a look at japanese bag filters: wovens and nonwoven felts comprise market.

by:Chengbai     2020-01-25
The bag dust collector consists of multiple cylindrical bags in the dust collection unit and is made of woven bags or needle felt.
Japan\'s demand for filter materials reached 4.
2002 4 million.
Of these items, 43% are woven and 57% are felt.
The fibers used in the filter include general-purpose fibers such as polyester, polypropylene and nylon, or heat-resistant fibers such as glass, partial Fang, PPS, nylon and PTFE.
This part is also heat resistant (51%)
And general (49%)fibers.
At present, the growth in the heat-resistant field has exceeded the sales of general-purpose fibers.
Bag filters are also used in many applications, but demand for them is decreasing in most areas.
At present, only the application in the field of waste gas treatment is increasing.
These air filters are effective for the removal of dioxin from waste gas.
Since the regulations on dioxin emissions have been formulated, the demand for bag filters in this area has increased rapidly.
The bagfilter for this purpose can also be made of fiberglass non-woven fabric, Tefaire, PPS felt, polyimid felt or four fluorine felt.
Trends in Japanese felt manufacturers include Ambic, Fuji, Kureha, Japanese felt and nakao Filter.
These imported felt are mainly made of polyester fiber, accounting for 32% of the market for bag filter production.
Therefore, the total production volume of domestic felt manufacturers has been declining and turning to high value --
Hot felt was added.
Tefaire and four fluorine felt are hot-
Resistant felt for dust incinerator waste gas treatment.
In June, the Japanese products of the glass fiber and four fluorine fiber mixed material Tefaire launched by DuPont (DuPont) expired, opening the market to cottage manufacturers.
However, no company-otherthan Fuji--
So far, the production of these fibers has begun.
Instead, the company has developed different types of mixtures to make new fibers.
For example, Ambic has a mixture of glass/PPS, Fuji combines the PTFE resin with PPS, and nakao filter media is made into PEFTE polyamide.
All bag manufacturers produce products containing simple PTFE felts.
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