bengaluru grapples with plastics in disguise

by:Chengbai     2020-04-30
After the ban on plastic bags and lids in Bengaluru, many shopkeepers and hotel operators began using \"cloth bags\" and \"paper cups \".
But most of them include non-
Biodegradable plastics fall under the ban imposed last month.
The authorities attributed the widespread use of paper cups and cloth bags to lack of awareness.
Despite the ban, plastic enters the system again through these articles. “Non-
Woven bags are passed as cloth bags because of their texture.
But they are essentially polypropylene bags with high plastic content, \"said Sarfaraz Khan, co-commissioner for solid waste management. BBMP)
, And added that they were made by hot melt small plastic fiber adhesives.
Similar principles apply to paper cups.
When they are used to serve coffee or tea, they have a layer of plastic between two layers of paper to withstand high temperatures.
In fact, this is the reason why these \"paper cups\" are difficult to tear.
BBMP recently advocated the distribution of panaka using steel or glass glasses (jaggery water)
During the Ramanavami celebration
Most Mandala did not use plastic cups, but chose paper cups, which went against purpose, officials said.
Many shops still use foam plastic plates and cups that are basically made of thermocol, which is also banned.
BBMP officials advocate a simple test to determine if a material is plastic to burn it.
If it is plastic, the material will release dense smoke and will not burn completely.
Environmental activistsN.
Yellappa Reddy said the authorities should sample the products, test them and punish the manufacturers.
Shopkeepers and hotel operators oppose the actions of the civic authorities to seize the \"cloth bags\" and \"Paper Cups\" and punish them. Nagarajappa. N.
He, who sells condiments, said: \"After the plastic ban, we turned to cloth bags.
Now officials say even with plastic content. ”Anti-
Kavita Reddy, plastic activist at Hasiru Mitra, said: \"Most shopkeepers are ignorant.
They belong to the manufacturer\'s claim.
Also, this is a cheaper option.
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