilizer, and a cross-linked PVC resin.
It is said that the latter provides greater mechanical strength as well as chemical and heat-resistant properties in the calender flexible PVC foam.
Onifine CC is used for flexible cross-linked PVC foam and provides 10-25:1 expansion.
The Onifine CE is highly crossed
PVC extruded foam.
All three products are powdered.
Onifine P is decomposed by internal heat reaction instead of external heat reaction.
See B at Ingleheim. I. Chemicals, Inc. CHROMA CORP. Offers dry-
Powder or pellet blow molding agent in bulk or small packaging;
And pill-like concentrates made of foamer and other additives (including color. CLARK-COOPER CORP.
High concentration, high
Viscosity, liquid/paste without settling-
Dispersing agent.
Chemocel 550 for materials processed below 450 F and Chemocel 700 for materials processed above 450 F
Customized dispersion system with other additives. COLORCO INC.
Provide colored or colored additive concentrates for most thermoplastic plastics containing foamer or other additives. CYLATEC CORP.
Provide new predictable, environmental safety and equipment Cylacell-
Friendly foamer for thermoplastic plastics and ethylene-propylene rubber compounds.
The product is nitrogen stack-
Free of charge, it is reported to be 7 times more effective than stacking nitrogen foaming agents.
Because it\'s inorganic, it\'s nitrogen.
There is no free radical formation during processing. Fume-and odor-
It is free and does not color the resin.
In essence, it allows for shorter molding cycles without blowing back.
Because the manufactured parts do not show gas, painting can be done immediately.
Used as a substitute for some physical foaming agent for carbon, hydrocarbons or other liquids in low-medium
Cylacell can show better bubble structure, lighter bubble density, and sometimes higher flame retardant and smoke suppression.
It can also avoid the need for nuclear agents.
Dongjin Chemical Co. , Ltd. See Stanchem. DOW U. S. A.
The production of submethyl chloride, polyurethane grade, a modified submethyl chloride, is used as a foaming agent in flexible polyurethane foam.
It contains an inhibitor that minimizes the oxidation and burning of foam and can be used as the only auxiliary foaming agent.
It is said to offer advantages such as high volatility, low tamin properties, low raw materials
Materials and treatment costs with relatively low toxicity.
For PS foam board, Dow plastic is working on a new non-
Allowed to use a fluorine-containing carbon substitute for 100% [chlorine-fluoride or hydrocarbon blowing agent]CO. sub. 2]
Produce foam boards with a thickness of up to 1/4.
Comparable to the density produced by hydrocarbons or HCFC
22 kinds of cleaning agents (2-10 lb/cu ft).
It may require some modifications to the existing extrusion line, but the throughput can be the same as other blow molding agents. Its non-
Flammable and pollution-free nature is a key advantage. DUPONT CO.
Production of fluorine-fluorine line foaming agent supply
Performance honeycomb plastic.
Formacel S-market
Food Grade, a highly purified HCFC-
22, for PS Food packaging foam.
Ozone is said to be low-
Consumption potential and intended as a replacement for fluorine-chloride12.
DuPont has submitted a recognized security (GRAS)
Petition the FDA on the product and are developing other non-ozone-
Consumption alternatives for standard fluorine-chloride carbon for various foam applications.
Eastman Chemical
Foam-able concentrate in PP base is used for mixing with PP in foam molding or extrusion.
Elves of North American companies.
Offering the Isotron series of CFCs and HCFCs, it is used as a replacement for the physical foaming agent for the production of foam PU, PS and PE.
Environmental Protection Products Co. , Ltd.
EPicor endothermic type chemical blow molding agent and nuclear agent are provided.
Powder and concentrate products.
The patented process can obtain concentrate in a range of compatible resin carriers.
It can be used for foam Polyolefine, PS, ABS, po, PPE, PET, PVC, nylon and PC.
The level of concentrated activity ranges from 30 to 55%.
Provide customized products such as adding color and acid detergent to CBA.
