australian region to ban all single use plastic bags by 2018

by:Chengbai     2020-06-28
The Australian government has announced a ban on plastic shopping bags in Western Australia.
Prime Minister Mark McGowan said it would solve the problem of plastic pollution that seriously harms marine wildlife and birds.
He added that the plan will come into effect on next July and will launch a container deposit plan for plastic beverage containers.
\"This is a positive step in solving plastic pollution across the state,\" he said . \".
He added: \"communities and the retail industry are already working to reduce the consumption of single people.
Plastic bags have been used for more than ten years.
The number of plastic bags used each year continues to grow, so it is time for the state government to act without a national approach.
\"Singles have other options.
Using plastic, we need to go beyond a single
Use items for our children and promote a sustainable future.
\"The ban has been imposed in South Australia, tazhou, the northern region and the Australian capital region, and equeensland hopes to introduce a ban next year.
Nationwide, plastic bags account for a relatively small proportion of solid waste and garbage, but wildlife may inadvertently eat or get caught up in plastic bag waste.
In recent months, the ban in Western Australia has gained widespread support among local government departments and major retailers of some of the largest suppliers of plastic shopping bags.
Major supermarkets Coles, Woolworths and IGA say they intend to ban singles
Some retailers use plastic bags
Including Aldi and boning.
The ban has been supported by not providing singles.
Use plastic bags for customers.
In October 2015, the United Kingdom introduced a plastic bag tax, requiring all employers with more than 250 employees to charge customers for a one-time plastic bag, reported on 2016
The cost of the penny saved more than 6 million bags to be used, but the UK has not yet imposed a thorough ban.
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