EPIcor, a type used for direct-
Gas treatment process, with better dispersion and physical properties, faster cycle time and extrusion rate, higher gas volume, smooth surface, fine cell structure with thick skin and consistent results
POLYcor, which provides a compound into one particle, absorbs/Puts a mixed chemical foaming agent.
A kind of thick-
Part of the sink with problems.
Combined with the surface characteristic advantages of EPIcor and the higher gas pressure typical of the product of the heat release agent, as well as the rapid degassing and partial painting.
The grade that provides a finer battery structure and a smoother surface is available compared to the heating product. EXPANCEL-
The Nobel industrial company has provided inflatable thermoplastic balls at 200-
There are 400 F. Micro-
The sphere is white, spherical particles.
The thermoplastic housing encapsulates the gas and softens when heated.
The increase in steam pressure causes the sphere to swell.
The expansion coefficient is 40-
60 times the original volume.
Other features include defined aperture, closed
Cell structure and suede surface.
Alternative levels and granularity are available.
Suitable for foaming agent in latex, plastic, elastic material, hot solid material and hot plastic material. FERRO CORP.
Plastic paint and dispersion.
Chemical blowing of Spectrafio liquid-
Dispersing agent.
The specialty is to activate or modify the material according to specific requirements.
An example is an inactive modified ABFA-
Type designed for ABS foam-core pipe.
Other developments include the use of blow molding agents together with nitrogen as crystal cores.
GE plastic blowing-
Agent concentrate is provided for all GE structuresfoam resins. Lexan FL-
C95 concentrated liquid is specially customized for forming foamable Lexan polyester resin; Noryl FN-
C20 concentrate is used for the forming of foaming Noryl PPE alloy; Valox FV-
The 60/65 concentrate is used to form a foamed Valox thermoplastic polyester.
Harwick chemical
Provide even killing amine-
It can be used as base foaming agent in various plasticizer of foam acrylic resin, EVA, PE and vinyl.
HITECH polymer
Provides concentrate of blow molding agent in specific polymer in ball form.
Products can be integrated into a wide range of rubber, engineering plastics and commodity polymers.
Polymer Additives Department of Special Chemicals Group
The Hostatron endothermic foaming system is available in ball-based enrichment and is based on proprietary carriers compatible with most thermoplastic plastics.
The system is smelly and harmless, FDA approved.
Recommended use of Hostatron systems P1933 and P1941
Honeycomb extrusion applications such as HIPS and PP sheets.
Hostatron P9947 is mainly used for structural foam molding of HIPS, SMA, ABS, HDPE and PP. KUM YANG CO. , LTD.
See plastics and chemicals
Ji Long Xue Chemical Co. , Ltd.
Carbon fluorine compounds 11 and 12 are provided for foam.
LNP engineering plastics
Two foam concentrates can be rolled together with thermoplastic plastic to achieve a specific level of blistering or sinking control. Foam-
Kon 20 is used for resins and compounds processed below 450 F, such as ABS, SAN, PP and B & L. Foam-
Kon 28 is used for resin processed over 450 F and is recommended to be used with most nylon, PPS, polystyrene and polyurethanesulfone. MILES INC.
Used for rigid and flexible vinyls, cross-linked PE foam and other thermoplastic foam such as ABS and PS.
Otula chemical
See company Biddy Sawyer
Plastics and Chemicals
Representing Kum Yang Co. , Ltd. (Korea)
The company that produces Cellcorn chemical foaming agent.
There are more than 40 cells.
Products developed by Com, each product is suitable for almost all rubber and plastics, as well as processes including calender, extrusion, blow molding, transfer/compression molding, plastic and injection molding.
PMC Professional DivisionPMC INC.
Supply chemical cleaning agents that are said to not be corrosiveproducts.
KemTec 500 is suitable for nylon, polyester, ABS and pc.
Special additive concentrate provided by PMS alimlidated (
Solid or liquid with or without pigment)
And other additives.
Huntsman company
Supply foam concentrate. POLYVEL INC. Offers custom-
Make blow
Reagent concentrate for thermoplastic: * BA20T, operating temperature of 290 to 340 F for EVA and low density polyethylene.
* BA210, operating temperature of 350 to 400 F, suitable for low density polyethylene, high density polyethylene and PS.
* BA20, the working temperature of PP, PE, PS, PPE mixture and ABS is 380 to 440 F.
* BA205PT, the working temperature of nylon, polyester, PC and PPE mixture is 440 to 540 F.
* BA2575, it is recommended that the processing temperature is 700 F, suitable for polymer processed under maximum blowing pressure
Decomposition temperature of agent.
Quantum chemistry Corporation
Chemical Blowing
Agent particle concentrate loaded with 10-
40% based on a system of heat release, heating or chemical reaction for injection molding, wire and cable and other extrusion applications.
Contains a proprietary activation, nucleator system that ensures complete decomposition of blowing agents, provides a consistent uniform cell structure, and minimizes mold and mold stacking problems.
The heat release system is based on even carbon amine.
Supply concentrated FM-1037-H, FM-1035-H and FM-1039-
H for injection molding that requires weight reduction and/or removal of the sink. FM-
1276 H for PS and structural foam. FM-1062-
Formula for foam blowing film.
For wire and cable, FM-
1253 wc for weight loss, FM-
1237NC requires a crystal core agent.
Concentrate is compatible with olefin, PVC, PS and ABS.
The recommended drop-down ratio ranges from 40: 1 to 100:1 depending on the required density reduction.
Added heating system to FM-1570-
Recommended for olefin, PS and modified PPE.
The surface is improved, the degassing is more rapid, and the battery size is more uniform.
1770 series based on chemical reaction system in surface appearance, degassing and cell-Uniform size.
Suggest places where significant weight loss is needed. Offers a high-
Concentration temperature of CBA pellets containing 5-phenyl tetra-
Zole and a proprietary carrier with a crystal core agent.
Decomposition temperature 450-
550 F, use level 1-1.
5% of PC and ABS.
Reed spectrum.
Sandoz chemical companyOffers custom-
Make blow
Pharmaceutical concentrate for thermoplastic molding and extrusion.
It is also possible to produce a multi-functional concentrate containing both foaming agent and pigment.
Reddy International
Safoam foaming agent, environmental safety
Toxic absorbent for extrusion and injection molding.
Provided in powder or Masterbatch, Safoam improves the cycle time and extrusion rate and reduces the cost of resin.
Improve the quality of the structure and enhance the surface features/finishes.
Regent sales
Provide energy absorption chemical blow molding agent without residual Mold deposits.
Most of the thermoplastic materials have special formulas. RTP CO.
Concentrate for the production of various foam resin: PP, PE, B & L and * FCX 27301 for Nylon 11 and 12.
* FCS 27310 for Nylon 6, 66 and 612, pbx and PET.
* FCX 27312 for PC and its alloys.
* FCX 27314 for PS, ABS and SAN. A. SCHULMAN INC.
Multi-batch additive concentrates include different carriers and other additives as needed.
Spectrum Color Company
Specific color/polymer mixtures in powder and liquid concentrates and compound blow molding agents applied by FDA.
Color Flo liquids are individually or with color and other additives.
STANCHEM is a business unit of MCI.
Widely distributed azo-
Basic chemical blow molding agent produced by Dongjin Chemical Industry Co. , Ltd. , Ltd. in Korea.
Products include: * Unicell D--
Even carbon amine with particle size from 2 microns to 25 microns. * Unicell DX--
Multi-grade modified azo for medium and low temperatures.
* Unicell D300 SD--
Self-modification of azo
Decentralized applications. * Unicell NP--
Modified azos for nuclear, non-plating applications for injection molding and extrusion molding. * Unicell FF--
Modified azos for injection molding, it is said that can inhibit the bad
Manufacturing of products and molds-
In the process of processing* Unicell OH--Oxybis-
LLDPE, PVC, plastic Sol of benzenyl hydrate. * Unicell TSH--
Toluene Sol head for polyester, PVC and honeycomb rubber. * Unicell AD--
Modified azo mixture of EVA and other rubber. * Unicell TS--
Half of phenol
Carbazide for high temperature.
Synthetic Products CompanySYNPRO-
WARE dissessions provides concentrated dispersion of organic foamer or sodium bicarbonate.
It is said that the product is to ensure uniform cell structure.
Color Company TEKNORSUB.
APEX company of TELNOR.
The reagent is concentrated in the form of solid and liquid and as part of the multi-function concentrated toner, which is a special high
Load the concentrate of the blowing agent/pigment below 100:1. THERMOFIL, INC.
Hot foam production lines for foam concentrates for most thermoplastic plastics include: * Hot foam for plastics and Polyplastics Iolefin resins.
* Hot foam II of nylon, TP polyester and other resin with processing temperature of 405-600 F.
* Hot foam III for nylon and TP polyester with higher concentration in structural foam.
* Hot foam VI with non-foamammonia-
Release chemical cleaning agent specially used for modificationPPE.
Youni Chemical Co. , Ltd. , INC.
The cell family of azadiacamine-
Type chemical blow molding agent included can be in 200-
650 F: * Celogen AZRV and AZ 3990 for extruded profiles (
PVC, ABS and high flexibilityimpact PS).
* Celogen AZ 130 for pipes (
Rigid PVC, ABS, HDPE, PP).
* Celogen AZNP 130 for tablets (
ABS, high density polyethylene, rigid and flexible PVC).
* Celogen AZ 760A for wire and cable (
Polyethylene, high density polyethylene, PP, flexible PVC and thermoplastic rubber).
* Celogen AZNP 130, RA for injection molding and structural foam (
EVA, low density polyethylene, high density polyethylene, PP, hip, ABS, TP rubber, acetate, flexible and rigid PVC, modified-
Personal protective equipment (PPE), nylon, TP polyester, PC and polyester).
* Celogen AZ 3990 for rotation and expansion casting (
Polyethylene, high density polyethylene, PP, PVC, ABS and PVC plastic and calender).
* Celogen AZ 754 is a preparation azo that is traditionally used for rubber and can be used for extrusion skins, flexible PVC and TP elastomer. * Celogen XP-
100, this is a proprietary polybenclamide powder that uses relative safety and does not require special spray equipment
Up of unsaturated (thermoset)
Polyester and vinyl ester.
It is possible to mix with resin in advance and react with standard MEK peroxide in the presence of cobalt and copper additives.
1-foaming, gluing and curing occur inside2 min.
* Celogen OT, 4 oxygen pairs (
For low density polyethylene coaxial cable and rubber-
Resin mixture in pipe insulation and sporting goods.
To produce products without color change and smell, non-toxic, suitable for FDA-
Regulatory applications.
Scope of work 260-300 F.
Molten thermoplastic such as nylon, ABS, polycarbonate, aldehyde, PPS, SAN and PPE-based resins. Expandex 5-
The working range of PT is 464-482 F;
And Expandex 175,720-730 F. USI DIV.
See Quantum chemistry
Penn plastic, WashingtonPE-
8FC foam concentrate is used for dry mixing with ABS, acrylic, EVA, high density polyethylene, low density polyethylene, PP and impact PS.
Wilson Color CompanyA UNIT OF M. A. HANNA CO. Wil-
Foam chemical foaming agent concentrate for vinyls, polyole-
Fins, sty, acrylic, polyester and nylon.
Generic types available in custom
The multi-component concentrate manufactured is said to have a high concentration, maximum potency and excellent dispersion.
CBA concentrate products for wire and cable, fiber, film, paper, custom extrusion, injection/Blow Molding Parts and structural foam.
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